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Most ideas are sooooooo much better in theory than in practice


If the Gentle Denizens will permit a bit of lite kibitzing on the CMS input, St. Louie thread?

1.  Moe Dawg points out:

He's a low ceiling, high floor type of guy.


Does Jerry Dipoto value any other kind of player?  Well, one other kind.  High ceiling, high floor.  What will be interesting will be what happens when --- > the M's shed Felix and Cano and Dipoto won't be able to use the excuse "we've done our big game hunting; now we need to raise the floor around our stars."  

Guess here is that it's simply a personality quirk on Dipoto's part that he hates "gamble" type players.  All execs have such quirks, often major and inoperable.  :: shrug :: I dunno.  Oakland won 97 games last year with players at least remotely similar to this kind of player so ah well.


2.  SABRMatt sez:

I think this ends any hope the Mariners have of winning in the Cano era.


There was a feeding frenzy in the comments on a Fangraphs chat.  A question had gone, "Segura and Haniger for [Myers and 5 pieces of rubbish] to which the FG host tersely replied, "Padres fan, eh?"

Be that as it may, the E. coast "rumor/proposals" have run to Cano/Diaz [to balance out the Cano salary] for Jay Bruce (to again balance out the money!) and worse, much worse.  

Said all that to say this:  if Dipoto goes to that kind of length to ablate Robinson Cano from this franchise's carcass, it's an "I quit baseball" moment.  Wasn't there a Segura/Leake for Myers deal floating around?  And what is the kiddies' term for texting drunkenly?

Hard prediction:  Jerry Dipoto would run screaming into the night at the sight of Myers' baseball card.  (No sooner do we type that than we rear-end Daddy-O's virtual Prius in the same thread.)


3.  Rick sez:

The bad K rate was not an issue until last season, when it appears to me T-W focused on adding power to his game. My guess is DiPoto sees something special in the kid.


That's the general word around the 'net, to which my knee-jerk reaction is James':  you can't change who you are.  But who knows.  Maybe some Denizen will think of a few examples from the batter's box, such as Edgar maybe.


4. And Rick sez:

[re the Langston deal for Johnson and Holman] Here’s hoping Sheffield and Swanson do a decent RJ/Holman impersonation, and that TW outperforms Gene Harris. I think he will.

Finally a good solid Bat-571 style prediction!  :- )

If we get Sid Fernandez and Brian Holman out of this whilst K-Pax gives the Yanks 25 starts over two years, we'll all be dancing a jig.  Unfortunately no good solid Bat-571 predictions from me.


5. Moe Dawg thinks it's weird to ax:

Would this make Dee Gordon our SHORTSTOP?


That ain't weird, that's the Prime Computation, Muad'Dib.  Has been since Dipoto conceded that Gordon had thrown away his CF glove.  He can try to move Cano now but if he can't then SS it is for Mr. Gordon.  Long live the fighters!


6.  Diderot sez:

And yes, I think the motivating factor is that Segura and Gordon apparently didn't get along.  This is the fatal flaw in this regime: get everyone who's a nice guy so we'll win.  Balderdash.


That's balderdash for sure as a general principle.  However, Ryan Divish pointed out quietly (on Twitter, using code language) that Segura is a huge maintenance issue, colossolly disliked by Servais, and cast off by several teams.  Supposedly this was the reason that the Yankees backed off of a 2-Mariner trade and whittled it to K-Pax.

:: shrug :: we're trying to decipher code from the outside, coded by those on the periphery, so what do we know.



Dr D




Casual fans like my wife, who sports a Segura All Star T shirt (I got the Sugar model) don’t really care whether Jean the Hittin Machine doesn’t get along with Scott and Gordon in the clubhouse. That’s because we fans don’t pay to watch sausage being made. We pay to eat good sausage. We don’t pay good money to hang out in the clubhouse. We pay good money to watch prime time performers play baseball.

But then, I remember when the Championship All Star Sonic Dennis Johnson had to be removed from the Sonic near dynasty because his coach determined he was a cancer to the team. Naturally, the Celtics seemed to find DJ just to their liking and were quite happy to employ him in their continued pursuit of World Championships.


I'm very much in favor of the current direction - whther you want to call it re-imagining or rebuilding or reheating leftovers, I don't care.

The Myers line makes zero sense without a top prospect comign back to Seattle... everyone knows it.

Agreed with you on this, Doc - if the M's pay a top trade chip to offload a still-productive Cano, I quit baseball (not sure how much I'm joking about that). I don't think there's any realistic chance of this. The M's have ZERO business lowering payroll at the cost of lowering the amount of future talent in the org. You have trade chips, get TALENT - not salary relief. Because if we get out from under $X million of Cano salary... do we really think Jerry's gonna bring in other, younger better stars? Or is the org just gonna save cash?

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