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SABR MattHere's my entry for that topic - corporations get more corrupt and more intertwined with the government the more powerful the government becomes.26 min 44 sec ago
misterjonezI like the idea of a KK on corporations. ;-)31 min 58 sec ago
SABR MattHEH...that is very true, Doc34 min 49 sec ago
jemanjiMaybe we need a KK article for Corporate America's quasi-mafi constituency? (Plot spoiler: In Europe, they ain't "quasi.")1 hour 36 min ago
SABR MattTeam...not tax...stupid Swype3 hours 6 min ago
SABR MattCano getting his day of NOW? My fantasy tax approves (i have both Cano and Kluber)...but wow.3 hours 7 min ago
OBFIf Ackley, Taylor, Zunino AND Jackson combine for even ONE base-runner... I think I will be pleasantly surprised... :)3 hours 33 min ago
DaddyOOkay, now we can talk about REAL stuff! CANO NOT IN THE LINEUP AGAINST KLUBER?!3 hours 37 min ago
mojicianMy favorite Chicago politician story was the time that Governor Blagojevich put President Obama's vacated senate seat up for sale to the highest bidder.3 hours 49 min ago
mojicianSpeaking of corrupt Chicago politicians, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was indicted a few minutes ago on IRS charges.4 hours 2 min ago
DaddyOWho said anything about living in a theocracy?4 hours 20 min ago
GLSIf you want to live in a theocracy, I know where you can find one.4 hours 50 min ago
DaddyOThe trouble with the US system is that it does not work when men abandon the religious and social contracts that gave it birth. The only thing left, once that is done, is growing socialism and, eventually, fascism, where the state has all the power and determines what is good and right for all, taking the place of God.4 hours 56 min ago
MtGrizzlyBravo, DaddyO. It's exactly as it's ever been.5 hours 44 min ago
DaddyOIf we're being honest here, we must recognize that for all the distinct greatness and genius of the American experiment, for all the historic and basic decency of Amercan society, it is a rare thing for any politician/party/administration to reach the pinnacle of power without the significant influence of some sort of machine. Just read honest biographies of any American President. Mean, nasty, brass-knuckle infighting and outfighting between competing, powerful, entrenched interests. The only real change is which interests are more or less ascendant at any given time, and even then entrenched interests usually manage to find a way to protect what they perceive as their turf. The American system of government is not so much a hallowed, flawless system as it is the best system men have so far attained to keep these interests from running complete roughshod over minority interests.6 hours 18 min ago
Gordon Grossmoj - Obama came out of the Chicago political machine. You're saying he did that free and clear, when basically no one in Chicago HISTORY has ever done that? Let's just accept that in order to get a nomination, the behind-the-scenes players in the smoke-filled rooms are trotting out their dog and pony shows and arguing over who's prettiest. If you get a ribbon, you get to play, end of story.6 hours 56 min ago
SABR MattThe SNL parody of her is spot on.7 hours 42 min ago
SABR MattThe dynasty thing is an annoyance for many, yes. As is Hillary's tendency to come off as terminator-like in her unflinching, unending zeal for acquiring the position.7 hours 43 min ago
mojicianIts not so much the Madame President thing that bothers many, but Hillary herself. Can't we have an elective primary without a Clinton or a Bush running? The fact that the same names turn up decade after decade makes you think that the game is rigged. Say what you will about President Obama, but there has never been the slightest taint of him being connected to a political machine of some sort other than the Democratic party. I may not like many of his ideas, but am assured that they are his, and that he is acting free of restraint in what he thinks is in the best interest of the United States.7 hours 53 min ago
SABR MattMadamme President is pretty unpopular in her own party, even her would-be grassroots base. The perception that she waited her turn and that the dems want to find a credible female to break the gender barrier is butting heads with the reality that Clinton is a Wall Street elitist, which is not in line with the increasingly populist zeitgeist of the nation as a whole. Add to that Clinton's lack of campaigning polish and the fact that she is not what most on the left would consider a standard bearer for hard-left progressivism (and the ugly trades of blows between the Clintons and Obamas in 2008) and there is a lot of rumor-mongering about the Obama admin pushing for alternatives like Warren, Sanders and O'Malley. The problem they face is that their talent pool is thin right now (as often happens after one party has been in ascendance for a while). Will be interesting to watch the press coverage of the early parts of the primary democratic debates.8 hours 2 min ago