The Bulldog Plate Discipline Index
Well, mPDI, actually

Fangraphs has a neat read, built upon a new metric, the Maddux Plate discipline Index.   The mPDI is essentially the percentage of pitches thrown by any pitcher that are either outside the zone and swung at (with or without contact) or within the strike zone and taken.

The theory and name are based upon this quote:  “The key to pitching is to have the ability to throw a strike when they’re taking and throw a ball when the hitter is swinging.”Greg Maddux

Of course, we can all see the simplicity in this measurement.  If you get hitters to swing at "bad" pitches, or not swing at "good" pitches, then you are playing with a significant advantage.

A mPDI of .400 is elite, one of .200 is bottom-of-the-barrel atrocious.

Last year the top four starting pitchers in the game, in terms of mPDI, were Corbin, Hendricks, Sale and Greinke.  Corbin's mPDI was .372.  No suprises in that list, huh?

But lookee who was #5, our own Marco Gonzales, at .357!  Doc called that one, all along.

And at #11 was crafty Wade Leblanc at .348!

Anyway, you can read about it here:



 Who was earlier than me on Marco.   :- )

Last night again we saw the terrific mound presence along with the throw strikes / change speeds pithx mix / mix location.  But the curve isn’t even completely there yet This year.

 This is a guy who can battle you with fastball-cutteronly when he Has to, or can Decimate you when he’s got all three of his pitches. Like Orel said, command one pitch compete, command two pitches win, command three pitches dominate.  Def applies here, no?

Thanks a jillion Moe!  And what’s Tank up to?  No good, I bet :- )


I particularly enjoy Marco's ability to keep his pitch count under control by inducing so many badly hit balls.  He also has a game plan for each hitter.  Last night Marco threw 3 straight curveballs on the lower left of the plate to end the inning.  That was cool.


Four for seventeen and an OPS of .558 because, well, we live to serve, Doc.


For yer convenience, from 2018, here’s how often each pitcher induced a ‘wrong’ decision from the hitter ....

MLB leader Corbin = 37.2%

#5 MarcO = 35.7%

#11 LeBlanc = 34.8%

#50 Leake = 32.8%

Impressive.  Paxton of course was up there too.


Fangraphs has a piece up to date on the Mariners hot start.

An excerpt:

Where they began the year projected for 75 wins, with just a 2.3% chance of reaching the playoffs, their forecast is now up to 81 wins, with a 13.7% chance at the playoffs. That’s higher than last year’s A’s (9.2%) or Braves (3.2%) when they left the gate, and roughly where the Brewers (13.6%) and Rockies (11.3%) sat a year ago today.”

Of course 81 wins is simply taking the original 75 and adding for the games over 500 that they already are. :-)


Tank whom, Doc?


He will still hit a bunch of homers someday.......but Marco grows on a guy!


I want to hear Goldschmidt with a call like "And there's Todd Tichener with a donkey punch to Vogelbach, a strike 2 feet inside!"

Are they trying to get what's probably the most active online mlb team following to loudly oppose these ridiculous zones?


Just thought of Seattle Salvo nickname for the offense, among others.  Works as SoDo Salvo when you prefer.

Jeff's picture

Gentlemen, let me see if somehow I can get this to work. Hope you all are doing great!

The Jeff in Colorado

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The internet let me back in! Freedom! LOL!

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You all are the greatest! Permanent 40 man roster!


Miss ya Doc, hope you're doing ok. Have been checking in just about daily to see if there have been any new posts

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