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SABR MattWho here believes that Boston is good enough to win it all in 2015? Show of hands. They have some interesting pieces...but do they have a ballclub? Their best hitter is seventy trillion years old. Their second best hitter is rapidly declining as small statured middle infielders tend to do at his age, and their best pitcher is gone. Their rotation is made up of gum and shoestring. Their bullpen is being dismantled in trades, most likely and if it isn't...its ace is 42 next year. Does anyone really think Cespedes is the piece they need to win it all? REALLY? If you're not getting a club-controlled young top prospect for Lester, you should keep Lester, QO him and take the draft pick.5 min 2 sec ago
SABR a world-class STUPID move from Boston's perspective. They get ONE year of Cespedes. ONE. For the best pitcher available they secured absolutely no long term club controls, gained nothing serious in the draft (a 2nd round competitive balance pick for its' monetary value in return) and ALSO gave up Gomes. For nothing. NOTHING. Lester was the best pitcher available and they got NOTHING of serious value beyond 2015. This may be the dumbest trade I've seen Boston make in the last decade.11 min 35 sec ago
phxterryFor Matt in his desperation -- From the recent book: "How To Talk Mariner Fans Off The Ledge", direct quote from Chapter 1: "The First Step - Admitting There Is A Problem" --- 'The key part of admitting there is a problem is to face the fact that you are too serious about baseball in general, and the Mariners in particular. The Mariners are a joke, they've always been a joke, and as long as Lincoln is in charge, they will always be a joke. This is the objective reality of the situation, which you have been denying. The Mariners are not worthy of your emotional commitment. You must gain control of your emotions by starting to release your childhood attachment to the Mariners. A good first step is to remember that Ken Griffey Jr, your childhood hero, was a complete jerk when he returned to the team as a washed-up veteran.' So please Matt, don't operate any machinery today, refrain from handling sharp objects, and start on your course of therapy to detach from the Mariners.12 min 10 sec ago
okdanBut Matt don't you know, "It takes two to tango??" I am so sick of that saying. It may take two to tango, but someone's gotta lead!16 min 46 sec ago
SpectatorCan't blame Jack for turning down Byrd if this is true: "the Phillies gave the Mariners a list of three good prospects and suggested the Ms pick two of them. That request, plus Byrd’s no-trade protection, “seemed to scuttle things” between the two clubs." I'd give Franklin and a lesser guy for Byrd, but not two top guys.17 min 50 sec ago
malcontentTrade whatever it takes for Cespedes right?18 min 17 sec ago
IcebreakerXThe Lester Deal is sort of similar to us giving up Iwakuma straight up for Cespedes... I probably would have done that.25 min 49 sec ago
IcebreakerXA's get Fuld from Twinkies from Millone. Trader Jack? More like Trader Billy on this coast.28 min 41 sec ago
SilentpadnaMatt giving himself another ultimatum...the next one will be "I'm done ever talking nice about the 'padna"...(J/K Matt - I share the frustration sentiment).30 min 31 sec ago
SABR MattNot hearing the Mariners in any rumors today. If the deadline passes with no action from the Mariners, I am done with this team. The rest of my life is calling. The Mariners are a waste of time.41 min 36 sec ago
SABR MattCan I just say right now how much I desire for Billy Beane to go away and never come back?42 min 45 sec ago
SpectatorM's have a tradeable draft pick, too. The one right after the one the A's sent to Boston.43 min 2 sec ago
SpectatorNo one here was excited about Gomes when I floated him the other day. He's subtracting a .210 ISO for a .120 ISO, and he needed Lester because Hammel has been a complete flop. But totally agree on the cajones side.48 min 27 sec ago
moethedogGetting Lester and Gomes is a HUGE cajones move. Well, it's a Billy Beane move. Just what we've come to expect from the head Orc. What a guy! Lester and Gomes are playoff tough competitors with gas left and who make the Orcs way better this year. Cespedes is a highlight reel, but has become a bit of a RH hitting Saunders, #'s -wise He costs $10.5M next year and then gets more expensive, probably. THis is a classic example of how you leverage resources to improve your team. BTW, I like it from a BoSox perspective, too. They get something for nothing. I wonder if there is an extension to be announced.59 min 32 sec ago
moethedogI suspect that eventually we will find out that Z had some decent offers in front of him but was reluctant to pull the trigger and move Franklin or Taylor or whoever the other guys wanted. Sigh.... If he was careful with Walker then I will not complain, I would be too. But with our IF resources so deep, if he didn't move one for some COF OF help I will not be so generous. I love Billy Beane. Heck, I would trade Z, Walker and Franklin for BB.1 hour 33 sec ago
okdanOk, so now what can we send the Red Sox for Cespedes? The thought of an angry, revenge-seeking Cespedes playing the A's down the stretch is exciting.1 hour 1 min ago
DaddyOScratch the latter part of that last comment, since I see Gomes is coming to the A's as well.1 hour 19 min ago
DaddyOBilly Beane's defining characteristic as a GM is the presence of guts with a lack of fear. And he may not be done today. Adding Lester to an already formidable pitching staff leaves open the possibility that he will trade a current starter to get what he considers a legit replacement for Cespedes.1 hour 20 min ago
okdanThe trade: lester plus gomes plus $ for cespedes and competitive balance pick1 hour 24 min ago
okdanReports now say that it's Lester and Gomes going to the A's for Cespedes. WOW.1 hour 41 min ago