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Next Tuesday's the last day, bro's


You know Dr. D is a big fan of Greg Johns' mailbox feature for two reasons:  (1) he's got the ability to put his finger on relevant topics, and (2) he's got a hair-fine feel for what is truly actionable between ML teams.  So we look forward to this feature each week.

The method should also be familiar by now:  

  1. Quote the I/O Action Item by Johns
  2. Give the Mainframe's opinion / shtick / meanderings on the subject
  3. Leave the CMS comments area for the Denizens' final word


We'll start with this:

I read the Royals might be interested in Ryon Healy. What do you think the return could be with him and how likely do you think it would be that the Mariners use him as a trade chip?
-- Paul W., Seattle

That's an interesting situation because typically contending teams trade Minor League prospects to bolster their Major League rosters, not current starters. But Healy's role clearly will be lessened once Robinson Cano returns in mid-August, so it's not out of the question that Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto might use Healy to acquire pitching help.

I don't see a likely match with the Royals, however, given Kansas City has considerable young first base depth coming up in its system. And while it'd be great to land a quality starter like Danny Duffy, the Royals' rebuild doesn't likely involve getting rid of guys with three years of team control remaining.

The other issue with trading Healy: Who plays first if you get to the playoffs, when Cano is ineligible?


Dr. D is bullish on a Healy trade because of the .275 OBP and the Mainframe sees Dipoto as laser-focused on "traffic."  Wasn't that Dipoto's first practicable move, with both the Mariners and the Angels LOL, to shed Mark Trumbo at the first conceivable opportunity?  Tell me again what is the difference functionally between Healy and Trumbo in a good year?

He's bullish also in the sense that a club-controls player like Healy is not only NICE for teams like KC, Bal, and Tampa, but absolutely critical.  You're talking about a player who isn't even ARB eligible until 2020.

He's bullish too in the sense that a missing first baseman for a week or two in October hardly recommends and overflown volcano in the middle of downtown LA.  Like TJM sez, Ben Gamel has a 1B glove as does Dan Vogelbach and about 50 other players in the M's system.

He's bearish, though, in the sense that you have to find a club who will take the good with the bad on this kid.  20 HR and 53 RBI in 82 games is a lot of good, we gotta say, and Ron Shandler HQ sees the possibility of a .280-.300 AVG eventually on Healy's All-Star unie. Perhaps some other clubs do too.


Saw that the Mariners are interested in Asdrubal Cabrera. Is this just another rumor or are they serious? Is there a need?
-- Alexander S., Portland

Although Cano's return eliminates any need for depth at second base -- where Cabrera has played all season for the Mets -- I don't rule this one out since the 32-year-old would be a nice offensive upgrade over utilityman Andrew Romine and can play short or third base as well. And Dipoto mentioned the possibility of trying to add some versatility. Cabrera would be a nice veteran insurance policy in the infield, if the price is reasonable.

On this one Dr. D is far less bullish, simply because back in the day -- the McLemore day -- the M's 2B-3B-LF were David Bell, Joey Cora and Al Martin.  As opposed to the All-Stars that the M's are generally rolling out in those positions nowadays.


Johns demonstrates his fine feel for the game with this answer:

What's taking the Mariners so long in making a trade? Change can't come fast enough when we're struggling?
-- Patrick, Kent, Wash.

Patience, Patrick! Don't forget that Dipoto already made one of the biggest trades so far this season two months ago when he acquired Alex Colome and Denard Span, and I'm sure he'll make more moves before next Tuesday's deadline.


If the M's had dealt for Alex Colome by himself on July 31 then Dr. D would be one happy camper.  He gives the Emz the wonderful ability to shorten a ball game to seven innings, end of story, period, full stop. There are few things Dr. D !ENJOYS! more than to see the M's cobble a lead in the fourth or fifth inning and then nurse te game for you through the final innings to ---> the dominating ninth by Sugar Diaz.

