I hate to violate Jeff’s privacy, but I will say that he is gravely ill, and it doesn’t look good.  Please pray for his family.   Jeff, I hope you will see this.  We‘re praying for you and your family.   I just want you to know how thankful I am to have have the opportunity to enjoy your wit, insight and humor over the years.  This community has enriched my life immensely. 



Praying for you and your family, Doc. Miss you!


Doc, I am a good man.

But I am a better man because of you, a man I have never actually met.


SeetheZee's picture

Your actions inspire something great. And it's a legacy - no matter what happens now - if there's a torchbarer(s) ready. I bet there are several. That's a real legacy and in one tiny corner of your world...seems like you had bigger things to work on too.

Thank you for kindness and balance.


why not use the article entry areas to start conversations, like a chat board?  The *community* is what’s valued, right?

Sure hope that SSI transitions, rather than flames out.



My prayers are added to those of others. Miss you.

Hit and Run posted this to slack and asked to have it reposted here:


I have followed Jeff around the net for close to twenty years. Originally it was on Mariner forums that came and went. When he opened up SSI it was the first thing I would check every day.As I just told my brothers who don't follow the site, Jeff has always been a really colorful writer with his own unique entertaining style. He occassionally blogged about politics, chess, martial arts and other topics of interest to him but I was most amazed when he posted a write-up about a Norman Rockwell painting. I never dreamed I could enjoy reading a discussion about a piece of art so much.Jeff could justifiably be accused of being overly optimistic about young Mariner players or prospects. But when he made his arguments using a bit of statistics and a bit more video analysis in such a convincing and thorough way, you went away knowing that once again he had allowed you to get overly hyped about a young Mariner player; but nonetheless you left knowing your day would be better for having read it. The world needs many more glass half full guys like him. It's really hard to stay devoted to a team like the Mariners, but for me, reading Jeff's blog every day helped make it not only bearable but enjoyable. As you know, a lot of other really good people gravitated to SSI, I believe because they saw the same rich entertaining writing that I did. These contributors made the comments section also a really good intellectual but relaxing daily read; devoid of the sniping, and gutter chatter you see on many other sites. Because of where I live overseas, for technical reasons, I could not contribute much myself, but what a community! Sincerely hoping Jeff pulls through and I hope he and his family understands how much he has enriched our lives at SSI and other sites throughout the years.

God Bless
Hit and Run
Friedgreensooner's picture

Jeff is not only a truly "glass-half-full brother," but a "cup-overflowing" brother. In my more than 10 years or so on the site it has been my first opening in the morning. Although I am an infrequent poster, what I have learned from Jeff and the rest of you has been invaluable. Jeff, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

RyanD's picture

Prayers going up for the blessing of healing and comfort! With all the blessing Jeff has given to us, let’s pray for 10 fold back to him and his family. I don’t know if anyone else like him - a true treasure. If you see those Doc - just want to say thank you!

tjm's picture

Ditto all of the above. The site has been a blast and Doc the dynamite beneath it. I trust you are approaching this with the same open-hearted spirit you've displayed every day here, Jeff. I'm not a praying kinda guy, but I'm a hopeful one and my best hopes ride with you.


THanks Terry!  Have enjoyed it my friend.



As prolific as Jeff has been over the years, and with his more recent updates, I suspected as much.  I respect that you respect his privacy as well, but I don't want to dance around anything here.

I sincerely hope that if this is the time that God calls him home, that he is able to have a chance to read or hear somebody read some of these responses from his online friends.

I first ran across Jeff, known as JennAnnC in those days on the STATS forums on AOL.  I was known by my wife's AOL handle of PDXJules, but that changed  over to "Silentpadna" as I was always accused of being his "silent partner" in terms of arguments and worldview.  Ironically I was not so silent.

My father was a career sportwriter, but I have to say that even with my own partiality, I enjoyed Jeff's writing style as much as my father's.  Jeff and I (and many others) bonded over the online community growth over several platforms.  I was lucky enough to get to meet him at his church during the offseason in late 2004 when I told him I thought the M's might land Beltre.  Later we agreed to meet at Cheney stadium to go watch an 18 yo up and coming phenom pitch, knowing he wouldn't be there long. 

