Dipoto On the M's "Underperformance"
... as it applies to July 31, of course


One of the things I love about Dilbert's blog is the focus on Systems vs Goals.  That, and the grandmasterly insights on weapons-grade persuasion techniques.  In the nineties we called them "power words," and even one of them could change a debate.  But Adams takes this to a whole new level.

See if you can spot ;- ) the game-changing WORD in this Dipoto quote yesterday:


SEATTLE -- Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto acknowledged Friday that his team has "underperformed" over the last several weeks despite regaining many of its key injured players, but he fully believes the club is still capable of contending for a playoff spot and he remains open to adding pitching before the upcoming July 31 Non-Waiver Trade Deadline.

"It's disappointing because we had a nice stretch in the schedule that set us up to do some damage before we head to the All-Star break and we haven't taken advantage of it," Dipoto said. "We came out flat, we didn't show up, effectively. Frankly, from my job to [manager] Scott's [Servais'] job to the players, we have to do better than we've done."

... "We are playing in a league with 12 of 15 teams within five games of a playoff spot and we are one of them. We have as much talent as anybody else on that board and we've seen what this team can do when it's clicking on all cylinders. So as we move forward, whether it be for the second half of 2017 or 2018 and beyond, our goal is to continue to build onto the core of this team."


Well, okay.  If you've UNDERPERFORMED, then what does that mean?  It means that, in the future, you have only to perform NORMALLY in order to obtain your goals.  Anybody can be their Normal Self.  It's what happens without you thinking about it, unless you're doing something to take yourself out of what's natural.




On the subject of a Sonny Gray or a Sean Manaea or whoever, Dipoto continues to charge down the train track of master persuasion:


"We're not going to empty both barrels to try to go out and find the ace to perch atop the rotation to take us to the promised land, because that guy doesn't exist," he said. "But there are two windows when you can access starting pitching, so your antenna have to be up. If it's out there and we can access it, we'll stay in tune with it. I can't promise you that we will or won't, but we will stay in tune with it."


Dipoto has a team "as talented as anyone" that just has to perform "normally."  This team doesn't need a 2017 pennant savior; it would like to add pitching help.  This signals to the clubhouse that everything's going to be all right, and it signals to Billy Beane (or whoever) that it will be a fool's errand to attempt to rip the M's off for a starter.

It signals to Dr. Detecto that the right man is in charge of the Mariners' roster.



It says here that Chris Smith will be the oldest player in A's franchise history to start his first game; he's 36+ years old.  In A's franchise history?  Is that including the Connie Mack years?  Guess so.  The article says the previous record was Joe Pate in 1926, and Pate was three years younger.  LOL.  Either way, the point is that the A's have a #9 starter going.

We don't.


Dr D



Hopefully Boomstick can do one of those one-legged drills, and pitch a shot over the left fielder into the bullpen pond?


er  ... i'll watch this one with one eye closed ;)

btw what year is the Manaea pic heading this post?  Am I hallucinating or does he appear overweight (pardon the expression)?  From my viewpoint of him these past couple of years he appears tall and lanky;  tho MLB lists him at 6' 5" 245,  in the photo here he looks decidedly beefy.  Is it just me?


A left-handed Bartolo Colon, albeit taller and slimmer (Colon tips the scale at 285, bone-dry and stands 5'11" on his tiptoes).  I wholeheartedly agree, to paraphrase,  i'm not kicking him out of my rotation for eating crackers in bed (I digress).  Clearly a TOR in my book.  Just can't get my head around Beane working out something with us, not considering Manaea's upside.  Might be the next "great train robbery", or a Moneyball sequel so to speak.  But hey, they're the Orcs after all, nothing they do surprises me. 


Andrew Moore:  My goodness, I like to watch him pitch!  

Drove to Missoula from Portland today; here to see one of my daughters.  102 just west of town.  I miss the coast already!!  

Go team.  Go Moore!!  


Keith - want to catch a Chukars game on your way home? 11 hours to Portland from here. WhatsApp me. Believe Jeremy's next day is the 12th, which is home in IF.

RockiesJeff's picture

102! Yikes!!! Have fun anyway!!!!!

The Other Billy Zoom's picture

The new media cuisine sensation in terms of generating column inches and TV smiles.

I'll stick with garlic fries while DePoet rotates deciding on old favorites or new faces (well, all grasshoppers don't look alike).

Even with the extra years for Gray, I kinda doubt he is on the M's GM's mind.

I'm guessing he sees a decline in Sonny's daze.

A Manea Mantra? You won't hear it echoing in the halls because they are full of noise of other cleats leaving Faulty Stadium.

Could be, but the A's could be selling more than a half dozen guys so he will be looking at who is putting up posting fees.

Seems to me that "2017, 2018, and beyond" suggests he can unload on of our top OF's to the Cardinals or Dodgers for a prospect who could well be a ML starter by opening day, 2018.

Cardinals hot hot OF's of last year just ain't quite there, and Fowler might be shifted to a corner.

Viable starters for them next year include 5 of their top 10 prospects, all right handed.

Flaherty's my top choice, but I'd take Weaver with no qualms.

And they have a very real chance of capturing their division.

The Dodgers have 3 OF's out injured ... and 3 prospect starters as well as a hot reliever just sitting in the wings.

A week long winning streak by the Cards and another weak of losing by the M's could seal a deal.

The Valencia deal worked out for both S & O to date, and I don't think in division trading is a stumbling thingamajig.

Finally, I can imagine one of Seattle's "core" players going to either the Cardinals or Dodgers. You can work on that one ... but

DePoet probably won't unless the team gets slammed with an ugly stick.

Finally, what in the hellzapoppin does "normal" mean?

Is it "natural" like the use of prunes used to be?





not sure of my Travel plans right now!!  Bailey is running a half-marathon in the AM tomorrow.  Also here meeting the boyfriend.  After that , I am not sure

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Our other son in the Marines is here so not going to get up there yet. Will let you know.


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