Meet me in St. Louis
A Paxton trade proposal

Goodness knows that DiPoto plays well with the St. Louis suits; witness the Tank for Marco trade.  Oh, Mike Leake, too.

So let's go back to that well once again, in a trade that makes good sense and helps both squads.

The Cards already have a set of frontline young arms in Flaherty, Martinez and Mikolas.  A Paxton addition would certainly put them in place to challenge Chicago and Milwaukee again.  Rumors are that they are looking for bullpen help, as well.  We happen to have one of those Colomes laying around.  Dangle both those guys in front of the Cardinals' FO types and you would get some lick-smacking interest in a hurry.

Rumor also has it that the Cards are willing to part with 1B Jose Martinez and just install masher Matt Carpenter at 1B. They also have Matt Adams, again.  Jose Martinez is a hitting machine who somehow didn't get to the majors for real until he was 28.  He still has 4 years of control left, will be only 30 next season and has a career .309-.372-.478 line.  Really.  Here you go.

They also have a young arm in Luke Weaver who has already had some big league success.

And finally, they have two young catching prospects in Carson Kelly (No. 78, has hit in AAA but not in three cups of coffee in the bigs. Tough defensively) and Andrew Knizner (who has a .310-.373-.460 line in 3 MiLB seasons.  Just hit that well at AA).

So here's my offer to St. Louis:  Paxton and Colome for Martinez, Weaver and Knizner/Kelly.  OK, we may have to throw in a young arm, but I have no problem with that.

Such a trade isn't a tear-down/rebuild but sort of a renovation.  Martinez is a gem.  The guy is Edgar-esque.  His presence allows you to iniclude Healy in some package....or Vogs. When White is big-league ready, then Martinez goes to DH. If he's really available, I'm all in.  And if he's there to be had, a Paxton gets it done.

Let the ink dry on that swap and then I'm making a call down the California coast to San Diego.  The Padres have a glut of OF'ers and no place to play them all.

I'm sending Kyle Lewis (age 23) to the Friars for Hunter Renfroe (age 26, arb eligible in '20, FA in '24).  Renfroe's bat is sort of what you hope Lewis' will become.  He brought his K rate down last year and his Avg. and BB rate went up.  He's not terrible on defense, either.  I like Ben Gamel, but Hunter Renfroe is way better, and no more expensive.  He hit 26 HR's in each of the past two seasons, in just 449 and 441 PA's.  I would send them Dee Gordon, but that doesn't get it done.  So I'm still stuck with him.  To tell you the truth, I'm not that high on Lewis.  I will probably be wrong, but there you go.  From the Padre point of view, they get a young guy, at least two years away...a guy very highly regarded by many, to add to their terrific farm system.  There could be a part to add on either side here.  No problem.  Edit:  As I think about this trade, we will have to add to it, I think. 

Smith-Segura-Cano-Martinez-Haniger-Renfroe-Seager-Healy/Vogs- and some sort of catcher isn't a bad lineup at all.  There's some run scoring potential there. my dreams, I suppose.  But I think we could get something like this done.

If we were to go sign Wlad, then you hope he's Renfroe without the Lewis loss. Or you get them both and use the DH slot as a day of rest for guys like Haniger, Wlad, Renfroe.  

Edit:   As I peruse the Net looking for rumored availabilities, it appears the Tigers could trade C James McCann.  He’s pretty good defensively but coming off a terrible year with the bat.  Sodomojo suggests a Vogs trade for him.  Ah.....I kind of like keeping Vogelbach, but am resigned to us dumping him.  He is not well liked by the braintrust, I think. We have one C on the 40-Man, David Freitas, right now.  We have to add a couple more.  Andrew Susac may be released by Baltimore, it seems.  He was once a prospect darling in SF, before injuries sort of derailed him.  I have no problems with a very cheap roll of the dice with the former Beaver.  Besides, his granddad is a good friend of mine.

And the arm bargain in the FA market may be Japanese lefty Yusei Kikuchi.  He’s had a bit of shoulder struggles, but that comes with the position, doesn’t it.  He’s still well shy of 30, so even if you lose a season with him down the line, he still can bring value.

Take a look:



OK:  Zeus is a Yankee.