Jeff is one of the most colorful, outgoing, outwardly confident person I know on line.  He is also one of the most unassuming, soft-spoken, friendly people I've ever met off line.  As seemingly odd as that would be, both fit him well.

I am impressed with his level of confident faith in God and with his uncanny ability to be both non-compromising and compassionate at the same time.  Perhaps his best trait.

Jeff, I wish you well and pray that you will overcome this obstacle.  That said, overcoming the obstacle may be a call home - and if that happens, I know you're ready and we'll miss you.  Godspeed either way my friend.


you think anybody’s going to buy that about ‘unassuming and soft-spoken’? :-)

If I am only going to be able to meet one blogger I’m glad it was you Russ.  Of course you’d be a very cool choice to take the site but - I know, I know.

Wouldn’t that be a fun way to tip your cap to you Dad’s career though?


My father passed away back in 2010 and in the time since I've reflected a lot on his career and how much he enjoyed.  I was listening to a Bob Dylan tune a couple of weeks ago - my father was heavily influenced by both Bob Zimmerman (Dylan) and both of their poetry idol:  Dylan Thomas.  Anyway, when I was listening, I had an IM pop up on Facebook from a Tacoma Sports Hall of Fame Committee member.  (Bob Dylan is intertwined into so many family memories with father).  It turns out that the entire team that inhabited the Tacoma News Tribune sports pages between 1987 and 2000 are being inducted into the Tacoma Sports Hall of Fame in May next year.  My father mentioned many times how proud he was to be a part of that team.  He wrote for the Trib from 1975 until 2001.  A lot of people may not realize how far above their competitors that team was not only for their market, but across the nation.  That Trib sports crew was second to none.  

It includes names like Bob Candotta, Larry LaRue (the beat writer after my father's second stint with the M's) and John Clayton and many others.

It will be my first visit back to the Seattle/Tacoma area since we moved south in late 2010.

I cannot pick up the site, but I may be able to offer some perspective from Braves country and maybe a worldview-related-to-sports piece now and again.

Jeff's picture

Very sorry to hear. Jeff is one very classy guy through every up and down the last few years have dealt him. Pray for him and his family right now and thankful for his hope beyond this earth. All of you guys are a refection of Jeff's love for baseball and life and have been a great encouragement to me. Thank you all!!!

Jeff's picture

Very sorry to hear. Jeff is one very classy guy through every up and down the last few years have dealt him. Pray for him and his family right now and thankful for his hope beyond this earth. All of you guys are a refection of Jeff's love for baseball and life and have been a great encouragement to me. Thank you all!!!


Very sorry to hear. Jeff is one very classy guy through every up and down the last few years have dealt him. I am very sorry I never made it to Seattle to meet face to face. Prayers for him and his family right now and even more thankful for his hope beyond this earth. All of you guys are a refection of Jeff's love for baseball, for life and combined please know what a great encouragement that has been to me. Thank you all!!!





My prayer is twofold.

1. That the Lord spares Doc and restores him.

2. Whatever happens, that he would be gratified by our comments, remembering that in addition to the service of his ministry at church he created a space in the Seattle sports community that could be (and WAS) thoroughly enjoyable, informing, entertaining, insightful, uplifting, and more adjectives that I can think of. We are all the better for having "met" Jeff. None of us will ever forget him or what he has contributed to our lives.

As so often in our lives, things are in the hands of God. May God be with you, Jeff. I can think of no greater prayer than that.

In the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen.

kurt G's picture

I have followed you for years silently adminring your wit and great knowledge.  Thank you for being so positive and giving us mariner fans hope.  May God give you peace in 'Jesus our Lord.  

Thank you Doc so much




I continued to check the sight every day in hopes of seeing a new post from Jeff. 

This is by far my favorite place to come to read whatever was posted.

I hope he manages to pull through and can have a good life going forward. 


But I've known him for 16 years now. It was on the Seattle P-I Mariners boards in 2003, aka a hive of scum and villany. Mark was pulling people off that board to come over to a Mariners board he was creating that offseason, and got me to jump ship. Jeff had his feet in both ponds for a minute but then came over to swim with us before starting his own site. I'd just left Seattle and needed a way to keep in touch with my Mariners fandom. I found so much more.

There are very few chances in life to talk to people about things that interest you AND things that move you. Doc's site was a place for both. I am eternally grateful to him for the forum and the company.

