M's 7, stRangers 1 (19)

M's Feeb'ing Out vs. Elite Pitching (5)

Taijuan Held Back a Grade (7)

Rookies Zunino, Miller, Romero Skating on Thin Ice (5)

One of Felix' Greatest Ever (2)


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JDDubThe next couple days have the potential to be tough. #1 fastball velocity Richards shut us down. Eovaldi is #3 and Alvarez #25.1 hour 16 min ago
Bat571And both Miami and Safeco ARE pitcher's parks...2 hours 2 min ago
Bat571Apparently Freddie is in Miami working out with Drew and Morales at Boras' place (although Boras is NOT his agent), so he'd be close to pick up with the bus from the airport.2 hours 5 min ago
Bat571Freddie and Felix back-to-back for a few turns would be fun.2 hours 7 min ago
Bat571On the other hand, if the Chief was ready to go by the Sunday in Miami, I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him make a few starts for the Ms again with a 45-day waiver signed.2 hours 12 min ago
Bat571I knew more about Elias because he was my AAP at MC, but Landazuri's stint at HD (like Fernandez's) gives me some hope he's tough/resilient as well. But his start today really looks like maybe he smells roses...2 hours 19 min ago
Bat571I expect Maurer will pitch the last night in Miami, Felix the first night in Seattle v. Houston, then either Fernandez or Landazuri will start in place of Erasmo on Tues. the 22nd. I can't see them giving Erasmo another start until they figure out what's going on -- either on the DL or in Tacoma. Interestingly, Kevin Slowey, who will pitch for Miami on Sunday, also isn't fully stretched out. Might be a lot of BP action in that one.2 hours 24 min ago
Gordon GrossI love Landazuri. Lots of pitchability, fastball that's "good enough" for a righty but a pitcher, not a hurler. He's more Erasmo than Walker. I don't think he's ready yet, but I wasn't sure Elias was either. I just don't want another Maurer situation. Maurer has loads of potential, and Landazuri doesn't have Brandon's ceiling, but he does have a quality approach. Elias is better at avoiding hits, though, so Landazuri is gonna need a good catcher and gameplan to get as soft a landing as he can. Stephen managed to survive High Desert with his approach and confidence intact - I'm fond of his potential. This would be way soon for his promotion, so just try not to ruin him for a couple starts, OK Mariners?2 hours 31 min ago
Tacoma RainChoi goes off the 40 man, while he is suspended... so we now have options on who can pitch in Miami... be it Landazuri, or Maurer, or Freddie Garcia, or Wolf or trade...2 hours 47 min ago
Bat571And by the way, Blash's HR in the 1st game apparently was off a LH, Austin Kirk.3 hours 13 min ago
Bat571If he can pitch 6.0 IP with 1 hit and 9 Ks in AA, maybe he's not too much farther down than Carraway or Gilheeny (after Maurer gets slotted where Beaven was) to take a start for Erasmo -- or do you think they'll stick with the present 40 and go with Anthony Fernandez?3 hours 16 min ago
Bat571Gordon, Spec, ??, think Landazuri's stuff would hold up for 1 or 2 spot starts until 'Kuma is ready?3 hours 41 min ago
Bat571Looks like Landazuri and Blash both have an interest in the 40-man roster spot.3 hours 42 min ago
GrumpyMan the hits just keep on rolling.3 hours 48 min ago
Gordon GrossARGH... I know that's easy to get in Asia, used for workout routines all the time. If that was part of his offseason bulk up program, that's a BAD idea. *sighs* So he's gone for half the remaining season now. Hope he hits when he gets back, I guess.4 hours 25 min ago
MtGrizzlyCubs fans got nothin' on us.4 hours 30 min ago
JDDubThis franchise is cursed.4 hours 47 min ago
SpectatorOuch re Choi. That's a bad deal.5 hours 22 min ago
okdanFrom Shannon Drayer: "Tac 1b Ji-Man Choi has received a 50-game suspension after testing positive for methandienone, a PED."5 hours 42 min ago
Tacoma RainWhy wait til then... Get Bloomie on the mound NOW!!!5 hours 59 min ago