Swanson will get Seattle starts this season.  He's a low ceiling, high floor type of guy.   Thompson-Williams gives us another promising OF.  He had a pretty big year at A+.  I hope we fast track him to Tacoma but he's likely part of a very interesting AA OF with Lewis and Fraley.  That group will be fun to watch!  A neat get by DiPoto.  Here's Thompson's stroke. Short and from the left-side:     143 of his 197 MiLB starts have been in CF.

A quick report:

And the major piece was, of course, Sheffield, who just allowed a itty-bitty 6.8 hits per 9 in 88 AAA innings.  He's a Blue-Chipper, no doubt, although there is some doubt whether he can remain a starter.    I suppose we start him in Tacoma, coming out of ST.

And I sort of like my St. Louis trade more than this one.  But at least that one is done.

And there was some discussion that the Yankees wanted Segura in some sort of huge deal, too.


I like Sheffield better than G says he does, but I don't think Thompson-Williams is going to make it with that ugly K rate and mediocre K/BB. He's not Haniger...Haniger was a sure thing because he did everything well. Walk, not K, pop, contact, defense...This guy strikes out 25% in the low minors. And Swanson is the right handed LeBlanc if everything breaks just right for him.

I think this ends any hope the mariners has of winning in the Cano era.


The bad K rate was not an issue until last season, when it appears to me T-W focused on adding power to his game. My guess is DiPoto sees something special in the kid.


Matt, that's why I wanted the sure thing with St. Louis and Martinez.  And I'm sure that trade could have been finalized.  I like Thompson-Williams a bit more than you, but between Lewis, Bishop and Fraley...that was a position that we actually had some players at.  Agreed on Swanson.  He's a back end guy....but a sort of reliable back end guy.  Weaver is better than he is.  4 years of Weaver is a better bet than six of Swanson.  4 of Martinez is a better bet than 6 of Sheffield.  

But the deed is done.  I thought we could use Paxton to remain competitive next year and pick up some prospects.  There is some vib out there that Sheffield is in the rotation from ST in '19.   Will say this about Justus, he seems to throw everything with a lot of natural movement.  A lot of it is late, it seems.  If his inability to find the strike zone is due to normal lefty loosi-goosiness stuff that matures well (ala Paxton), then he has lots of upside.  Lots.


Can anyone remind me why our farm system is so devoid of talent? There was a time, quite recently, that we were considered ahead of the curve in scouting and signing in places like Korea, Australia, Venezuela and the DR. Of course, we have a long list of washouts when it comes to Carribean teenage position players (Vlad Jr. being the notable exception).

Seems to me this is mostly DiPoto’s doing, although Z had his own set of problems. It just feels like Mariner Nation since 2003 has been a long series of Soviet/Red China 5 year programs, with a purge or a Great Leap Forward every now and then when the 5 year program fails.

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I thought the trade was underwhelming - two arms and a longshot low-minors position player. Hard to believe there wasn't a better deal out there. 


M’s and Padres in serious discussion:  we send them Segura and Leake, get Wil Myers in return.  We would save about $20M Next season, although it evens out ( sort of) after that.  

Segura must have really miffed Servais or DiPoto.

There must be a prospect in the SD part of the deal.  Leake and Segura have a no-trade clauses.  Leake, it seems, has been contacted.


Which is why I locked in on Renfroe above.

Must be someone else coming our way.  That one makes salary sense for just one year, and we lose the best player in the deal.  


Would this make Dee Gordon our SHORTSTOP?

SD does have a semi-glut of catchers.  Maybe Hedges or another comes our way.

what was it the Hunter S. Thompson once said?   When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro......?


Myers = Healy.  In other words, we would be giving away our quality shortstop and 20% of our starting rotation for nothing.  If there's no one else involved, this becomes DiPoto's Adam Jones trade.

And yes, I think the motivating factor is that Segura and Gordon apparently didn't get along.  This is the fatal flaw in this regime: get everyone who's a nice guy so we'll win.  Balderdash.

The challenge of managing any organization (even beyond a baseball team) is getting people who DON'T get along to work together.  Bonds, Ryan and Reggie Jackson were all misearble SOBs...but no one decided to dump them because they weren't into birthday baloons.