Arne's picture

Jeff has been in serious situations before and recovered. This one sounds to be more serious. It has been good to read his writings for a decade, and I hope he does come back.


What an amazing person who brought so many of us to so much wisdom through this site.  All blessings to his family and hope for the best.


I love you, Jeff. I think we all do. I am so grateful for the time we've spent together in this community.

I don't believe in a God, but for your sake I hope there is one. If such a being exists, I know He will welcome you into whatever is beyond this life. You're the best of us. You deserve the best.


I'm another one of those guys who hasn't met you face-to-face. Missions work in Mexico makes that hard to set up; we once almost got to a game, but it just didn't work out. I've regretted that several times. Living overseas limited my participation in the community for those same technical reasons, and right after I'd gotten plugged back in... but I've never stopped devouring each article, with great anticipation for the next. Doc, you've made a ton of joy out of several dark seasons - both you personally, and through the community you've cultivated here.

Without rehashing everything, hanging out with you baseball nerds (that's a term of endearment in my vocabulary, though I'm barely qualified to hang) has meant more to me than you could know. It got me through lonely years in college, back before this site itself was a thing. It got me through being laid off, and being far from family, and facing uncertain future in strange places, and so much more. Baseball is a fleeting, ultimately unimportant thing. That said, it brings SO much joy to life, and this community has been at the core of that enjoyment for me.

All this said in support of two thoughts:

1. I, if later than it should have been done, want EVERYONE here (Jeff first, but not exclusively so - as you intended in building this community!) to know you have had  (and continue TO have) a huge positive impact on my life. Thank you.

2. Jeff, if you're at a point where you're reading things like this... know that you're appreciated, and *absolutely* prayed for. Not just words, as is so common sometimes. God's purpose for you is awesome, and my hope is that He gives us several years yet to enjoy a kids' game played by young men together as adults. I will continue to ask Him to heal you fully, and trust in His high regard for you personally to care for you best.

Here's to the next word in the conversation, man. We miss you!


There is a sort of family here, one that largely came around because of Doc.  True wealth is found in the lives we touch.  All of you guys have touched mine.  Maybe that is Doc’s great genius, in building a place where family was the result and lives were touched.

If so, that is a hell of a genius.

Echoing King, I want to thank you all for playing a real part in my daily life.



I too have not had the opportunity to meet Jeff in person. I’ve been following him since the PI days.  A little over five years ago he reached out to me because he had just been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and he knew that I worked in that  field. He has been fighting it like a champion, coming through multiple operations and multiple rounds of chemotherapy over the last five years.   It has been really hard on him and on his family.   Currently he is in hospice care as his battle has entered it’s terminal phase.  

Jeff, thanks again. The community that you have put together here has been an important part of my life... closing in on two decades!  You will be missed. Love ya man!


Grumpy, thanks for the update. It's not great news re: Jeff's situation in this life, but at least we know what's happening.

For those among us who believe the promise of Christ that He left to prepare a place for us so that where He is we may also be, there is a profound sense that goes with our passing from this life. Twice in my life I have been in situations where in a very real and profound way I gave up my life to the Lord expecting to die at any moment, once in an ambulance ride to the hospital after a serious heart attack, and once in the hospital after my heart stopped functioning three times in one day. God be with you Jeff, for He surely IS with you. Peace He leaves, His peace He gives, not as the world gives. May your heart not be troubled or fearful. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, Christ has overcome the world.

Those of you who do not believe this, I ask your indulgence. These are words of encouragement from my heart to Jeff's.


It was mind-boggling to the religious leaders who He did love, and who He did *like* ...

John F's picture

Every day for the last 10 years. The first place I stop to read has been right here. It has been a pleasure and one of the highlights of my day. The ideas, the respect each of you have shown each other even when in total disagreement on an issue is part of what is missing in society today. This sight has been a lighthouse in the storm. This was brought about because of Doc and the way he treated others. One of the greatest things we can do is to “treat others the way you wish to be treated” and that is how Doc has run this site and interacted with this community. All of us here feel like we are part of his family even though many of us have never met Doc. It is an incredible legacy and one that in many ways will never be truly seen. To have such a profoundly positive effect on others.

Paul at the end of his life said the following, “the time of my departure has come  I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” And what a spectacular race it has been! As for me, I say thank you! It has been an honor to watch your race!



wwhat wonderful words John.  Sure appreciate you.


