Stefen Romero, OF
perish the thought


=== Mariner Outfield ===

So, we got three (3) mid-30 tomata cans plus Leonys Martin.  Boog Powell is the safety net.  SSI can't find the words :- 0 but they had better be closer to "re-load" than "re-build."  Which raises the question of how much wisdom is involved when you're "re-loading" a 76-win ballclub.

In fairness, Nelson Cruz is the 5th outfielder.  And scoff though Baseball Prospectus might, there are a few bat-first outfielders in the game:


Thumper 2015 UZR runs "scored"
Matt Kemp -24.1
Gerrardo Parra (coveted around the North Puget Sound last month) -22.1
Jose Bautista -18.9 (Blue Jays survived him)
MELKY* -15.0
Avisail Garcia* -13.8
Angel Pagan -12.5  
Ryan Braun -12.2
Ben Zobrist (mmmweheheh) -11.5
Adam Eaton*, Shin-Soo Choo, Bryce Harper, Josh Reddick, Michael Brantley blew chunks


If you can guess what MELKY, Garcia, and Adam Eaton had in common, score yourself a 1350 on your morning SAT's.  +50 if you've not yet had your second cuppa.  Point is, if DiPoto "solved" our outfield problems by trading for Jose Bautista, we'd be ready to storm the top of the fictional UPI top 25.  As it happens, we do have Jose Bautisa lurking.



Less of a bat-first extremity is Stefen Romero, whose speed is about average.  Apparently his instincts merit a tryout in center field, no less.  Although that would be more for field managers who don't work for Jerry DiPoto.

BaseballHQ gives only his Major League Equivalencies for 2015.  They read 77% contact rate, a rather weak EYE, a 100-ish PX and a 100-ish speed score.

What he actually hit for Tacoma in 2015 was .290/.330/.500, this following a short-season 2014 Tacoma in which he hit .360/.390/.670.  In between were stints at Seattle in which he his .192 in 200 at-bats.  

It is a Bill James Talking Point this winter that in order to contend, a team must push through a few years' worth of struggles on young players.  What the Mariners have tended to do, is give a player 40 games, and then retire him without actually celebrating it.  If Stefen Romero is in fact David Ortiz, or Shin-Soo Choo, or Asdrubal Cabrera, Michael Morse, or Jason Varitek, we can confidently name at least one ML city that will never know it.

Granted, Romero is 27 now and has been blasting AAA pitchers for several years.  So to get the AB's necessary to turn the corner in the bigs, he probably will have to go someplace like Milwaukee.  Point is, if it turns out that it is getting late early for Nori Aoki and Seth Smith, then Stefen Romero might easily surprise for us.

Or not.


Back in July 2012, Dr. D offered a 7-part scouting report on Stefen Romero.  No, obviously he doesn't remember it any better than you do.  So if you want the aiki-mechanical shtick on him, start here if you please.  10 Second Manager?  Romero is unusually relaxed and unhurried at the plate, and has a "moving without motion" stretch between his hands and front foot.  I like his swing really good, man.

Here's a video demonstrating that his personality hasn't changed in the batter's box.


Dr's Prognosis:  they've got a buzzword around baseball.  "Go down and re-establish value."  Typically a player like Montero or Romero will have to do this about eleven times.  Finally we deal him to Texas and that's when Scott Boras calls.






Even though I forgot Romero for a bit, until Tac brought him up in my OF thread, there is something worth remembering here:  Dipoto has sold/brushed away Blash, Kivlehan, Choi, etc.  He didn't give Romero the boot.  Go figure.  Maybe there is no market for Romero, but maybe he likes something there.  I will say this, as well, when you follow MLBTR there is lots of talk (on a reoccuring basis) about guys who are top prospects for their MLB teams.  2 times out of 3, or even 3 or 4, their MiLB credentials are no way near Romero's. 

He isn't going to hit .280 in the bigs, but he doesn't have to.  If he can whack .260 and walk just a bit, he's going to slug enough to be valuable. 

Here's to all of that!

And I wouldn't mind seeing him in CF now and again during ST.



I wonder if Romero is the last remnants of such players within the Seattle org?

Right.  A converted 2B with a 100 speed score can cover RF easily well enough to not embarrass you, and if he's giving you a gap-to-gap .260 with fair authority, at least teams won't be laughing into their gloves...

No idea whether Romero will get another 2,000 AB's in the bigs, or < 50 more.  They're probably giving a last look to see whether he slugs .669 again in Tacoma...

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