Dan Vogelbach, DH/1B
our new age friends will note that Vogebach was born well after the Babe died



Here's the gist of what they said.  Extracting the essential information into bullet points, as they are likely to sue Dr. D if he plagiarizes.  Well, they would be likely to do so if they could find Dr. D.  The persona non grata shtick with baseball networks is a part of SSI's brand that we bear with pride.

HQ sez:

  • Potential power is plus, because of "thick body"  (remember the core thingy still?) ...
  • ... even though he hasn't yet hit HR's, which, results do matter
  • "Good understanding" of the strike zone (that it's a rectangle) ...
  • ... can be "too patient," meaning, needs to start stalking pitches and putting hurt on them
  • Short, compact stroke
  • Is a DH



My first reaction was, WOW, Mike Montgomery for a guy who can hit and do nothing else - and in 2015 he didn't hit like he was supposed to.  Since Dr. D is pretty blown away by Jerry DiPoto's first term as Unfettered GM, he goes by DiPoto's price and not by bloggers'.  And Dan could sell jeans at least as well as Dr. D could:



Vogelbach at age 23 advanced from AA to AAA and his slugging percentage advanced from .425 to .548.  HQ would rewrite, if it had a summer update, based on the bonus multiplier for way better results after moving up.  

There was some other guy ... ohyeah.  Kyle Seager slugged .459 in AA at age 23; he was promoted midseason and found the PCL more to his liking, slugging .585.  Seager of course spent every year since (and every year before) making progress.  In the year 2205 he'd be a lumberjack standing at home plate with a tree trunk like Bugs Bunny.

Is Vogelbach this kind of player?  


Jerry DiPoto is representing that Vogelbach IS that kind of player; he just gave up his only tin pail while his pitching rowboat is spraying water all over him.

Either DiPoto's got some kinda guts, or he's got a GOOD pitcher on the line.  Pulling the bob under water.  Wayyyyy under water.  Weird time to give up Mike Montgomery.  I dunno, one more Edwin Diaz and the Rangers will surrender, whatever the standings say.



No, Dr. D isn't into reincarnation.  But if you are one of the 12.5% of readers (American stats discounted in half for the internet!) you might enjoy this story.  No word on whether Vogelbach was born with an interest in baseball, chewing tobacco or barnstorming.

Hey!  You don't suppose Jerry DiPoto is into ... nah.





I expect Dipoto sees him as his future first baseman, is about to trade Lind to Mahe room for him,  and is aware that Vogelbach was getting a lot of trade interest this year at least in party because scouting reports say he's worked hard to improve his defense. 


Why don't you give us a primer?  Or failing that I'll write an article tonight with the air of having followed the guy since age 16.

Or both.  What's his name again?

tjm's picture

I agree that the only way this makes sense is if they have already lined up a deal or are confident of making one for Lind. Otherwise, it makes no sense at all. Montgomery is not a prospect. He's a guy who has excelled in the bullpen and shown huge potential in the rotation. As Doc mentions ceaselessly lefties who throw 95 tend to be pretty valuable commodities. DiPoto from his comments seems to think Montgomery's value (and performance) have peaked. I'm not so sure. I'd much rather have him going out their every fifth day than Miley.


Wade Miley out for two recognizable AA / AAA names that both GM's know to be pyrite.

Thanks for chiming in today Russ.  Even if you dropped a sentence in three times a week, I might be less likely to take long weekends .... 

Kidding.  I think.


But we are married to Wade Miley right now, and this is a manifestation of that.

On the upside, think how MUCH Jerry DiPoto must like The Babe II.   As much as Zduriencik liked Justin Smoak, at the least.


Might as well be this time. I like him, and whether he plays 1B for a bit until he goes to DH or can make a better living at 1st than he's given credit for, the guy has a really promising bat.  I'll take it.  

And then I'll ask about what upgrades we're making to THIS year's chances to make the playoffs and do damage.  We've still got time on that front.  Of course, if we lose the next 7 games that'll make up our minds for us. Let's see what we've got this week.

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