September 2019

And what it might mean for the future
Posted by ChicagoMariner on 09/15/19

I know that Jeff took great delight when others posted on the site and loved nothing more than when there was a spirited comments thread. Kyle Lewis in 6 games in the majors has hit 4 home runs, most of them clutch, with 6 runs, 9 RBI and a WOBA of over 220. He was the 11th pick and on a great track before his injury, but for The last few years his prospect sheen steadily wore off.  There was some hope coming out of spring training, but he hit only .265 with 11 home runs in a whole season at Arkansas.   So is this a fluke, or is he rounding into form like his draft and former prospect status... Read More
New chat forum for Mariners fans to talk about the organization
Posted by bpj23 on 09/15/19

Having followed along the conversations here for years I appreciate everything all of you have brought to SSI and would like to extend an invitation to all of you to check out the new Mariners chat forum at www.MarinerTalk.Com Was heartbreaking to hear about Jeff. His level headedness and amazing insight will be sorely missed in the Mariners community. Hope to read more from you guys in the future at MarinerTalk. Take care fellas, thanks again to Jeff for the years of the best schtick we could have hoped for as Mariner fans. We'll be sure to pour one out for you when the M's win it.
An ode to one of my beloved fathers, whose soul, not blood, we briefly shared.
Posted by misterjonez on 09/12/19

Beyond the veil we all must go though what we'll find, we cannot know. Will friends long lost await us there? Will they sport gray or richer hair? Will we look different doffed of skin? Will we recognize kith or kin? I know not what the answers be, But confident am I that we Do with our hearts and minds transform The worlds into which we are born. For all stars, dim or bright, pass on But their light lingers, dusk till dawn. So I, in quiet moments, vow To search the skies and wonder how I might of those stars worthy be Who gently shone their light on me, And pray I, one day, hear friends... Read More