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Fangraphs goes to bat for Beckham



If the Mariners have just pole-axed another hapless enemy, and you're looking for reading material of over-the-fold quality, you can do worse than to read the last night's Slack roundtable.  It'll be chock-full of Denizens' insights, ideas and impressions of the game in real time.

I don't know how to direct you to it; somebody in the comments will bail me out.  On a smartphone, though, you download SlackChat and then simply search Seattle Sports Insider or somesuch.  One a' you Slackers :- ) finish up here.

(Sez Andrew:  Here's the slack link:  https://seattlesportsinsider.slack.com )



No game on Wednesday?  ... ?!   Since when?  Oh, and none on Thursday, either, due to the Doppler.  So Kikuchi goes Friday, and that counts as his "Opener Game" for April.  Tell JeDi we said so.

The Orcs limped home from the brutal beating we gave them and have gone 5-1 since.  They brushed aside the pesky rodents 3-1 and are now 2-0 in a four-gamer vs Boston.  

On April Fools' Day they used Aaron Brooks' (?? busted in possession of a 7-odd career ERA) two-hit, 6-K shutout* to mangle David Price 7-0 despite Price's own nine strikeouts.  Last night they sent Chris Sale to an Orcish end, 8" handled hatchets no doubt, in a 1-0 win.  Mike Fiers and the bullpen twirled the shutout.  Boston sits at 1-5 despite the legendary anti-orc'ish HOF starter weapons they wield.

Mariners are 7-1.  Pirates are 1-2.



Would *not* be an example of a 2-years-ago man because he didn't really have any years, did he?  This Greg Johns article covers the story quite sufficiently.  



"Fangraphs has an article up today arguing that a certain Mariner, currently on an early-season hot streak, is hot because he has mastered his craft."  There, never thought I'd type that sentence.

Their argument:

1.  2018 had a core injury he was fighting against. 

2.  He has had a good FIVE weeks, if you go back and look at his September 2018.

3.  Since 2017 he has been more selective, letting pitchers' pitches go by and "stalking" his power pitch

4.  His chase rate is wayyyyyy down

5.  He was former 1-1 pick

Hmmmmmmmmm.   So then what is Beckham's upside scenario?  I guess to take 2017's numbers (.280/.330/450 with 3.5 WAR) and go from there.  Looks like Mo Dawg saw this one coming down sixth Avenue.

Slap me silly.  Everywhere you look, it's fun stuff to write about.



Dr D




 Just saying… Between any two competitors who were even halfway evenly matched, 8 games would be quite a head start to give one of the entrants.

I wonder at what point Dipoto becomes interested enough to change his plans for 2018, and go get a bullpen ace or something.


You mean Connor Sadzeck doesn't do it for you? I thought he looked pretty terrific, closing out the Royals yesterday (but that's a good thing, because the cupboard was bare behind him!) 

Also- Dawg, I was excited to read the Mariners had signed Neftali Feliz. Is he suffering from "Felix" disease, these days?!

The bigger question for me, over acquiring a closer, is "Do we break up the band?" All these guys performing at career-best levels- well, perhaps that's stretching it, but way beyond expectations- do we start looking for buyers for EE, Bruce, Beckham, Leake and LeBlanc, or do we ride them until they give out on us? (We could get some really nice pieces to help us in 2024, if we're prepared to sacrifice key building blocks on our 13-2 ballclub!) 

Btw: Crawford is heating up... Swanson looked good yesterday, save for a sun-blinding double... The Shedster is on fire... and, several out-performing arms in the lower minors. But if the MLB team keeps firing on all cylinders, Jerry is going to face his day of reckoning. (I think that's what you were saying, Doc- much more succinctly!)


I cannot overstate the importance of the present value of stomping the Astros.  We need to see the degredation and humiliation of our hated rivals.

Remember their crimes:

2017 (Remember that year?)  5 and 14 record vs Astros.  The Mariners miss the wild card by 7 games.  The Astros win the World Series in 7 games. 

2018 The Astros win the division in the unmanliest way possible, by losing the season series to both the Mariners and the Orcs but then engorging their record agains the Kick Me teams. 

The Astros have more AL accomplishments in 6 years than the Mariners have in 40. 

There may be a time when the strength of Mariners may wane and their bats will hang limp on their shoulders.  Today is not that day. 

There may be a time when the pitching cracks, and our team is blown out of every game.  Today is not that day.

There may be a time when baseball is a drag and we will wonder about a prospect haul or the draft.  Today is not that day. 


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