Scosia ruined DiPoto's view of the world...and we're all paying the price.  

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My two favorite players (Pax, Segura) may be gone in 24 hours. And for what?
I MIGHT consider Segura for Hedges and Renfroe. No way I trade Segura for Myers, straight up! How cash-strapped are the Mariners, anyway?!


And I really don't want to see Segura go anwyhwere. But include Jeisson Rosario, Tirso Ornelas and/or Luis Campusano and I'm interested :) Tooled up CF, power hitting RF and C that can put bat to ball. All with decent or better eye and manageable K rates for their age/league.


I'm with you bliss, get me a C. 

A young and promising prospect would be great

But even Austin Hedges is cheap and good.

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6 WAR going for 2.4 WAR coming back. 4.3 WAR Segura plus 1.7 innings eater Leake. I know the Padres have a loaded system so I gotta claim at least 1 of the top 100s. They have 10. Mypick is their 4th best pitcher #7 is the system 6'8" 3MM dollar sign from Cuba in 2016. He has a 70 FB score (sits mid 90s peaks 98-99) He is a 55 overall score on the 20-80 scouting scale uses. Add to it a couple of not top 100s but organizational types as well. My picks #18 SS Speedy Xavier Edwards (70 speed) good batting average and OBP as a 19 year old in Tri-Cities low A hit:314/438/360 triple slash. My .02$



Risk of losing my two favorite Mariners (Pax, Segura) in the space of 24+ hours.   )o:   I don't trade Segura straight up for Myers... I certainly don't throw in Leake!  Perhaps for Hedges and Renfroe, but... Myers plays a non-skill position, and Segura was the league's best shortstop through last year's AllStar break. No!!! "Say it ain't so!"


LL is reporting that the Padres want cash from the M's to totally or partially equalize '19 (after that, the inherited salaries are decently equal), an amount that runs close to $20M, as Myers only get $5M next season.

The Padres have jettisoned all their big cash commitments, except Myers and Eric Hosmer ($21Mx4 followed by $13Mx3), so we can't just eat another '19 salary of theirs.

But the M's could actually take on Hosmer's salary (which after '19 basically matches Myers through 22) and take Renfroe in the deal.  Hosmer is only 28, there is no reason to believe last season was a bellweather of his pending collapse. 

So if we want to make this deal, how about we send Healy, along with Segura and Leake, and get Hosmer AND Renfroe. Alright, SD might likely move Myers to 1B it that scenario and Healy would be superflous. Maybe.  Myers actually rated as a + defender last season, one in which he didn't play 1B.  He was a - guy the two previous seasons, exclusively playing 1B.  But then Healy, supposed to be a glove guy, was -1.5 at 1B last season.  Hosmer wins GG's as a - defender at 1B.  Sheeeeesh.   

Hosmer is going to age just fine.  The two most close LHB comparables at age 28 are Rusty Staub and Rafael Palmero, guys who aged quite nicely.  His closest comparable at age 21 is Eddie Murray, at 22 it is John Olerud, at 24 it is Keith Hernandez.  Hrbek and Olerud are in his Top Ten.

The real problem is Cano's $24Mx5 and the eventual arrival of Evan White, probably in '20.  White, Cano and Hosmer equal one too many guys to play 1B and DH, and eventually Cano gets moved to one of those slots. 


But for Hosmer AND Renfroe, I have no problem with this deal.  Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be the deal on the table.


Unless he spit in Servias' face or something. Normally you keep the better player (Segura) and ditch the 'other' player (Gordon), especially after Dipo succeeded locking up Segura long term. Must be something 'else' there....unfortunately.

Interesting play Dipo, have no catcher and no rotation....lets see how it plays out. ;-). I'm still trying to figure out how we turn Mike Z into Realmuto by next year...I mean while we're just throwing pieces around....Diaz+ to Miami. 

Also not sure how you trade Leake/Segura and then keep Haniger/Diaz, your only other assests.....but man if he sells those four....then just wow. Shiny prospects or not...we would have basically no stars (old Cano aside). Step back in '19, man, I guess. 

Leake, seriously!! Not that he's amazing, but he fills a role NONE of our other pitchers do. 30 starts/yr (Marco hopefully next year). We just don't have that anywhere.

