Fangraphs on the M's Pitching
I dunno what Paxton Marinera is, but I like it


Two fun articles at FanGraphs, one on the rotation and one on the bullpen.  The titles are even fun:  "King Felix and the Paxton Marinera" versus "Seattle Mariners:  Best Bullpen in Baseball."

In the comments to the rotation piece, the readers argue about whether the Nationals' rotation is better than the M's.  This is a little bit like hearing an argument about whether Spec66 or Bill James is the weightier author:  the fact that the discussion is occurring tells you everything you need to know.

The commenters also argue, snidely, about J.A. Happ.  Apparently that Saunders-Happ trade will be the year's most popular whipping boy for the avant-garde sabes who --- > still insist that ML org's are capable of kindergarten-level errors in player evaluation.

But as to the article itself, here are a few snips and scraps the author lays out:


Felix "Candidate for best fantasy starter 2015"
WBC-san 3.0% walks (!), 50% plus grounders, top-30 starter
K-Pax Strikeout rate should climb from 7.2.  Another GB machine
Happ (Hm.  They get it on the fastball percentage)
Elias Tough on the road in 2014, tough in the 2H, tough with the changeup
Taijuan High-risk, high-reward, "extremely tempting" in roto


The bullpen article had a few smile-inducing opinions embedded:

  • Good candidate to retain their "best in baseball" status in 2015
  • Loaded with high-K pitchers who can go multiple innings
  • Can't even tell who would close if Rodney got injured (this is a roto advisory piece)
  • No weak links, really

In 2014, McClendon had some serious magic sparkle dust going on the pitcher-batter matchups.  Will be tough for him to redux that level of touch.  But with the stuff these guys have, he can't go too far wrong.


At Shannon Drayer's blog, she emphasizes the idea that Logan Morrison comes into the year with a silver spoon in his mouth.  In contradistinction to that, we saw a Jeff Sullivan chat in which he opined that, as far as he's concerned, Morrison is a weak link.

Tending towards Jeffy's point of view, here is Ron Shandler on Morrison:

1B/DH types with modest power and poor OBA do just enough to eke out ABs, but this one's good fortune might be on its last legs... unless his 2nd half has its own legs. At 27 and with three years of stagnant skills, that 2nd half better mean something. UP: 20 HR, .275. DN: See 2012 (.252/.308/.399 - Dr D)


It's a good point Ron makes about the template, that as first basemen go, Morrison has limited power and a limited walk rate.  On the other hand, you've got a guy who OPS'ed 123 at age 22 in the major leagues; there is unusual talent there.  

If Jesus Montero beats out Morrison, whether in March or June, it's okay by Dr. D.  Over the last thirty-five summers he has seen worse first-base decks to draw from.


Dr D

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