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Cutting edge publishing industry news, tools, and startups.
Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC) Season 2 is reviewed. Weekly recaps, dancer and mom profiles, gossip - and more!
Japanese / NPB mechanics are better than MLB's. Not to make a value judgment, of course
Fun articles about books, the eBook revolution and life as a reader.
Online privacy band-aids and preventative care.
Tips, tricks, and tools for self-publising authors.
Minor leagues? Dr. D has been known to dabble
Gotta get yer three W's --- > Wit, Wisdom, and Wayyyy too much caffeine. As y'know, we live to serve
Politics and news from Palestine to Japan
Dr. D's corporate blunder-fests entitle him to 2nd-guess the GM from the cheaps
Gordon Gross / G-Moneyball's analysis of all things Mariner, minors, and Moneyball
If we cannot Think Tank, we wither and die Dept.
Winter baseball talk
To Grok: to learn and absorb, such that you and your subject merge identities
Aw, c'mon... you know you want to! Just check out ONE more interesting thing on the internet before going back to work. Don't worry, we won't tell your boss!
The best, most up-to-date happenings about all things movies!
Touring the wondrous and strange places of the world
Spectator's dynamic groks of the Mariner minor leaguers
A look at Colorado sports, from the mainstream to the extreme.
Beast Mode Activate, dept.
Far be it from *us* to gloat in victory. … !
Player of the Day, ya mooks ya's. Like: SSI's 2011 Best Bet, Kyle Seager
Using leftovers, exploring ingredients, low-carb eating and other useful cooking advice
Leave us now wallow in the glory and beauty of our imminent 7:10 pm - 10:00 pm feast
Daily ideas, discussions and deals for progressive parents, attachment parents, homeschoolers and unschoolers
Here's to hoping Rawls is the future at running back
Running experiences, nutrition and races in the Puget Sound
The "data science" of smacking a ball around the grass with a stick
Making smart choices to spend less and save money.
We sit the Arsenal section at Clink
Spectator's Brainstorms at The Mighty SSI
Sport IS Life, dept.
Geek knitting, fandom crafts and oddball ugly crafts like embellished sweatshirts
A writer's-eye review of movies, television and the occasional video game
Discovering, dishing and dissing apps for smartphones and tablets.
Budget backpacking: The places, the people and all the things in between
Of the Universe, Man's Place In It, and lunging at the 1-2 slider