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Gordon GrossIf anybody wants to bring a consistent glove to the park, or remember how to run bases, that'd be great too. We're having issues with all facets, sadly.2 hours 52 min ago
Gordon GrossAbsolutely true - but the offensive pieces that are struggling (And short-circuiting rallies) could have been reasonably expected to struggle, so there should be a Plan B and a quicker hook. The struggling starters and pen are not expected to continue to roll around like beached walruses for the rest of the season, so we have to be able to ride out their struggles and still manage to put wins on the board. Also, Cruz won't hit like this forever and we're basically wasting it, so in order to make up for some future 3-week stint where he ain't hitting, we'll need more production from the rest of the lineup. Offense has to carry us while we ride out the arm struggles - if it can't currently, then we'd better find some more.2 hours 53 min ago
okdanDefinitely a lot of feebs in the lineup right now. Here's the thing though - the offense hasn't been the problem, shockingly. We've been in pretty much ever game, only to watch the bullpen blow it at some point.3 hours 34 min ago
okdanWatching Bloomquist take the last AB yesterday was definitely the most depressing moment of the season, so far.3 hours 36 min ago
moethedogAgreed Gordon. Seager, MIller & Canno are all hitting. Cruz has had his career month. Yet we're still struggling offensively. Weeks/Ackley/Morrison have 155 PA's between them. They have 25 hits and 8 BB's. 5 homers, too. They are hitting (if I have all the numbers right) .161 and have an OBP of about .210. Eeeeesh. I'm willing to be patient. But not much beyond the next 10 days, or so. Then we have to move. Some of those guys are broke. When Morrison hit his homer the other night, I was watching with my dad. I told him that it was good for Morrison and bad for the M's. It meant that much more leash for him. I'm not sure he deserves it. One homer does not a streak make. I hope they all heat up as we desperately need it. I' not holding my breath on any of them.14 hours 17 min ago
Gordon GrossKivlehan's mandatory 3 week adjustment period is over, and he's hitting .274/ .343/ .565/ .907 WITH an unlucky BABIP. His Ks are well under control, and while he's usually too aggressive to walk a ton (hitting early in counts) there are lots of good things he's doing. I still don't expect to call him up early. The Romero and Almonte-type experiments from last year are still fresh in the memory, and Lloyd likes his vets even when they're not hitting over his rooks who might. But Pat is positioning himself well for that eventual call up. If Ackley, Weeks and LoMo all refuse to hit, how long can we wait? First month of the season is almost gone and we're several games under .500 and losing series with the potential AL hitter AND pitcher of the month on the team.14 hours 29 min ago
moethedogZunino doesn't concern me much, Jeff. His template is always to feast and famine. Feast means some homers, btw. But Ackley, Morrison and Weeks are there to hit and only to hit. They aren't hitting, if you guys haven't noticed. I know that it is early, I know. I know they aren't the only guys struggling. But, while patience is a virtue, it may haunt you, as well. I imagine that Ackley and LoMo are out of options. There isn't much we can do with them, besides just release them. Maybe they have some AAA time left. But it is becoming clear that those guys under-perform for very long periods of time......then get really hot for a month, or so. The question becomes how long to you pack the under-performing part, waiting for the hot bat part to show up. And I know it is early, really.16 hours 8 min ago
moethedogWeeks? I don't know. He's pretty ugly right now. What we need is a tweaked quad, so we can DL Ackley or Morrison or Weeks and bring up a AAA bat and see if they catch fire. Quentin isn't ready, clearly. But just maybe Montero-Romero-Kivlehan (take your pick--Kivlehan is up soon, anyway) will light up like a Charboneau or Ackley or LoMo did during their rookie season. We could use that. OK, I know we likely wait another ten games or so....I will take a deep breath. But at that point, minus a smoking hot Ackley/Morrison run, let's fish or cut bait. Bloomquist will be gone as soon as we decide Taylor is really healthy....but Bloomquist isn't getting enough AB's to hurt us anyway. An unless we give MIller some LF time, then Taylor's AB's are really just in place of Seager and Cano...and there is no weakness there. Z's in a tough place. We're really "all in" on Ackley and Morrison....and their bats are (currently) "all broke."16 hours 9 min ago
MtGrizzlyZunino needs time in AAA but he's not going to get it.16 hours 35 min ago
DaddyOSorry if that last remark seems uncalled for. It probably is. But we need to stop losing battles if we truly are going to win the war.17 hours 17 min ago
GrumpyIt is so frustrating to finally have a good team... And then have it underperform. I guess it's better than the alternative but *come on*.17 hours 24 min ago
DaddyOSo I see we lost another battle but presumably are winning the war.17 hours 24 min ago
Bat571I used to think the worst ump for balls and strikes was a tie between Joe West, Angel Hernandez, and C.B. Bucknor. But there is a new king. That game last year was not an aberration - Sean Barber is horribad!18 hours 47 min ago
rick82Weeks, nah....Ruggiano...nah....Bloomquist...nah. We want LoMo to face a tough lefty who already owned Cano and Seager.18 hours 53 min ago
rick82Too bad we didn't have any right handers to bring to the plate there.18 hours 55 min ago
rick82Montero is owning right handers so far this season. A very good sign.19 hours 13 min ago
moethedogJust 4 hits so far for Tacoma tonight. 2 of 'em homers---Romero and Kivlehan (!!!). Quentin with an 'ofer, now 1-11. Down at Jackson, Deej got the collar again, Pizzano with two hits, one a triple. By the way, Kivlehan has started the last three games at 3B-CF-1B.19 hours 27 min ago
moethedogNot to beat a dead horse: But right at this moment, our LF and 1B are hitting a combined .173.19 hours 34 min ago
SABR MattElias is an upgrade over injured Kuma.21 hours 16 min ago
SABR MattGutierrez should come up soon if Ruggs doesn't start hitting though.23 hours 44 min ago