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moethedogMeant to add this: Of course any Montero/McGehee platoon is an odd one, because they are same-sided. But one rips RHP and one rips lefties.42 min 30 sec ago
phxterryCredit Where Credit Is Due Department: Lloyd recognized from the first day that he was hired that the M's atrocious defense in the OF in 2013 needed fixing (thanks Wedgie) and immediately set about getting it fixed, with his brilliant hire of Van Slyke as OF coach. What a difference from last year.46 min 30 sec ago
moethedogMatt: Exactly what I was thinking. With Rios in right and McGehee and Montero platooning at DH we start to field an offense.52 min 54 sec ago
moethedogPhx: I agree. He's here until the M's are done this year. I will be hopeful. rick: I can't see putting Hart anywhere. His last homer was on May 7th. OK, some of that ws on the DL, but he's had 21 starts and 75 AB's w/o one. He did rip 3 doubles in that span, however. In 16 of those 21 starts we've scored 3 runs or less. In 11 we've scored or less. We have to fill his position with somebody who helps. He was a cheap buy. But he hasn't delivered.54 min 57 sec ago
SABR MattAckley is sneaking back into almost respectable ranges now...and is very popular in the clubhouse. It may be they stick with him in LF and get a RFer i trade (Rios) and a smaller piece (DH/UT) like McGehee or Zobrist1 hour 3 min ago
rick82I would put Hart at first (hide the children's eyes if you must), put Montero at DH against all comers, and mix and match LoMo at both positions. Seems obvious to me the M's have decided on LoMo over Smoak after last night, so send him packing in a trade somewhere. If Hart can't handle Miller's, uh, creative throws, then bring up Taylor.1 hour 16 min ago
rick82Over the past 365 days, Ackley's OPS is at .711 - nothing to write home about (unless you play for the Mariners), but when you combine it with a left field defensive rating that is second only to Alex Gordon's for all major leaguers (albeit a very distant second) what you see if a positive contributor. And in fact, Ackley's WAR is now at 0.9 for the season (again, Fangraphs). HIs year long OPS will only rise as we go through August, unless he really tanks, since he had a 1.00+ OPS for the month last season. I think what we have in Ackley is a very streaky hitter, with more down months than positive ones, but his positive ones are very good. He's got an .891 OPS for July so far this season. He's Raul Ibanezish without the power, with the glove.1 hour 24 min ago
SpectatorI think they'll keep their powder dry as far as the 40-man roster goes until after the deadline. Then, if they have the flexibility to do it and still need him, they can add Kelly. And, yes, Montero is hitting his way back onto the team and Hart is hitting his way off of it. But that might not happen until after the deadline either.1 hour 27 min ago
SpectatorRays are now only 5.5 back of M's. So probably forget those blockbuster deals. But I still think there's no chance they stand pat. Needs are too great, and Franklin and the other surplus guys will be too tempting to other teams. Lots more rumors of Mariner pot-stirring than I remember from prior years.1 hour 35 min ago
phxterryMoe - right now the M's, IMO, have to hang on to Ackley and hope he hits like he did the second half of 2013 -- because the team has too many other offensive black holes for which solutions are needed: DH, SS (Miller is lost again), RF, CF (JJ can't buy a hit right now), 1B. Is it possible for Hart to "stub his toe" and go on the 15-day DL and then a rehab assignment in Tacoma?1 hour 46 min ago
phxterryPost-ASB, Ackley, in 21 PAs, has a team leading OPS of 1.143, without any walks. Ackley is doing what he needs to do to improve his batting line - swinging early in the count at pitches in the zone. I know, I know - the usual Ackley SSS tease. However, I'm sure that Billy Beane would love to acquire either Ackley or Franklin when their values are depressed. With his improved defense & his ability to play 2nd base, Ackley represents an intriguing value play for other GMs.2 hours 23 min ago
moethedogrick, herre's the rub on Ackley: We've seen this before. He hits like the 2nd pick in the draft for a bit. But do the M's bet that that bit is for 60 games? In the midst of a WC chase? His last month's production is .323-.364-.419. We will keep him around to see what he continues to bring, I'm sure. Sigh. I wish I was really confident. I hope I'm wrong. But that means that Chavez has to be...must be...expendable, eventually. If we make a move Romero will be the first to head out. But if Saunders gets healthy or we call up Kelly or Montero...then we have to be willing to dump Chavez and Hart.2 hours 23 min ago
moethedogAs I just posted, Montero is our red-headed stepchild. All his faults have become huge and egregious in the eyes of the M's brain trust. Conversely, his one great skill, beating the stuffing out of lefties, has been minimized and is nearly scoffed at. Corey Hart, on the other hand, is a great clubhouse guy (I imagine) who can't field (like Montero) and swings like a rusty gate. Gotta have more of those when you're in the midst of a WC chase, don't you? If we're in on McGehee, then platoon him with Montero at DH. Let's get something out of that position.2 hours 30 min ago
rick82Benihana, Jesus hit a home run late in the second game in the Tacoma night air off a right hander. Check, check, check. What next? Anyone have the post game shower jerk report?2 hours 38 min ago
rick82Someone let me know if Beane makes any move to acquire Dustin Ackley. That would be telling.2 hours 51 min ago
SABR Mattdon't hold your breath. I have no better than 30% odds on the Mariners adding anything of import.3 hours 7 min ago
okdanNine days (including today) until the trade deadline. Have to think dominoes might start falling soon.3 hours 57 min ago
benihanaMontero with another Tacoma HR. 2/5 with a walk over the double header. That .400/.500/.800 line today lowers his HOME totals since being sent down. How many old man flails of Hart must we suffer?11 hours 30 min ago
rick82Erasmo was optioned tonight.12 hours 41 min ago
Tacoma RainSo who goes down so Taijuan can pitch tomorrow???12 hours 46 min ago