Trade our stud hoss
For a broken down oldster: Really!

There are rumors out there that Santana is next to go, within a day or two.  Cool.  Good for DiPoto.

I'm going to make a wild trade proposal, one involving Mitch Haniger, our stud hoss.

The Dodgers want out of Kemp's one year, $21M contract.  I say buy him with Haniger.

Now, don't spill your coffee on the keyboard.....there are other pieces to include, as well.

I want 22-year old Dodger OF, Alex Verdugo, a unanimous Top 50 guy.  He's destroyed every league he's been in and was even decently successful in a cup of MLB tea last season.  He hits for average, walks a bunch and can pick it in CF.  I also want 22-year old lefty Caleb Ferguson, a guy who has been labeled a 'sleeper" but has really blossomed.  He's been on a fast track (hit La La Land last season), and has been successful everywhere.

We give the Dodgers Haniger, get the two young guys and Kemp's $21M price tag.  Keep Kemp for a year, he's a solid lockerroom citizen, and get the two-fer-one for Haniger.

Maybe we throw in a Dom Thompson-Williams, or something like that. Maybe they add another piece.  The Dodgers have a very cool 19-year old AA Catcher in Keibert Ruiz, for example.   But Verdugo is going to be a hitter and is poised for a '19 plug in and it looks like Ferguson is rotation ready right now.

Two long-term assets, maybe three, for 4 years of Haniger.



Not sold on Verdugo. Dodgers minors are in lots of hitters leagues and good hitters parks. Verdugo career OPS in those parks just over .800. One year in a tough league (Midwest) just over .700 OPS. Verdugo does get props for being young for his league and having a good eye. More than likely not enough power for a corner, reminds me very very much of Mark Kotsay. Fairly average MLB outfileder. We'd have to do a whole lot better to get rid of Haniger in my book.

If Haniger goes to the Dodgers maybe a load of 3-4 SP prospects instead?


Dodgers have the prospects to make it happen, IMO, but if you're taking on a salary for a non-competitive year then they have to throw in another prospect.

Two MiLB top-100 prospects seems to be Jerry's minimum for Haniger, without taking on salary. I'm not sure mine isn't three. But hey, I'm not the GM...


Until I was looking harder at the Braves prospects and decided Mitch and Marco might pry enough higher ceiling arms together to make me feel good about it.

With 23 year old Smith out there and Kelenic, J-Rod and Lewis suggested to be up by late 21 by the GM, how do they all fit?  Trade the one that brings the most back and could be FA in 2023 as he turns 33.  It makes perfect sense to trade him for something like this. 

I'm so glad it's not going to happen. 


We give up two years of Santana and get one of Encarnacion,  plus a Type B pick (#77) and save $10 or $11M.

So the bet is that that #77 pick, + the guy we get for Encanacion, is better than what we can pull in for Santana.


The $11M seems insignificant because it will come (essentially) next season, when we're not usiing it to compete anyway.


We pay Encarnacion next season. So we have less on the books for 2020 - hopefully, more flexibility for extensions/FAs.

If this ownership group is willing to take more money on short term to have less money on the books long term (AND prospects), I respect that. Future financial flexibility does have value, especially if they think there's a chance for contention in 2020. (I'd bet on 2021 at the EARLIEST, but prove me wrong, Jerry...)


We pay Encarnacion 20M + 5m buyout instead of Santana 20M + 20M.

We have $15 off the books in 2020, paying $1M for the privilege between the cash changing hands in the deal), and gain a draft pick. 

Whatever we can get for Encarnacion is a bonus. We're just as non-competitive in 2019 with Santana vs Encarnacion, so I'm fine with the talent swap. Do what you have to in 2019 (and 2020?) in order to max 2021 potential.


Thanks King,

You are right, the savings is essentially in ‘20, which is “next season” in my trade-addled I was assuming we’re sort of in this one already.  


Since I have no ownership stake, I"d always prefer to receive prospects than cash. Tampa, being the cheap guys thgat they are, presumably would prefer to give us prospects (and, they have plenty- unlike us!) So, I'm disappointed to get back all this cash that will NOT result in reduced ticket prices! I'd much rather have players with potential. 


I'd like Will D. Smith rather than Ruiz, if I'm getting a catcher from LAD. Looks to me like the nearest thing to a second Dan the Man - athletic and agile, very bright, but needs a bit more time in the minors. If the target is 2020, he's in the field. If 2021, he'd be ideal ("we're agreed that it's ideal"). Ruiz is closer to ready, but may not have Smith's work ethic. I'll take a dirt dog any day. I was hoping maybe Santana might be enough to get him from the Dodgers, if LA wanted the 1B bat, but, (cue Eeyore voice) ...oh, well.


Let's see -- Leake and Healy still to go. Rumors that Tampa still might want Encarnacion, too. If they trade with Tampa, LHRP Colin Poche is a target. Not quite Sugar Eddie, but a lot of potential there. Still would like Nathaniel Lowe from the Rays, also -- great bridge to Evan White at 1B, then DH? But might not have the chips for him.

Leake fits a lot of teams with young staffs, like Tampa and San Diego -- San Diego has Jacob Nix, who is another almost-ready rotation arm, and several A/A+ level guys that look interesting - I doubt if we can get Francisco Mejia, their almost-ready stud catcher that I wanted if they traded Segura there.


Verdugo, Ferguson & Smith + Kemp and his salary for Haniger + a piece.    Make it so.

Verdugo is so quiet at the plate, with that smooth/cool drift into the pitch, that I can’t see him not hitting in the bigs.  Soon enough he will stalk pitches and lose a few.  Ferguson actually had a whiff rate on his fastball (just under 94mph) that rivals Paxton’s.  And smith has the defensive chops over Ruiz, if not the gaudy average.

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