Mariners 8 .....
The M's get 6 RBI from a dead man walking


RYON HEALY personally nixed the White Sox' fruit cup, with two towering 3-run jacks on Sunday.  If you want to see them live and in the flesh bab-eh, here's the video.

This left Healy with 20 homers in 82 games played, to go along with 53 RBI.  It's not often that you see a player with a 40-100 type season become a moot point, but a lot of wacky-n-wunnerful things are happening to the Mariners this year.

Also via StatCast, he's not doing bad via xwOBA.  If you just joined us, think of this stat as "normalized OPS+", normalized to take luck out, and the other thing about it is that it's calibrated to a batting-average type scale.  Healy's was .346 before his two jacks, which is #4 on the club (Boomstick, Haniger, Span ... with even Segura behind Healy).

We say moot because Jerry Dipoto has already given the M's August 14-Oct.1* lineup as Dee Gordon 2B, Robinson Cano 1B.  When Cano "was great about" playing 1B on a daily basis, you coulda knocked me over with a feather.  However, 40-100 or no 40-100, the fact remains that Healy's OBP is .270 and Robby's .385.  Without any controversy, the single most important stat in baseball is OBP, the most important difference that between being safe or out.  Robby's OBP ranks him a cool #11 among American League hitters, and you know how Dipoto likes "traffic."

So Cano is out taking grounders at 1B in "his own pickup games" as we speak.  For those who like the idea of the "defensive spectrum" it is indeed a move towards an easier position, so we'll see.

What they're going to do roster-wise, you tell me.


MITCH HANIGER had two base hits and three walks (!) giving you one of the few times you're ever gonna see a player get on base 5 times.  Checking his own OBP spike .... hmmm, it's at .365 with a bullet, which is #15 in the AL.

While we're counting down, Boomstick is #18 and you probably knew that Segura was high at #25 (or #4 for pure AVG and that with a .456 SLG).

So if you figure the average team as having a #7-8, a #22, a #37, and a #52 OBP crew, comp the Mariners at #11-#15-#18-#25.  Well, the Mariners of three weeks from now, that is.


If you didn't see the game, Segura laid out for a gorgeous dive-and-backhand DP ... hmm, let's see if they have it on video.  Sho' nuff.


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So, Dr. D is boggled.  You do what with Ryon Healy for six-plus weeks?






Healy's bashability is why I thought that moving Gordon back to the OF for 30 out of 40 games was the way we would go.  If the bottom 4 of your lineup is Seager-Healy-Span/Gamel-Zunino you've got a "long" lineup.  But Healy's attitude seems to be perfect and when you get into the dog days you can give him the rest days for Cano (why would he need them now?), Seager and Cruz. Healy is going to be a candidate for trade after the season, depending on our Cruz intentions.  

Do you guys remember when Cato the Elder finished all his senate speeches with, "Carthage delenda est?" I almost remember it.

Well, Moe the Elder is finishing this speech with "Heredia degradutus oportet!"  I won't bore you (again) with the details.

Let's play out the rest of this season like we are chasing down the Astros not just holding off the A's.  We have 3 CF's in Tacoma, two of whom are reputed to bring excellent defense to CF.  Give one of them a shot, for goodness sake, and let Heredia get fixed down on the farm.


It's axiomatic that if you have a vet not doing the job, then a developmental player gets the playing time.  Braden Bishop could use 100 AB's to look at the pitching if nothing else.  Is he going to hit worse than Heredia?


As I enjoyed Safeco field yesterday in all its glory, entertaining out of town family fans who were seeing their first MLB game, I noticed Jose Abreu, AL All Star first baseman, has a .744 OPS, 106 OPS+, with 13 HR, 52 RBIs. 

Ryon yesterday said, “The heck with that. It should have been me.”

So he went out and made his statement.  At the end of the carnage he inflicted on the ChiSox staff, he ended up with .740 OPS and 103 OPS+, 20HR and 53 RBIs.

A. Vietnamese standoff, as some sportswriter in the 1968 compared the Mays/Aaron rivalry as we wondered who of the two might eventually pass the Ruth HR 714 HR record.

I’ll be interested in seeing who emerges in this hidden war, which I fully admit resides only in my mind.

As far as my guests are concerned, it’ll be Healy, hands down. 66 percent of all the home runs and 60% of all RBI they’ve witnessed live came off his prodigious bat. 


I mean, even at non-prorated rates (if you do not discount for time missed) he's looking at a projected 32 homers and 85 RBI.  That's the equivalent of who last year? Hmmmmmmm he'd have tied for #12-17 in HR in the league, along with Trout and Machado among others, and #25 along with George Springer.

As Earl said, Once every fifteen AB's that dude is doing a whale of a lot to win you a ball game.

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I believe Doc has pointed at this before (likely about Zunino)... it's easy to see the literal win/WAR in a 2-hr, 6-RBI performance. Chalk one up for Healy. Not his first for the year no matter what the 0.whatever his baseball card would report at this point. Healy's defense passed the eye test months ago. And he's 26, controllable through if he could remember how to walk once in a while. He and Z are quite the pair. But dangerous as blazes if the pitcher makes a mistake, no?


I can remember years in which the M's would have coughed up an awful lot for a player with 32-85 (40-100?) and five years of club control...

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