Gratuitous baseball stat. Dr. D read the other day that the Mariners were the first team in the history of major league baseball to finish with 60 wins in their first hundred, along with a minus (one) run differential. Next closest, 50s Dodgers team that ran a +14 RD.

Such stats don't panic Dr. D at all.  They go along with the stat that the M's are 45/45 when Edwin Diaz appears in a game....


Last he checked, the M's were #8 in MLB in hitting and #15 in ERA, the combination of which is easily enough to merit playoff action.  And I dare you to tell me that the M's pitching staff is not BTA as MLB staffs go.


So, yes, absolutely, Dr. D and you would love to see some improvement over the next week - where, who knows, though he sure as shooting fancies that 6-man rotation.



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Thank goodness we traded that loser O'Neill to get Marco Gonzalez, eh? Remember when everyone was really upset about that trade? LOL  Dude was always the key to making the rotation work.

Call me crazy, but I fancy the idea of giving Felix Hernandez the wildcard game. He's pitched better in his playoff style starts this season. Opening day, the starts against NY and BOS and OAK for the most part, the game against Houston...seems the desire to pitch in the postseason causes him to focus and prepare better. And if it works, your reward is 2X Paxton in the ALDS.

I'd run the wildcard like a bullpen day except with Felix throwing as the long reliever that starts. You could expect four to five high octane innings like the Giants got from their creaky veterans in the 2014 WS and then turn it over to long work by the bullpen goliath.

To make that work, though, we need to run the six-man rotation for most of the rest of the season and acquire an innings eating relief ace. The Marlins have veteran Dan Straily on the block and a bunch of young, talented relievers. That would be a juicy target.

tjm's picture

Love the idea, Matt, but let's wait a couple months and see what he does.


I've got to admit, for all my unfair Felix-bashing, that the chances of his going 5 IP, 3 ER are probably as good as almost anybody's.  And if it pays off you do get Pax and Marc-O 2x each in the ALDS.  Moyer, too.

'twould be a risk and a half but if you snuck thru the WC game it would really pay off.


Hey now Matt, I've recently groveled appropriately about that trade! :)

Can't see the KC trade really happening right now, unless we somehow sneak a young arm like Junis or Keller out of the deal.  Duffy is good enough, but he's expensive and would make us 80% lefty in the rotation. Their KC just doesn't really have what we need.  If we trade Healy for Jon Jay I will scream! And any Healy trade has to help us this year, not just next and beyond.  Jorge Bonifacio is a decent glove COF with some pop, but KC doesn't swap him out straight up for Healy...and then that commits us to Vogs or Gamel at 1B during any playoff run.   We're sort of OK at COF this year...although he might help next year.

Whit Merrifield is, of course, the guy to get from KC.  But such a deal probably involves Kyle Lewis.  And everybody wants Whit Merrifield so KC will ride that wave until a huge offer comes in.  

We're not trading for Cabrera as he just doesn't fit.

We need that Arm #6.


Did you guys see that the Cards called up 26-year old Daniel Poncedeleon for his MLB debut yesterday.  All he did is throw 7 innins of no-hit ball before being removed, after 116 pitches.  

Do you think the Cards would trade him for a young OF?


How the deuce do you wind up with a name like that, LOL ...

But yeah, what a debut.  Whereupon the relievers promptly lost the game for him...


Bartolo should have already had the nickname....

tjm's picture

Does anybody think a healthy Erasmo is as good as any other sixth starter we're likely to pick up? That assumes, of course, we're not getting a 2-3 starter, which is still my preference.

I don't get this need for a situational reliever. My word, how many relievers does one team need!


Erasmo has a lifetime 91 ERA+, about 108 last year IIRC as a lightly-used swingman, so could be worth a try....


I would ABSOLUTELY put Ramirez in the bullpen as an innings eater. I'm not even sure why this isn't the public narrative. Makes too much sense.

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