Jeremy Gwinn a Royal!
congrats RockiesJeff


RockiesJeff, aka Jeff Gwinn, is the bona fide pitching coach who always comes on and asks to sit at our feet to learn about pitching.  When he does this Dr. D likes to change the subject ...

A lot of real baseball people seem to have this ability, to ride in a crowded train car and nobody ever feels an elbow from them.  Part of that is the nature of baseball life, the fact that you're crowded into small rooms with large men for long periods of time.  Many baseball people have a natural grace, charm and ease about them that makes everybody else feel great.  RockiesJeff is the personification of the "cool baseball coach."


Jeff for the last few years has given us light updates on his son's career.  Jeremy is a tall 6' 4", 6' 5" righty who touches 93-94 MPH and has had a huge year in CC baseball.  Jeremy drew some interest from the M's and others, but the Royals scouts were always the most engaged.

Jeremy wound up with 104 K's against only 21 BB's in 79 IP, with an 8-2 3.53 record.  Here is the conference leaderboard for pitching.


Today the KC Royals drafted Jeremy in the 12th round.

Other 12th-round draft picks you may have heard of:  Nate Karns, Steven Vogt, Drew Pomeranz, John Jaso.  Hey, Jeff, was Jeremy aware that the KKKarnivore is a fellow 12th-round alum?  SSI's virtual contribution to your night's celebration ;- )

Congrats Mr. Gwinn!



RockiesJeff was always like, "if Jeremy doesn't get drafted we may talk to people after" and the way Jeff was selling it so modestly, I was thinking rounds 27-40 and if he got taken round 21 or so, that would be sweet.  Considering Jeremy was out of CC and doesn't (yet) throw 97 MPH or something.

Little did we know how much Jeff was underselling it all along.  The Royals didn't think Jeremy would make it to the 13th.

And Gordon was right again, judging that Jeremy's profile would normally get drafted.


Let's just say that 2020 is a fast-track schedule for Jeremy to get the call up.

Anybody up for a road trip in 2020?  My schedule is open.


And in 2010 the #373 pick was P Kyle Ryan for the Tigers.  He made it to the bigs in '14.  Still there.  Go Jeremy.  Don't know why I looked up 2010.

KC has two Rookie League teams (and no Short Season A):  One is in Burlington N.C. and one is in Idaho Falls.  If he's in Idaho Falls he travels to places like Missoula, Helena, Billings, Great Falls and Grand Junction, among others.   Man, he would be in our neck of the woods.

RockiesJeff's picture

This has been a blast for us as a family but am especially thankful for Jeremy getting to see some of the fruit of his hard labor. He is now in AZ. There was a $300 glove waiting in his locker. Pretty fun, especially for a kid homeschooled minus a few classes, from a small town and then at a small junior college in a smallish state. He said all the guys he was with today were from D1 schools. He has physicals, orientation and then will be in rookie ball in AZ. KC is great with young pitchers. I got an email today from his scout that I really appreciate saying that they are a very patient organization and Jeremy will have everything at his disposal that he needs to succeed.  Jeremy's stock went up with the Royals after National Crosschecker and one of heads of minor leagues watched video night before draft. The projectability is to be a hard thrower with some tweaks and maturing body. I was excited that Jeremy got picked in round 12. But I was also just as excited that it was the Royals who picked him. Only negative was saying good-bye!!! What a privilege to get to try!

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Appreciate you guys. Thanks for the encouragement and concern!!!!!!

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