Erasmo, 3.15.12 - the Backstory


Erasmo has been accused of being a short Doug Fister.  Exceptional command, surprising giddyap on his fastball, good mechanics, plus makeup.

Unknown were these factors:  (1) whether his command in the zone was really on a par with Fister's and Moyer's,  (2) whether he had anything to go with his fastball, (3) how much the "perceived velocity" would affect such a short right hand pitcher.

Dr. D signed off on the mechanics, with gusto.  He's got a Maddux-quiet windup - he looks like he's pitching from the stretch at all times.  He finishes nose-to-leather and in the minors, he never walks anybody.  One year he walked a total of 5 guys.

Zduriencik loves him.  We were eager to check it out.


=== The Game ===

Erasmo came out challenging the Giants.  Not painting.  He was throwing 94 heaters, and he was throwing them high in the zone, deliberately.  One early pitch showed 97 mph (!!) on the gun, although Brooks topped him out at 94.4.

The Giants caught on to this at precisely the 4th hitter in:  Erasmo started Brad Pill off with a sizzling 94 fastball, and Pill leisurely swatted it into the power alley.  RBI double.

Erasmo caught on to this catch-on, precisely the 5th hitter in.  He started Nate Schierholtz off with a first-pitch curveball for a gimme strike, and Dr. D smiled broadly.  This kid learns QUICK.  :- ) Two pitches later, Schierholtz struck out badly on a curve in the dirt.


Coming back out for the second, Erasmo's "here it is, hit it" game had been hauled into dry dock.  He started the leadoff guy with two changeups, the second of which was topped for a groundball.  And the next hitter saw a first-pitch change, swinging badly over it.

I was not able to guess Erasmo's pitches for the rest of the game.


=== Mechanics and Poise ===

MOTION - Erasmo has the stretch-quiet backstroke, but once he starts forward he is explosive.  Several times his right arm bounced back up into the air, OLE`! and his back foot routinely sailed high into the air, circling all the way around to 1B.  

Of course, he's got the exceptionally quiet head and his eyes drive through the mitt as the ball arrives there.  He ain't worrying about being ready to field the ball, which I like.


MAKEUP - He's laughing and joking around out there.  When he fields a ball he's as nonchalant as Freddy Garcia.  Freddy was kind of a goofball out on the diamond, was from the day he was called up, and that's fine with me.  If you're loose, you certainly don't have the yips.

Erasmo's confidence was off the charts - he threw a fastball or two by the Giants early, and he just kept dialing it up. C'mon, boys, C'MON!  Boom.  And take this with you.

And yet he brought intelligence with it.  Once the Giants turned a FB or two around, he went instantly to a mixed game.  Niiiiiice.



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