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SABR MattThough that may be because our line-up has been pretty well constructed to bunch the would expect a team that has two big black holes in its line-up and places those black holes generally 7th and 8th to have a lot of hits bunched at the top of the order...possibly creating the hit clustering luck that's been written about for us in the past.6 hours 6 min ago
SABR MattFWIW, using a monty carlo simulator, a .677 OPS (the season average) generates about 3.7 R/G. We've been scoring "lucky" this season.6 hours 10 min ago
SABR MattSo basically...we're hitting the same as we always did...just not scoring as many runs.6 hours 15 min ago
MtGrizzly@GeoffBakerTIMES: #Mariners offense past 4 weeks: .235 avg, .670 OPS, 3.6 rpg. Entire season prior to that: .247 avg., .678 OPS, 4.0 rpg.7 hours 28 min ago
MtGrizzlyHe certainly should not be hitting fourth.8 hours 9 min ago
SABR MattMorales came to the plate four times yesterday...all four times he had people in scoring position. He left EIGHT MEN ON BASE. He has lost the right to his name. From now on, he is "fat, entitled slob" to me.8 hours 21 min ago
IcebreakerXTerrible day for Seattle sports. Crunched by the Chargers and barely a game against the A's. Boooring.1 day 4 min ago
moethedogNice back to back plays in LF by Hart. It was bound to happen at least once. 2 times might have been the over under.1 day 2 hours ago
rick82Kendry Morales at DH. Hide your eyes. I'll take Brad Miller. Let's just forget this whole Morales thing.1 day 2 hours ago
moethedogCorey Hart is in LF today. Hide your eyes. Romero, for me, please.1 day 6 hours ago
DaddyOThis win today is crucial. Get it and we take the series 3-1, which anyone would have taken going in. Trouble is we're up against Lester. I agree, Matt. If we don't take this series, Saturday night may be the closest the M's get to the A's.1 day 6 hours ago
SABR MattUnless we win today, our odds of making the post-season are about 5%1 day 8 hours ago
rick82Wow, Rodney. You really stunk up the joint tonight. Guess it's up to Young tomorrow. I thought the bats would show up, but Miller and Saunders didn't even get into the game, inexplicably. Miller is perhaps our hottest hitter, and Saunders knows how to score a run when you need it. That's a weak lineup, and it still took extra innings and an extra bad FRE for the Orcs to pull it out. Jackson and Jones are pretty indistinguishable right now. Seriously, our deadline moves didn't pan out like we hoped.1 day 19 hours ago
DaddyOWell, if that's the last game Rodney blows this year, I'm OK with it. Let's hope that's the case. He's definitely a high wire act.1 day 20 hours ago
MtGrizzlyRodney.1 day 20 hours ago
moethedogAck has been pretty Bleh lately.1 day 23 hours ago
M-PopsJones and Chavez must hit Gray really well? Both are in for Condor and Ack. Bleh!2 days 1 hour ago
MtGrizzly"I keep telling you guys, 'he's the glue to this rotation,'" manager Lloyd McClendon said. "He is not a fluke. This young man is good. He's the Big Canadian. He's not scared. He's pretty tough. I thought, tonight, he proved that."2 days 5 hours ago
moethedogAnd every time I bash on Morales he responds with a homer or two. The guy is completely terrible with the bat, BTW! And he's a slug on the base paths. And he probably kicks his dog. That should work! :)2 days 9 hours ago
moethedogPaxton thread coming up. He's pretty good, you know.....2 days 9 hours ago