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sic 'em boy. SIC EM



Number of K's corresponding to his last start.  Corresponding to his next, Servais sez


"I just sat down stairs with Rick and Scott, and they're pretty confident he's going to make his next start," Dipoto said shortly before Tuesday's game against the Astros. "Felix feels good, he went out and did his pregame work and felt perfectly good about it. It was a precautionary measure taking him out of last night's game, which I think was the right thing to do.

"I was very encouraged with how he threw, and I believe he is as well. I thought he threw the ball great. Right now, we anticipate him making his next start."


Felix is a bit like me, willing to gimp around until I'm sure I'm perfect.  Don't overreact to my grimace shots :- )



Check Aaron Goldsmith's twitter feed for serveral convincing arguments that Altavailla's SLIDER has become his strikeout weapon.   TWITTER FEED   90+ pitch with cut, not sweep, movement.  Taught by Zych.



Dipoto charcterized him as "one of the better sneaky 7th-inning guys in the league" in 2014.  Heavy mid-90's sinker, high groundball rate.  Here's the article.



@billyhill decided to 3-D print Robinson Cano's 39 homers for 2016:





Read someplace that a lefty in the league finished #2 with 30-some balls thrown at over 98 MPH.  Paxton was #1 with ... 230-some such pitches.  Aside from everything else, K-Pax comes into the season as BY FAR the fastest lefty in the American League.  Aside from being our #1.  Stop it, James, STOP it.  The two gamer, that is.

The Mariners types will tell you, to a man, that Paxton has the Cy vibe around him this year.  Knows that he can do, let's go do what we gotta do type shtick.  We, at least, are willing he make it so.

Will be watching for that low karate-chop curve ball that has been giving everybody fits.



Which would be exactly my lineup.  Perhaps with an understanding that I reserved the right to decline at-bats to any customer, including the two left hand defense guys.


Dr D




I've been pretty clear about my LF/CF bat worries  They are taking some of the "fun" out of my joyful life.  :)  Daps to Rick.

But I wouldn't have changed vs. the RHP tonight, either.  Vs. a lefty, yep and yep.  heck, I might have BOTH Motter and Heredia in there tonight if we were facing a southy.  But not against a run of the mill righty.  It would smack of panic and second-guessing.

So I would roll the Dyson/Martin dice and hope that Paxton went Koufax while Seager and Cano went yard.  I'm not betting on much offense from D and M.

We get a RHP tomorrow night.  The Angels have yet to  announce a starter for Friday, but if Martin/Dyson lay eggs tonight, I'm starting Heredia and Motter vR tomorrow.  Perhaps Motter at 1B. But I'm giving Heredia a vR start if either/both Martin/Dyson get o'fers tonight.

Panic?  Not a bit...just getting guys on the field.  Yeh, that's the ticket!


lessee if he takes off

good wheels by Mainiger to snuff the DP

maniger swipes second – headfirst slide –might have been out with the perfect throw  but throw sails way high

broken bat grounder by boom ends the top of the first


2 perfect fastballs, one out, one in, then a curve 2 bounce to short

2 97 fastballs  off the plate for a walk 

 Throws a 95 right past Altuve 0-1.  ...  curve just below… 95 tipped back ...

1-2 piitch  bounced, runner on second 

22 foshball fly out to Maniger cruising in deep rcf


96  thrown by Carrera outside ;  97 inside called 0-2 ... Jam pitch breaks his bat for an easy flunber to  first.   easy 1st


on 1-2 Seager bangs  one into the shift –

valencia wathces a 96 fastball center cut on 1-0 ... fouls a 95 late ... takes a 96 jam for ths backwards K

zuumball cracks an HR first pitch but the 25 foot wall rejects it for a double.  Mariners best looking hitter so far in the series

Dyson harmless infield pop


beltran no chance  of catching up to middle 90s fastballs up in the zone – then a karate chop curve produces 01 bounce ground out

Fb, ofspeed, offspeed 1-2 to Gurriel, 97 jam ...  broken bat 63 

strarts with an excellent curveball, 0-1 ... on 1-1  throws a challenge 98 right by him – 98 again but not called  – Gattis eans over and front arms a fliner down the line

Reddick Lines and RBI single inti right center but Haniger cuts it off!  Ka-ching


leonydas easy 2 bouncer

top of the lineup playing with 2 outs :- ) but gets its 2nd look 

Good shinball, Segura flies out CF

 Game within game, Astros keep shifting Haniger  Who can go right field –  On2-1 good take after a garbage swing, so stays calm – NICE WALK!

Our lefty Edgar with a sorry 1-3 GRRRrrrrrr


1.  FB fould, fosh popped up IF.    Astros game plan is to avoid strikeouts -  get him early if they can

hellacious 94 paintball  makes it oh and two on Springer ... two more nasty pictures, one foul, and it's 12 ... theres the curve K but runner takes 1b

3.  Jam 97 makes it 1-1 ... almost odd to see a 2-1 pitch but turns around and inside fastball down into the LF corner

2b 3b 1 out Altuve up 3 great pitches 1-2.    Two more Cy pitches fouled off GRRrrrr

the longer the pitch coint the more the hitters favor ...


Ok Doc, Tiananmen Square, do you remember what happened to Tank Boy?

When you look it up, does it match what you remember?

14 memory matched the photos and accounts. I've never paid close attention beyond seeing the photo, maybe a second of video.

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