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Gordon GrossYep, beni, it basically is. Rendon had a worse injury and is doing just fine - it's not a long-term drag on his career. I just hate seeing him lose the developmental time. I really like the kid and would hate to see Choi get healthy somewhere else. Of course, if he has to be DHed to preserve his health then we don't really have a place for him here for a few more years, now that Cruz is here. The open position is first, and DJ is aimed there. Thankfully HIS legs are currently okay.24 min 11 sec ago
benihanaBob Dutton @TNT_Mariners re Choi - "Hear it was fibula right above the ankle" - that's probably G's worst case scenario for 'just' a fibula break.1 hour 9 min ago
mojicianAnother year down the drain for Choi. This is lame.1 hour 15 min ago
Gordon Gross*#$#*)@~!!! Yeah, that's what I was afraid of, beni. Broken lower leg bones can be a nightmare for recovery time. Maybe he'll be able to get back after the ASB. Maybe. Poor Choi. Just snake-bit. Any snakes reading this: that is not an invitation! Back off!2 hours 39 min ago
SpectatorBummer. I really feel bad for Tyler Smith too. He's reported to be a steady glove guy, so I guess he just got the yips on the big stage and sailed one way over Choi's head. Here's the video: hours 33 min ago
benihanaGreg Johns ‏@GregJohnsMLB -" Ji-Man Choi having surgery today on fractured fibula in leg. Likely out 4-6 months."4 hours 34 min ago
MtGrizzlyLikely opening day lineup, methinks.4 hours 47 min ago
MtGrizzly@StoneLarry: Today’s #Mariners lineup: Jackson 8, Smith 9, Cano 4, Cruz DH, Seager 5, Morrison 3, Ackley 7, Zunino 2, Miller 64 hours 48 min ago
moethedogSo Deej, Montero and Kivlehan are the hitting stars in the 1st spring game? Be afraid, LoMo, be afraid!13 hours 49 min ago
Gordon Grossyep. "Just" a fractured fibula is one thing. Damage to a joint or fractures in other leg/foot bones is different.17 hours 17 min ago
GrumpyInitially I assumed he got hit with the ball on a bad throw, but I saw a gif of the injury... it was a fall. My concern would be not so much the fibula but possible other injury to the ankle17 hours 24 min ago
Gordon GrossI'm hoping for 6-8 weeks, Grumpy. Still leaves him with a lot of season to learn and get better. If it's sooner, great!17 hours 31 min ago
GrumpyFibula fx are usually not a big deal (that's the little bone in the lower leg).18 hours 15 min ago
Tacoma RainSorry to hear about Ji-Man. I had high hopes for him. However, Choi's injury probably opens a spot up on the 40 man now though, as Choi will most likely be placed on the 60 day DL18 hours 38 min ago
Gordon GrossTyler Smith is getting coal in his stocking from me for that throw. So, so sad for Choi. I'm hoping it's the sort of fracture that can be healed in a couple months, but lower leg fractures are tricky. I'm really hoping Choi is more Rendon than Snelling - dude has to stay on the field to take advantage of all that talent. Poor kid. Heal fast and come back strong.19 hours 21 min ago
MtGrizzly@StoneLarry: Ji-Man Choi fractured his right fibula in a play at first in the eighth.20 hours 50 min ago
Lonnie of MCToo bad about Choi.20 hours 56 min ago
Gordon GrossYeah, I was wondering if Lara found any dynamism in his swing - he did not. So he'll need to have a good eye and make really solid contact on what he swings at. Not sure that he can do that against more advanced breaking balls, but we'll get to find out.22 hours 3 min ago
MtGrizzlyLara is burnt toast with that swing.22 hours 11 min ago
MtGrizzly@shannondrayer: Walker on throwing new slider-"I'm fighting for that 5th spot so I'm going after them throwing everything-I'm not working on anything".22 hours 22 min ago