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rick82Actually, take that back. Just spitballing, but Joyce is redundant with Ackley and Saunders around.1 min 28 sec ago
rick82Saunders and JJ is veteran grit plenty for the bench. And bsr, the slugging for Cano in Safeco is interesting. Seager was a monster at Safeco, slugging .523 in 2014. We just need to locate and sign more hitters like him. I would like to pry Matt Joyce from Tampa.7 min 35 sec ago
MtGrizzlyWishful thinking, Matt. I've seen that same number posted every off season.1 hour 29 min ago
MtGrizzlyThat would be my bench, Bat. Saunders, JJ, Taylor and Sucre. But I'll bet that Lloyd will want some veteran grit there.1 hour 35 min ago
SABR MattWhere did this 120-130 million payroll come from? I'll believe it when I see it.1 hour 40 min ago
Bat571So, in late innings, behind by just a run or two, they decide to walk LoMo - put in JJ and let him drive the pitcher nuts like we've seen he can do. He may not be the big OF bat we need, but he could be quite the weapon off the bench if he can play any of the OF spots plus 1B. Ignoring Willie Bloomquist for the moment, a bench of Saunders, Taylor, and JJ, would be quite the quiver of weapons.11 hours 42 min ago
Bat571I bet Miller, Taylor, and JJ all get reps at other positions next spring. I can understand that JJs speed is wasted if he's a 1B like he was in college, but if he's a bench guy anyway, then put him there when you need to to get him on base in late innings. And his size and athleticism are in Olerud's class. So, bye Smoak and Morales - LoMo and JJ will do just fine - and we still have Willie and Ackley if need be.11 hours 54 min ago
Bat571Look at the post-ASB numbers for some of the M's, though - Saunders .952(!); Morrison .789; Miller .794; Ackley .783, and Cano .808. Now think of Kemp or VMart or JoeyBats between Cano and Seager and maybe Rios hitting .300 batting 7/8 when someone else sits for a day. I could live with that. And then Jackson with a bouce-back, Seager improving, and JJ learning to hit bendy stuff as the 5th OF & BU 1B - yeah, I'd get excited!12 hours 1 min ago
bsrWow I totally missed that Matt Kemp had a 600 SLG after the ASB and wound up at 850 OPS for the year with 25 HR. 9 in September. That would have been nice to have.13 hours 11 min ago
bsrCano's SLG was actually higher at Safeco this year, 470 vs 440 on road. The key question for this offseason will be how to get more hitting, and specifically do we go for another Star and hope he can also juice Cano's production (eg, steal the Detroit roster model by signing V-Mart), or do we try to finally patch the black holes with reliable Civics? To me, the bullpen is already good, and rotation depth should be addressable fairly easily without breaking the bank. Payroll will be $120-130M I predict, which should offer some real flexibility and we can finally see if Jack has what it takes to get us to the promised land.13 hours 19 min ago
bsrCano's season stat trend the past 3 years is so fascinating. He is like a metronome in BA and OBP: 313/314/314 and 379/383/382. I mean, that's just incredible. He's been losing SLG though, and cutting down the K's as well. I really hope he can regroup in the offseason having experienced a year of Safeco / being on a bad hitting team, and figure out a way to get back to 20-25 HR next year. 14 is not enough from our best hitter unless they can get another lineup anchor to match him with.13 hours 28 min ago
bsrSeager wound up at 788 OPS. M's yet to produce an 800 OPS hitter since A-Rod. In MLB this year, 35 players hit this level. Seager had the #42 OPS in MLB. Very good, but not good enough for the 2nd best hitter on a team with no depth. Hopefully next year he'll get over the 800 hump, he's been improving bit by bit each year.13 hours 48 min ago
rick82Haven't heard from Jeff in a while. Hope everything is OK.14 hours 51 min ago
rick82Another thing to watch this offseason: will ownership get serious. Gordon, where are you "hearing" this regarding a potential sale? Anything beyond old Baker speculations?19 hours 43 min ago
SABR MattI hope they do get sold. And to someone who lives in the U.S., watches baseball occasionally, a crap.23 hours 17 min ago
rick82Matt, it can't be so hard. We've have GMs in the past whose names no one would ever remember who could find these guys: In 1979, we signed this guy to a free league contract: (Willie Horton), and later flipped him with other spare parts (yes, the expansion era Mariners had spare parts) for this guy: (Richie Zisk).23 hours 24 min ago
Gordon GrossWell sheesh Matt, hurry up and buy controlling interest! I hear the Ms might be for sale. For a paltry 900-ish million they can be yours.23 hours 41 min ago
SABR you know, I agree wholeheartedly. I don't run the club though.1 day 16 min ago
Gordon GrossBTW, the Ms finished 6th in the AL in Defensive Runs Saved (at -9). Not great... but WORLDS better than the trainwreck they were in 2013. Gotta keep that up.1 day 47 min ago
Gordon GrossMatt: (as you know) the Ms are averaging like $105 mil a year off their new TV deal (which also works as an income shelter against revenue sharing), and that's before we get to baseball's 50 million a year per team deal that started this year from the national games and playoffs on Fox and TBS, or the 23 mil per year from the ESPN broadcasts. I'm sure it's done on a sliding scale (more money in future years than in current dollars) but still, it's a CHUNK. And let's not leave out the 50-60 million for the gate. Payroll should absolutely go up. If it doesn't, that's another thing to stone the ownership over.1 day 51 min ago