Seahawks MASHups

=== #71 ===

I/O:  Not suiting up or even close to practicing.  Rumblings grow that Jones won't play at all in 2009.  The locals, with some reason, accuse the Seahawks of putting on a show in even keeping Walter on the roster as long as they have.


CRUNCH:   Kevin Calabro, along with Geoff Baker, ex-media local John Clayton, and a few others, are the Seattle models of what a media interface should be.  We trust and respect Calabro's judgment as well as his information.

It was interesting hearing Calabro's alarm at Jones' injury.  KC relays that the biggest NBA player he ever saw undergo the Jones microfracture surgery, was Amare Stoudamire.

Stoudamire goes 250 lbs., was in his 20's at the time, and took ... wait for it ... 16 full months to come back from the surgery. 

Walter is what ... 36?  And going close to 350, no doubt?  And if his knee were perfectly healthy, he'd need what, four weeks to get his wind up to play in a game?

Case closed, right?  Jones to the year-long IR so we can get a crucial 11th defensive lineman in here?


Here's the difference:  Walter Jones doesn't have to run and jump on hardwood.

Jones keeps his feet under his shoulders, slides around on grass, and pushes a big man with his long arms.  Not the same thing as skying for a dunk and landing with a jar on a hard surface.


It says here that playing with the knee is (to some extent) a question of pain tolerance.  Now, #71 no doubt has a lot more of that than Dr. D does.  But the Seahawks are caught waiting for Walter to tell them he's ready to suck it up.

I think they're in as much confusion as we are -- and having Walter Jones out there, could be the season, in the second half.   Let's not forget that Jones has been argued as the greatest Seahawk ever, including Largent.


The fans want to give the roster slot away, but that's mostly anger talking.  It's not like the last roster spot is going to an All-Star.   People are yelling for Jones to be axed -- so that a special teams player can be brought in?!

Mora has to be cool-headed about it.  I spend the roster slot on Jones for several more weeks. 


=== Hasselbeck ===

There's pain tolerance and there's pain tolerance.  Hasselbeck is reportedly still at the spot where a deep breath can drive him to his knees, so to speak.   Do you want to take hits from NFL freaks when you're afraid to even breathe?

McNabb is due back when, Oct. 11 or 18.  He had the same injury, a week earlier than Hass.  Figure end of October for Hasselbeck.

Here's one where I *do* think the hopeful talk from Mora, is misdirection.  It doesn't seem likely to me that Hasselbeck is any threat to return before game 7. 


=== Elsewhere ===

Brandon Mebane will be in his second game back, presumably at full strength, giving the Hawks two road-grader DT's.   Kearney looked good in spots last week, adding to a deep line, and Tatupu's back, so the front seven is presumably the strongest part of the club.

Josh Wilson is supposed to be back, so at least the Hawks may not have to play at half strength against Manning.


Dr D

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