2012 Spec66 Update
Where are they now?


I mostly did this for my own cross-checking purposes, but I'll go ahead and throw it out there.

I did a "Where are they now?" for the first Spec66 from 2012 (after the 2011 season).

The "consensus" ranking comes from a blog called "Steal of Home" (find it here), which does a nice job of compiling them.  Jesus Montero was the consensus No. 1, and I didn't rank him, which is why there's no "1" in that column.

I put guys who ended up as busts in red, but there are really surprisingly few.

And it's pretty cool that three of the starting nine (Logan Morrison, Austin Jackson and Seth Smith) were all acquired straight up for prospects off the list.

If there's interest, I'll do the 2013 and 2014 lists, too.


Spec66 Consensus Comment
1. TAIJUAN WALKER, RHP 2 Cusp of majors, still elite
2A. DANNY HULTZEN, LHP 3 Shoulder injury, question mark -- but signs are encouraging
4. NICK FRANKLIN, SS 5 Traded straight up for starting CF
5. VINNIE CATRICALA, 3B 7 Bust, but I was not alone
6. ERASMO RAMIREZ, RHP 12 Still has back-of-rotation potential, probably not in Seattle
7. ALEX LIDDI, 3B 11 Surprised that I had him higher than consensus but I kept giving him benefit of the doubt due to being young for his level
8A. CARTER CAPPS, RHP 16 Traded straight up for starting 1b
8B. STEPHEN PRYOR, RHP 19 Traded straight up for an unfortunate half season of Kendrys Morales
10. PHILLIPS CASTILLO, OF 10 Mondo-mega-bust, but I was not alone
11. BRAD MILLER, SS 12 Probable MLB success
12. LUCAS LUETGE, LHP - Fringe MLB bullpen guy; would probably make some MLB pens
13. ANDREW CARRAWAY, RHP - Honestly I don't remember why I had him this high; I suppose it was UVa homerism
14. JULIO MORBAN, OF - Still has the potential, but not expecting anything
15. STEVE DELABAR, RHP - Traded straight up for Eric Thames; has had some success for Blue Jays
16. FORREST SNOW, RHP 24 Still hanging around so not a bust yet
17. FRANCISCO MARTINEZ, 3B 6 At least I had him lower than most. Huge bust.
18. JACK MARDER, C/2B/OF 26 Retired due to concussions; probably wasn't going to make it anyway, but would be hanging in there with Romero, Paolini and Pizzano
19. CHANCE RUFFIN, RHP 9 Never lived up to early promise
20. BRANDON MAURER, RHP 23 Traded straight up for starting RF
21. CARLOS TRIUNFEL, SS - The surprise to me is that he wasn't in the consensus top 30; but I guess he was already in decline
22. GUILLERMO PIMENTEL, OF 8 Another international bonus baby bust
23. VICTOR SANCHEZ, RHP 25 Let's just hope it's not a tragic story
24. BRIAN MORAN, LHP - Recovering from Tommy John; returned to M's after Angels took him in Rule 5 draft
25. CARSON SMITH, RHP - No. 25 is a good spot for me. Smith in 2012; Leone in 2013; Unsworth in 2014.  Wasn't on most folks' radar.
26. STEVEN PROSCIA, 1B/3B - Couldn't keep up with his UVa mates Taylor and Hicks; washed out
27. JORDAN SHIPERS, LHP 27 Scouts kept touting him, but he never got the results
28. JONATHAN ARIAS, RHP - Struck out a ton (9.8 K/9), but gave up too many hits and walks
29. ALFREDO MORALES, OF - File under: Internataional Bonus Baby Busts
30. MAURICIO ROBLES, LHP - Hurt his elbow; otherwise might have been something
31. CHIH-HSIEN CHIANG, OF 14 See Francisco Martinez; trade scouting way worse than draft scouting for whatever reason
32. STEFEN ROMERO, 2B 26 Won't call him a bust yet
33. MARTIN PEGUERO, SS 15 Same song, different verse (bonus baby bust)
34. CAMERON HOBSON, LHP - He was really good in Everett out of college. So was Dominic Leone. So was Ryan Yarbrough. Sometimes it doesn't mean much.
35. MARCUS LITTLEWOOD, C/SS - I'm guilty of overrating Littlewood and underrating Marlette, but I don't rule out Littlewood yet
36. RICH POYTHRESS, 1B - I thought he would go to Japan, but apparently he's in the Braves organization
37. ANTHONY FERNANDEZ, LHP - Not a bust yet, but not looking too good. But he pitched very well at High Desert and when first called up to AA. Injury setbacks.
38. STEVEN BARON, C - Had him here for the glove, but clearly a major bust.
39. FILIPE BURIN, 2B - This was me getting carried away with a small amount of data.
40. JI-MAN CHOI, 1B?/C? - I threw him in at No. 40. At this point it wasn't clear that he'd ever play again after back surgery.
DENNY ALMONTE, OF - Gordon will point out forever that Giancarlo Stanton was available when Bavasi's crew picked Almonte
JAMAL AUSTIN, OF - Leadoff guy never got going
JABARI BLASH, OF 20 Always oozing with potential; no different today
TYLER BURGOON, RHP - Was part of a great bullpen at AA Jackson (The Goon Squad) but called it quits while the others moved up
JOHERMYN CHAVEZ, OF 28 Another guy picked up in a trade who went bust
CAVAN COHOES, OF - They liked him in the draft, but it turned out he couldn't really play baseball
JOSHUA CORRALES, RHP - Looked good briefly, washed out quickly
ROENIS ELIAS, LHP - At least I had him on the radar!
JAMES GILHEENEY, LHP - Still hanging around, but no longer a prospect
STEVE HENSLEY, RHP - 4th-round pick had moments of looking interesting; eventually traded straight up for Aaron Harang.
JOHN HICKS, C - Still in line to be Zunino's backup eventually
KYLE HUNTER, LHP - Still hanging around so won't label him a bust yet
JAMES JONES, OF - If there were a 26th roster spot for a pinch runner ...
STEPHEN LANDAZURI, RHP - I've always been one of his biggest fans.  Got a Spring Training invite (along with Snow and Pries).
TYLER MARLETTE, C 18 I tend to take the "wait-and-see" approach with the "raw, toolsy" guys -- sometimes they prove me wrong and other folks right
MIKE MCGEE, CF - Retired after not getting promoted from High Desert
GABRIEL NORIEGA, SS - Still around as a utility guy, but not really a prospect
DANIEL PAOLINI, 2B - He's on the cusp, but he's likely to get passed by D.J. and Kiv
CARLOS PEGUERO, OF - King of the "random-moon-shot" guys
JORDAN PRIES, RHP - I identified him early as a guy who could move up, and he did; still could end up in the back of rotation that's not as loaded as Seattle's
ANGEL RAGA, RHP - Flashed some potential but then washed out
KEVIN RIVERS, OF - Feel-good story of undrafted kid who kept up with the crowd; and he's still hanging in there, but won't make MLB
DYLAN "SHARKIE" UNSWORTH, RHP - Survived High Desert as well as one could hope; still on track to knock on the door eventually
JOSE VALDIVIA, RHP - Was taken by Angels in minor-league phase of Rule 5 draft last winter
MICKEY WISWALL, 1B - Like Proscia and McGee, couldn't keep up with the crowd
JAMES ZAMARRIPA, OF - 6th-round pick never went anywhere

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