It's comforting to me to know that on multiple platforms I use the moniker of "Silentpadna".  It has been and will continue to be a constant reminder to me of where that persona came from.

JennAnnC/Jemanji/Dr. Detecto/Jeff:  I am blessed to have known you.  I sincerely hope that you know that as you move on in your jouney.

If a family member happens upon this, please help Jeff to know that our community's (and my) prayers are with all of you.  Know that Jeff has left a bigger mark in a positive way than he probably realizes.  I hope you all realize it too.

Blessings to you.



:: long pause ::

Boy, have I ever valued our friendship.  Some of my fave memories was when you had time to be active and we could play dueling guitars vs the OFTers.


I was the rythym compliment to your virtuoso leads my friend.  Hardly dueling.  

Funny as it may seem (or not), up at the top of my musical taste are bands that have guitarists that play both - or take turns - or combine playing lead.  So it makes me chuckle that you bring that up.


I can’t remember Doc ever talking about whether he enjoyed a good brew, a nice wine or a potent libation.  Do any of you guys know?  Whatever it was, if he did, I want to be prepared, so that when he slips his earthly bounds I can sit on my deck, beverage in hand, and toast a fine fine man.


I’ll see ya in paradise, Jeff. You’ve been a great friend and you are leaving this earth (tenporarily) in a better place because of your presence. Thank you for your humor, grace, insight, generosity of spirit, joy, esprit d’corps, a warrior always hopeful in the face of long odds. You left us richer because of it all. I’ve learned so much from you and am a better man for it.


:: shakes head ::  those words are, like most of those here, TOO GOOD FOR ME.  But they are fun to read!!

You’ve been a towering MVP Rick never mind being a great back-channel friend!



Thank you Jeff for the many years of sharing your gifts with us. You are appreciated beyond words. You created my favorite place on the web (truly a treasure) with your generousity, wisdom, positivity, and wit. No place quite like it, but that's really saying there's no one else quite like you.

Praying for you and your family for recovery, comfort, and peace.

God bless you here on this earth and in heaven! If not back here on this site first, I hope to see you there!

With gratitude,

- Ryan


you guys know what you mean to me.  And my fave posts have always been those that told us that SSI meant something to them.  Thanks for this thread.  Will continue to try to chime over the next ... what is it Grumpy, 2-6 weeks?  Just now went into bed rest.

March 2014, my diagnosis was “liver cancer, undiagnosed primary tumor“ but thanks in part to Grumpy‘s fine advice, we beat the life expectancy tables by a factor of 5x or so.  So we’ve been able to say everything to everybody and then some.


I’m very skeptical by nature and ...

if I hadn’t found a small religious group called the non-institutional church of Christ, which I believe is truly rational —- that is, following the NT as though it were the Constitution and therefore removing the influence of man on the worship —— I’d never have become formally religious.  If interested in following up, you might enjoy my site (

how long was I waiting to say that?  ::chuckles::





Hey moe, make mine Brother Thelonius 9%.  mmmmmmmmmmmm. Never underestimate a Christian!

or when in a sippin mood, Walker Black.  Does that label even register on your own $100+ scale?

Slap me silly Moe, what friends we‘d Have made in real life!


Guys, could we sit down around the fire with our faves and chat for the next few weeks?

Love to you all,



...not a bad one. I'll think of you every time I open one from here on out, Jeff. =)

I should be stateside through even early October. I'll stay in touch. If anyone can find you a Founder's Breakfast Stout, try one on my rec... or if there's someone where I could drop one off (I'm in Sammamish right now), I'll gladly do so.


I never did imbibe all that frequently And not any more at all, of course.  Am barely able to keep milk down.  But ...  What a treat for *me* to know we worked the same general territory :-)

Everybody should sound off with the ‘label of their lives’ ;-)

oh.  Moe axed about three categories.  Thelonious, Johnnie Black, and simply 14 Hands merlot in a glass without a stem ... the way the Israelites and probably the crowd at John 2 drank it ;-)


...but my 'first love' was a barrel-aged New Holland Dragon's Milk.

That's the one which took me from 'I can choke down a beer at need' to 'now I see what all the fuss is about!'


readimg the reviews, I’m sorry I never got to try it :-(


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