I know its early and Dipo's gotta see what the market is for his players, but Wil Myers is a bit like Trumbo, who Dipo traded twice. I don't get salary dumping for your 'good' contracts. Eat cash on your own bad contracts, not somebody else's (I think).  

Sorry for the ramblings, thanks to everyone for keep the pot bubblin'. Best wishes Doc and Happy Holidays to all!


No one has asked Jean Segura to waive his "no-trade" clause. 

He may still go, but he's NOT going to the Pads, with Mike Leake, for Will Myers!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


In the current climate, no way I see them both sticking around in 2019. Diaz is a huge prize for anyone seeking to compete next season. I see him bringing a bigger and more valuable haul than K-Pax, from a team like the Dodgers or Red Sox or Cubs that just must add that one missing piece to shorten games. Look for Diaz- and, probably, Colome- to be gone by the end of the Winter Meetings. (Seems to me Dipoto has invited those teams seeking The Closer to try to blow him away.) (Colome may become the consolation prize, for the teams missing out of Diaz!)


One might stay, both can't.  I could see us holding onto Diaz for this year and reducing his workload.

BTW, Cory Spangenberg has been released by the Padres.  He plays 2B/3B/COF and hits .754 vs RHP.

You could sign worse utility guys.  But until we figure out where Gordon is playing (and in light of earlier signings), perhaps we're filled up at Ute.


I agree Moe that BOTH can not be traded this off season... but the GOAL MUST be to trade Colome and Nicasio at a minimum by the All-Star break... and to maximize the returns, it makes sense to trade Diaz this off season so Nicasio and Colome can get premium try closing out games again.

The M's have been very good creating closers / solid relief pitchers, so NOW is the time to cash in on relief pitching.


I only hope the plan is not to trade Segura and let Gordon play short.  He is a real liability there...and for that matter, he may be a liability in all respects.  If your calling card is stealing bases, maybe it's not a good idea to have the worst BB% in baseball.  

Right now, he has no value at the plate, and no position to play.  Jerry made a mistake here--hope he doesn't double down.  


Looks like the Mariners protected only Bishop, and Swanson. I'm concerned for Miscewicz (LHSP, showed well in the AFL) and Warren (high-heat RHRP). Meanwhile, the M's have five (5) roster spots to play with!


Then they may well grab a Rule 5 arm or two.

Misiewicz is an interesting guy to leave off.  If you send a guy to the AFL to showcase his stuff....then 16.1 innings, a 1.04 WHIP and 13 K's would seem like he had done enough. But he did get beat up in Arkansas last season and perhaps that is what we think will "save" him for us.


Diderot, I for one don't get the new-found urgency to swap out Segura. We hear we xan't trade Diaz or Haniger, because they each have four controllablevyears... and that Segura is available, with his four controllable years and an option for Year Five. I understand his bat cooled, after he signed his extension. I hear he and Gordon had a disagreement that turned physical. But the league seems to be salivating- the Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, Cubs, Padres, for starters- at the prospect of four years of Segura for $58. Meanwhile, we are developing Kristian Negron and Dylan Moore as our long-term solutions? Gordon may be untradeable, but that's not a reason to part ways with Segura!


I share your concern about trading Segura. He has real value. He's a born hitter. If someone blows you away with an offer, fine. But I wouldn't part with him over last year's troubles (unless there's something hidden from our view). I would bet next year he wields his typically proficient bat. Gordon is the albatross, not Segura. And as you say, he would be here for the years when this step back starts to yield results.


One thing that sticks out otherwise is Gordon's clubhouse love, except potentially with Segura.  I don't think we know whether the incident is an issue or was just a bad day.  I don't know if one of them instigated it and kept pressing or whether it was basically mutual.  Were they arguing about what PEDs will get you caught?  (There sure were several 2018 M's with PED disciplinary action in their past/ present).  Also, of course the guy that almost won ASG MVP this year is getting rosterbation print and then some after teammates Zunino and Paxton were already traded.  This doesn't necessarily mean anything more than the old "Felix to NY!" headlines. 

