Far be it from *us* to gloat in victory. … !

After the game, luxuriate in the past, present and future of Mariner domination.  Specifically, the most recent three hours' worth.  Men only, unless (obviously) you're a woman who relishes victory.  Leave us savor, lick and wallow in the blood of Orcs gone perished on the Safeco altar.  

And while we're at it, we shall of course monologue on how feeble the Orcs were compared to us, how inevvvvvitable the Orcs' defeat was, how the world will soon be ours, and how James Paxton's 1-2 curve ball was destined to draw a wave and miss from any mortal man.

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And Haniger goes upper tank in back-to-back games
Posted on: 05/14/19
let's hit the other dugout one-handed
Posted on: 04/23/19
Posted on: 04/03/19
not. so. fast. with that JRod and JKel shtick, kiddies
Posted on: 04/02/19
get outta here with that slop, kid
Posted on: 03/29/19
absolutely SICK that we stole a #1 for $14m a year
Posted on: 03/21/19
you gots one year to live, brother
Posted on: 03/20/19
discussion thread
Posted on: 03/19/19
We will take those RP's wherever we can GET them, Pokey
Posted on: 03/09/19
Maybe they could make some rule about the 7th or something
Posted on: 09/04/18
let's chip in now, Mr. King, please
Posted on: 09/01/18
the joy of sports (and of life)
Posted on: 08/31/18
various and sundry
Posted on: 08/31/18
A "walk-off" balk is a surreal ending, kiddies
Posted on: 08/18/18
M's find their baser nature in desperate win
Posted on: 08/15/18
but we got 42 games left, pokey
Posted on: 08/14/18
ka-ching yet again
Posted on: 08/12/18
beating Houston? Nothing easier
Posted on: 08/11/18
any guesses about what lives in my hair
Posted on: 08/11/18
4 of which are new ... we hope
Posted on: 08/10/18
If hitting is contagious, then....
Posted on: 08/09/18
some guys look like a 0+ ERA standin' still
Posted on: 08/06/18
Dr. D is having wayyyy too much fun with this free fall
Posted on: 08/02/18
ain't it great, the number of LEFTY Zeuses on the 'net?
Posted on: 07/30/18
#3 in the American League in wins at 12-5
Posted on: 07/30/18
Most 1st-inning runs since 2013
Posted on: 07/28/18
And more trade names heating up
Posted on: 07/26/18
But nothing can depress Dr. D this year
Posted on: 07/24/18
The M's get 6 RBI from a dead man walking
Posted on: 07/23/18
Dr. D can't believe what he's seeing from Marc-O
Posted on: 07/23/18