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DaddyOMiller's numbers don't look so good either, but he's shown flashes of production. The question marks going into the season were Zunino's bat (so far no good), LoMo (so far no good except with the glove), Miller (so far mixed with bat and glove), Ackley (so far good), and Jackson (so far no good). Most of the question marks are more emphatic now than they were going in.1 hour 31 min ago
DaddyOAt least Cano is starting to hit the ball well. The real problem children at this point are LoMo, Jackson and Zunino. Seager's numbers don't look so good, and he does need to step it up, but at least he's got 2 HR's and 5 RBI.1 hour 34 min ago
MtGrizzlyCano and Seager need to get something going.2 hours 5 min ago
SABR MattLove her more than life itself, but I can't seem to get much done while my wife keeps inventing reasons we need to freaking travel. Driving me nuts. ..making me exhausted.3 hours 51 min ago
SABR MattWe suck. That is all.3 hours 53 min ago
DaddyOYeah, Happ did great. When we DO get good pitching, we pick THOSE games to not score at all.6 hours 54 min ago
Gordon GrossIt's been a rough ten games. Happ did okay, we just blew our (many) opportunities to put runs on the board. Better luck with Felix tomorrow, gotta turn this thing around and get on track. Just start winning series, fellas. I guess I might have to start wishing for a game here and there, though, and work my hopes up. ;)13 hours 57 min ago
DaddyOAnd now the Rangers get a 2-out insurance run when a batted ball hits the third base bag instead of going into the glove of Kyle Seager. My friends, this season has not been much fun so far...14 hours 14 min ago
DaddyOAnd I should say it is after 9 games and 7 innings.14 hours 46 min ago
DaddyOAL West rivals with B-Ref-defined starters still looking for their first RBI...A's (nada), Astros (2), Angels (1), Rangers (1). AL Central: Detroit (nada), KC (nada), Chicago (3), Cleveland (nada), Minnesota (nada), AL East: Boston (1), Tampa Bay (1), Baltimore (nada), Toronto (nada), New York (1).14 hours 47 min ago
DaddyOOne third of our normal starting lineup still looking for their first RBI after 9 games (Jackson, Morrison, Zunino).14 hours 54 min ago Bottom fo the 7th, first and third, one out, down 2-0, starter relieved...Ackley strikeout...Zunino strikeout.14 hours 56 min ago
DaddyOOdor stinks. (I coultdn't resist that.)16 hours 1 min ago
DaddyO(D)ont (P)anic.Yet.16 hours 2 min ago
Gordon GrossCan we hit the ball in the air and stop grounding into double plays please? Sheesh. It ain't like we've had barren bases this game.16 hours 4 min ago
Gordon GrossA.R.G.H. That is all.16 hours 17 min ago
Bat571Doc - there's an intro to future Ms article pending - can you add a pic and post? Klat has apparently changed things since last time I posted and I wasn't sure of the steps.16 hours 25 min ago
Gordon GrossI like the golf analogy, because it's more representative of the way a marathon baseball season goes. We bogeyed the first hole. Good approach shot, blew the ball 30 feet past the hole, and three putted. You can scowl, but you really just march to the next tee looking for a birdie. We go 6-3 on the homestand and we're back to even par. We only need to go 4-under par four the whole round to be in playoff contention - 5 is a lock, basically. Go get back the stroke you gave up, fellas. That's all I'm asking.18 hours 33 sec ago
SABR MattThe reason is at least somewhat alarming is that our qb (rotation) threw 7 interceptions and managed to get one of our d linemen injured from overuse23 hours 49 min ago
SABR MattYep...we had a bad first week, in NFL terms...and it was against the Patriots23 hours 51 min ago