Otherwise my take on it is that if you've decided you must remove one of Segura or Gordon before the season and there's little interest for Gordon now how do you move him?  Hope he has a better first half this year after you've traded Segura before the season?  Segura isn't particularly likely to raise or lower in value a lot between now and the deadline.  Then Gordon's not either.  Trading Segura might be the first of 2 moves or become a 3 team trade where Seattle lands a young SS.  Although there's surely some interest in Gordon at a discount.

I'm not certain that shipping Dee away for nothing today, or having to give assets to move him helps the team at all.  He's only guaranteed for 2 years, so his albatross weight will be shed soon enough anyway.  Cano or Seager could also be traded if we're talking about shedding.  Gordon or Segura could possibly cover either of those positions in those towel thrown in years.  If the other choice is giving value to trade Gordon then having to give more to field positions he could have covered then it also could make some sense to keep him.  That depends how much else will be shed though.


for his enthusiasm and obvious love of the game.  

But with us, he's a man without a position.  Cano will play second because he looked lost at first.  And even if Nellie is gone, will he agee to move to DH now?  He is the best secopnd baseman on our team (barring injuries), including Dee.  I think Jerry's only play is to look for a team in need at second, talk about the speed and dugout demeanor...and hope nobody looks at the trendline on his OBP and Walk rate.


After Zunino and Paxton I just wouldn't be surprised by almost anyone else being moved.

Another thing I'd thought of is with all the talk of Leake being given a list of possible destinations but Segura having "not been contacted" could mean 2 things I can think of.  Either the M's aren't shopping him nearly as eagerly as Leake or Segura asked to be traded.


Boston's bullpen was less than stellar, minus Kimbrell.  Well, Barnes was solid.

Colome is clearly a guy they would value. And an innings guy like Mike Leake is something that would go well with their staff, especially with Eovaldi on the way out.

Lefty starter Brian Johnson has had success in AAA and hasn't been terrible in two go-rounds with Boston the past two seasons.  If we're set on trading Segura somewhere, then Tsu-wei Lin is a guy to look at, although he's more of a multi-positional guy.  He can hit some.  The BoSox best prospect might be 3B/1B Michael Chavez....except we have those positions sort of filled.  And if Boston covers a chunk of his salary, I remain prepared to give Rusney Castillo another MLB shot.  


The critical delta for Gordon is the gap between hitting .268 or .289(+).  

In '14, Gordon hit .289 and was a 101 OPS+ player.

In '15, he hit .333 and was a 116 OPS+ guy.

In  '16, he hit .268 and fell to 77 OPS+.

In '17, he hit .303 and waas at 97 OPS+.

This year he hit '268 again, racking up a whole 79 OPS+.

When he hits .268, as in '16 and '18, he is essentially a (total) 1 WAR guy. 

Even if he had played as much (PAs) this season as he did '17 and '15, he was going to get on base about 36-40 fewer times.   Where do I find those heat zone diagrams?  Fangraphs?  I wonder if American League pitchers pounded him inside, figuring he wasn't going to hurt them over the fence?  His 32.9% Pull rate was a career high, as was his 20.4% Hard Hit Ball rate.  So he was pulling the ball more and hitting it harder, yet he had a career worse year.  He also saw (as I've mentioned before) a career high number of sliders.  His weighted Fast BAll pitch value was -16.5.  It all adds up to a guy who was attacked inside and couldn't do enough damage to get them to stop.  It may be that he's been booked.  Despite the hard hit balls, his BABIP was a career low, at .304.

Maybe he was a victim of season long bad luck. But maybe teams have discovered that the emperor has no clothes.

 In 588 PAs, he had 29 XB hits and 9 BBs.  He also led the league in caught stealing.  He was terrible.

During this past ST, we talked some of a different approach he seemed to have, one with more load and more desire to hurt the ball.  But that went away as soon as the games counted, with Punch and Judy Gordon reappearing.

I was tired of that stuff by the time we got to June.  But the fact that the M's just hired his former IF guru doesn't bode well for those of us hoping we cut him free.


I'll hang some hope on the asterisks on those .268 years.  2016 saw an 80 game PED suspension a month in.  2018 he may have spent too little time on hitting while working into a new position.  You make a good case that his opponents could be the biggest reason and that may be more of what affected him. 


