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KingCorranLikewise with SportSpot, though I think I may actually have come across the old D-O-V before hanging out there in the SS fantasy baseball forum. =)1 hour 54 min ago
jemanjiThat *is* great to hear about Kevin. :- ) … I heard from Mark (MarinerGeek) occasionally for quite a while after he left SportSpot, but haven't for a couple of years.2 hours 59 min ago
MtGrizzlySport Spot was what drug me into this little corner of the blogosphere.5 hours 54 min ago
DaddyOGrumpy, that's good to hear!6 hours 4 min ago
GrumpyLonnie will probably have some info on MarinerGeek. I just checked in on Kevin Ess's Facebook site. Seems like he has made a strong recovery from his severe mediastinal infection and multiple operations from last year.6 hours 43 min ago
Bat571Another guy to bring back? Cesar Jimenez got DFA'd by the Phils. Maybe he'd sign a MiLB deal with NRI to come back to the NW. Nothing special, but a LH who put up a 1.69 ERA with the Phils and a 1.45 ERA with Lehigh Valley (AAA) last year who was a Mariner from signing in 2001 until 2012. More LH spaghetti for the Pencil, or is a Beimel signing imminent? Jimenez just turned 30 in November, so maybe he's got a few bullets left?7 hours 29 min ago
DaddyOJust to rehearse it, as best I can reconstruct it since I wasn't around when the core of this community first started, the progression went something like this: An AOL forum >> Seattle PI forum >> Top Forums >> SportSpot >> MarinerCentral. I know Doc and a number of others were charter member, official or otherwise. It would be interesting to see somebody who knows the score put that history together in post for posterity...and for US too!8 hours 2 min ago
DaddyOAye, we have had a lot of fun over the years, matey. I was trying to remember (and failing, as is my habit) MarinerGeek's handle. Thanks for the reminder. He was GREAT servant and set a tone of civil discourse that allowed the discussions to thrive. Of course, Lonnie, himself a top notch guy, has carried that torch for a long time now. I definitely remember the Grandpa Mariner saga and the startling discovery that he was a clever façade. I also remember another guy who disappeared, the beloved Mr. Baseball, who blew me away during some very tough times by treating my wife and two friends to his Hit It Here Café seats, complete with food allowance, for what turned out to be a game against the BoSox. If yer out there lurking Mr. B, I'll never forget ya!8 hours 6 min ago
mojicianWe've had a lot of fun blogging over the years haven't we? The weird thing about internet blogging is that there are loads of unsolved mysteries out there. The proprietor of sportspot was a guy named marinergeek. He hosted the site on his own dime, and seemed like a really cool guy. One day sportspot dissapeared and so did he, never to be heard of again. What happened with that? For some years, there was a guy blogging as grandpamariner, who gave in depth reports from spring training, every year, and then faked his own death by sending a false email to one of the bloggers from a fictitious relative. I forget the particulars, but that was weird. When a person kills his blogging handle, there are no traces left.8 hours 21 min ago
DaddyOmocician, continued... Re: Ichiro and OBP, even in those days IIRC there were sharp though mostly cordial disagreements regarding Ichiro. Some could brook no suggestion that he was anything other than divine, some couldn't tolerate anything less than perfection in every aspect of his game, most were somewhere in between. Unwillingness to take a walk was among a number of subjects of debate regarding Ichiro, but those didn't really heat up until the Mariners really started to hit rock bottom. Again, all this is just my recollection...could be elements I'm getting wrong.8 hours 56 min ago
DaddyOmojician, I started frequenting Mariners forums not much before that in the spring of 2004, right before the name was changed to SportSpot (I forget what it was called before that, but it might have been something like Top Forum or something similar). Most there at that time had been forum-ing together for several years and I remember being a total newbie among a crowd that proved to be most welcoming and tons of fun. And yes, I do remember Bucky Jacobsen and Scott Spezio being hot topics, along with the Mariners being too content to just contend and not intent on doing what was needed to win it all. Little did we know then how bad things would get and for how long.9 hours 6 min ago
mojicianDaddy O: If during the early 2000's, any of us did talk about messing with Ichiro's plate approach, it would be something that would be impolite to talk about, like that time that Doc picked the 49ers to beat the Hawks at C-Link. Some things should never be mentioned. If something like that did occur, it was before my time, as I started my blogging career in 2005 at In 2005, the issues where what happened to Bucky Jacobsen, and Scott Spezio. I don't remember any of the sportspot brethren bringing up any nonsense about changing Ichiro's approach. But, there was once a thread where Ichiro was compared less than favorably to Ricky Henderson.9 hours 48 min ago
DaddyO2004 was at the height of the Moneyball craze. Suddenly OBP became the holy grail. I agree it was foolish to monkey with Ichiro, but baseball fads have been baseball fads forever. No love for Bavasi from my corner, but I'm sure there's some of us here who at that time were vocal about the need for Ichiro to take some walks. That said, Ichiro was always the kind of player you just let him play his game and reap the results as they are. For some athletes too much hands-on coaching is counterproductive.11 hours 41 min ago
Gordon GrossAnd moj.... that's unbelievable hubris to try to change Ichiro not in 2001 but AFTER he's already proven his approach works here and he's giving you 6 WAR a year as a leadoff man. Bavasi gives baseball lifers a bad name.12 hours 27 min ago
Gordon GrossRick, the chase to 3000 hits for Ichiro IS the chase to be the all-time hits leader. He had 1278 hits in Japan before coming over, playing 130-135 games a year instead of 162. Pete had 4256 hits. When Ichiro gets to 3000 in MLB he'll be the all-time hits leader in professional baseball.12 hours 29 min ago
mojicianIchiro hit ,321 in the first half of 2004, and .429 in the second half. What might have been? How about Unobtainium, the golden fleece of baseball, ranking with the likes of Ty Cobb and Ted WIlliams. I'm talking about interfering with a legitmate run at .400. That's what Bavasi messed with.12 hours 42 min ago
mojicianIt makes you wish there was a baseball tribunal for this sort of thing. I think a lifetime ban would be appropriate.12 hours 48 min ago
moethedogmoj, from 2001-2003, Ichiro's OBP was .381, .388, .352....What the heck did Bavasi want?12 hours 52 min ago
moethedogRick, I've always felt that Staubach was one of the 5 greatest QB's ever. He's on my short list: Unitas, Elway, Staubach, Brady, Starr in some order (championships count)and then you get Montana//Marino/Baugh/Favre, nipping at their heels. I tend to list the top five (today's list, anyway) as Elway, then Unitas, then a 3-way tie! With a win on Sunday, Brady is #3. With apologies I have to leave out Sonny Jurgenson/Otto Graham/Aikman/Bradshaw. One drive to win the Super Bowl? Give me Elway. One game to win? Give me Starr then Staubach the Brady. Unitas changed the position to a much more cerebral one and became the ideal of a pocket passer.12 hours 56 min ago
mojicianMLBTraderumors reports that a new Bavasi baseball atrocity has come to light: Bavasi tampered with Ichiro's plate approach during Spring training of 2004, and forced him to try for more OBP. This led to a 49 at bat funk for Ichiro to start the season. He pulled out of it when Paul Molitor told him to ignore the upper management and play his game. 2004 was Ichiro's career year, with 262 hits and a .371 average. Tampering Ichiro's historic year is an unspeakable baseball crime that has to rate with the Choo, Cabrera and Jones trades as most infamous. Attested by Paul Molitor: hours 59 min ago