August 2019

...carrying with us memories of the past
Posted by KingCorran on 08/23/19

This weekend is a bittersweet one for Mariners fandom. Within our little community, of course, we mourn the loss of Jeff / Dr. Detecto - an irreplaceable friend and inspiration to us all. I cannot possibly do his memory justice in this post, but my hope is that he will be honored by its publication. On the baseball side of things, Saturday's matchup will be the projected return of erstwhile rotation king Felix Hernandez, whose decidedly sub-royal results in recent years have been the subject of his every start. Only this time around, the writing is firmly upon the wall - an offseason split... Read More
Posted by Grumpy on 08/20/19

Jeff past away yesterday. He was surrounded by his loving family.   He will be missed. 
This one is from Lampoon
Posted by jemanji on 08/11/19
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. David Graeber, an anthropologist who teaches at the London School of Economics, wrote a book called “The Utopia of Rules, On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy” In it, he makes some interesting observations about the nature of games, which are especially applicable to organized sports, and why we like them so much. He notes that games are clearly bounded in time & space and thereby framed off from ordinary life. There is a field, a board, a starting pistol, a finish line. Within that time/space, certain people are designated as players. There are also rules which... Read More
This article is by Dr. b Kelly
Posted by jemanji on 08/11/19
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. While less so on SSI and Dr. DetectoVision, Adrian Beltre and the value of his service often stimulated debate.  Now that he has retired, it is fun to assess his impact as a player.  Pulling up Fangraphs, Adrian Beltre is sandwiched between Chipper Jones and Joe Dimaggio in 33rd place ALL-TIME for position players with 84.4 WAR.  At baseball-reference it's 26th place with 95.6 WAR (they calculate defensive runs saved differently I believe).  Now it took Adrian an extra 1,200 games to generate the career value Joltin' Joe created, but that is still some impression company to keep.   Adrian... Read More
G-Money this means you
Posted by jemanji on 08/11/19
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Hi guys!  Here's a quick summary: ..... (1) Ensure you are on the subdomain. (2) Top left, under Add Content, click Add Post. (3) Ensure you are on the Header/Summary section. (4) Enter your Title in the Title field.  You will not have to add any other information on this page unless you want to. (5) You can either do your writing directly in the Text Entry Field (quite intuitive and reduced) OR do your writing in Word, and paste it in later. ..... (6) Important.  Before hitting SAVE button, copy your material. (7) Click SAVE.  Congrats! You've contributed to the Mighty SSI... Read More
My Comments, Your Comments
Posted by DaddyO on 08/04/19

I don't have as much to say about the Mariners as I would have expected as the season approached. Like many I figured we were in for a rough season, especially on the mound. But the fun of seeing a few of the future players get their chance at the big time filled me with antiticipation. The first few weeks were a stunning surprise of incredible fun. Then reality set it. But it was not the sinking (dare I say plunging) fortunes of the Mariners that deadened my interest. It was MLB.TV. Since moving to San Antonio in early 2018 my only means of watching games has been an MLB.TV subscription.... Read More
I hear they traded for a good catcher or two
Posted by jemanji on 08/04/19
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. If you have forgotten to stop your Patreon account, please turn out the lights.  Just a reminder not to let the auto-billing bitecha.  Thanks for the support! ...... We're looking for 'torchbearers' to keep the community going, by starting chat threads, small reports, and so forth.  Moe and others can explain how to post for you. ...... Can somebody do me a favor in the comments below?  I know *nothing* about what's going on with the M's.  Want to provide a scan of what's been up lately?  Can be as small as a Batista post ... Peace and blessings, Jeff