M's Actively Shopping Cano (Hardly A Surprise)

Of course actively shopping and actually pulling off a trade that includes his bloated contract through age 40 are two completely different things. 

Still, it's good to see that they are trying. Despite Cano's continued good defensive performance at 2B, his resistance to moving to 1B combined with his PED suspension make this a worthwhile effort. I'd hate to lose his bat, but he's the past, not the future.

Besides, they probably won't be successful in trading him.


The only way I see Cano getting swapped (without us taking on a big salary) is if we eat a sliding salary scale;  50% now, for example, then 60%-70%-80%...etc.   Or something of that ilk.  Even getting Ellsbury (and his $21M per year contract) for two years likely means we eat some of Cano for the follow three.

Such a big salary sway, I suppose, I could actually see.......taking on an equally large but shorter term contract.

So, look for an American League team (DH insurance, in case Cano's 2B glove dries up) with a whale of a contract they wish to dump.  Oh, it needs to be a team in contention, each and every year.   Boston is loaded at DH, but not at 2B, unless you consider Pedroia "loaded."  But his presence ($30M over the next three seasons), along with JD Martinez at DH, means there is likely no spot there for Cano.  I suppose we could take on Pedroia's salary....but that means Gordon has no place to play.

Ellsbury  would sort of work, if you argue that each of our glittery AA OF's are two years away.  Ditto a trade with Houston (in need of a DH), if they give us the two remaining years of Reddick's $13M salary.  Then maybe we agree to eat half of Cano's in the subsequent three years.  Actually, I could see that swap working.  Houston could plug  Tucker or Fisher to in to Reddick's COF role. 

Cleveland has Kipnis at 2B, Cano would be an improvement.  Kipnis is owed $31M over the next two seasons, but year two comes with a cheap buyout.  We would have to eat a portion of Cano's salary for four years.  But you sort of have to trade Gordon to want to plug Kipnis into 2B.  Cleveland needs bullpen help, so you sweeten the pot with Colome, money they would spend on the FA market, anyway.

A trade to the Astros, I could actually see.


He's still a good hitter and we need a 1b and DH.  I don't have confidence in Dee Gordon and Cano can still field the position.  Plus, steroid users always have a good age arc.  Why just give him away?  


Gordon is owed $27.1M, guaranteed, over the next two seasons.    Even if we trade Cano for next to nothing, we end up eating  Gordon's salary for '19 and '20.

But Gordon is a $1M buyout in '21 and then we are done with him.  Cano still costs $72M over three seasons.  

But even if you swap him for Ellsbury's roughly equal contract for two seasons, you still eat a significant part of Cano's for seasons 3-5.

If you were to trade Cano for Reddick's two years (for example), with the M's paying 1/2 of Cano's remaining 3-year haul, you would pay $53M to Reddick and Gordon over two seasons and $36M more for the years you buy out 1/2 of Cano.  In that scenario, them M's still pay a total of $89M over 5 years.  If you could trade Gordon and use a minimum salary guy to replace him (at whatever position that is...but not that hard to do) the M's pay $120M.  If you trade for Ellsbury and cover 1/2 of Cano in years 3-5, you spend $72M.  That's the best-case finalcially realistic scenario.  If you trade Cano for a prospect and cover 1/2 his salary, plus you trade Gordon for a prospect, you spend $60M.  That scenario is far-fetched.


Plenty of speculation around the most in-flux roster, and 5he most trigger-happy GM in MLB today. (Old-timers would harken back to Bill Veeck (rhymes with "Wreck") who likewise never won a championship- but would swap his wife 's Thanksgiving Turkey for the neighbors' ham, if the urge seized him. 

So..  who do we expect will be left on the roster, qhenvthecdust vs.settlws and the equipment trucks head south to Peoria?

In the rotation, King Felix is untradeable (and might have some "bounce" left in him) and Marco will stay. Leblanc is going nowhere. Erasmo and K-Pax are gone. We need a new starter, alongside... Casey Lawrence?

In the 'pen, I believe Colome, Diaz and Nicasio all are available. Dipoto will get swept off his feet by someone desperate to close out games, and Diaz will be a Phil or a Brave or a Card or a Pad by the end of the Winter Meetings. Even Twins fans bbc and blogs are speculating about whether they could acquire him.

In the infield, I expect the failed Healy experiment will be terminated, and (sadly) Segura will be shipped off . This will leave us with three "under water" contracts in Seager, Cano and Gordon. I'd give Gordon a chance to redeem himself, after playing the better part of 2018 with a broken toe- but I'd give away Seager or Cano and their contract commitments for the proverbial bucket o' balls. Unfortunately, we don't see many infielders beating down the door to the major league roster!

I don't see any outfielders leaving: I think Haniger, Smith and Gamel comprise the 2019 RF/CF/LF. The Arkansaa outfield could be as exciting as any in baseball!

What do y'all see? (Can'tcsee Trader Jerry sitting on his hands, when surrounded by 29 other hungry, eager GM's at the Winter Meetings!


Love your comments, Sonic, BUT.....

To say Bill Veeck never won a championship does an injustice to two of the great figures in baseball history. Veeck, then owner and team president of the Cleveland Indians, signed Larry Doby from the Negro Leagues shortly after Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson, and both Robinson and Doby played in the 1947 season. In 1948, led by Doby and Satchel Paige, the Indians shocked the baseball world by winning the World Series. The immediate effect was to open the flood gates for Negro League players. Aaron, Mays, Frank Robinson, Newcombe, and many others benefited by the fact that a sad-sack team, the Indians, became World Champions by signing African-American players. While Jackie Robinson led the Dodgers to more sustained success, Doby deserves far more recognition than he gets.

Veeck was the last "baseball guy", i.e., non-zillionaire, to own and run a baseball team, selling the White Sox in 1961, repurchasing them in 1975, and finally selling in 1981. He had helped the "Go-Go" White Sox win the 1959 pennant as part-owner and controlling partner, and having owned the Indians, St. Louis Browns, and White Sox, was an innovator equal or superior to the people who own teams like the Rays, As, and Brewers of today - always trying to give the fans a good time, even when he couldn't afford a roster to compete with the Yankees (note that all 3 teams he owned were in the AL during the 1947-1964 dominance of the Yanks - only Veeck teams beat the Yanks and won pennants in 1948, 1954, and 1959).

Doby was a star for many years in Cleveland. In 1954, the 111-win season that ended in the heart-breaking loss to the Mays-led Giants in the World Series, Doby led the AL in HRs and RBIs. After 1959, he played for several years in Japan for the Chunichi Dragons in Nagoya before finally retiring. He managed the White Sox (Veeck again) in 1978, and was the second African-American to manage, after Frank Robinson.

Actually, Jerry Dipoto most closely resembles Frank Lane, a longtime GM, known as Trader Lane, who made more than 400 trades in his career, including 241 during his stint as GM of the White Sox from 1948-1955, and never won a championship.


Full credit to him as a progressive and a showman...but he decimated the White Sox in a series of desperate moves.

In one offseason he traded for breaking down sluggers like Roy Sievers and Ted Kluszewski...and gave away Norm Cash, Johnny Callison, Earl Battey and Johnny Romano--maybe some old timers remember those names.  Between them, then appeared in 18 All Star Games.  

Massive incompetence.  


The Mets are interested in Cano (their new GM, Van Wagenen, was his agent for the Ms signing). The Mets are also apparently pursuing Yan Gomes for his framing prowess, which puts Travis D'Arnaud out of the job he hoped to regain after his TJ rehab. Jay Bruce is apparently redundant for the Mets as well.

I see a trade of Cano for Bruce and D'Arnaud coming soon. Not the ideal trade for a C, but D'Arnaud is better than Freitas, I suppose. Bruce and D'Arnaud are both projected as league average hitters for next year. For a roster step back, this is kind of a stoploss move.

What would make it better in my mind would be for the Ms to include Healy, and maybe Colome as well, and get Jordan Patterson (a LH 1B who also can play OF positions) and someone like Gavin Cecchini (a former top prospect MIF who has not looked good in brief cups of coffee in MLB(tm)).

Finally, the Mets are rumored to have some interest in Dee Gordon. Maybe Trader Dipoto could shake Justin Dunn, a nearly ready RHSP rated as the Mets #4 prospect, loose as well. Blockbuster time, anyone?


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