The Winter in POTD's
does Dr. D's capacity to serve know no bounds?


"Any book worth printing is entitled to an index." - some famous guy I can't remember, or the New York Times editor in 1919, maybe.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether Jerry DiPoto IS worth printing.  Dr. D, however, will go up to 19 bob for an advance copy.

The last five DiPoto acquisitions have been done since the HQ/SSI merger:


Grab HQ bumper sticker SSI in two words
Karns, SP UP:  200K, 3.25 ERA Swoooooon
Leonydas, CF MLB will flush toilet on him.  Hard This thought had occurred to Dr. D also
Gutierrez, #4 OF "Pure," and I quote, "speculation" Probably legit LH-basher now
Cano, 2B/1B .300/.360/.480, $30 roto Ummm ... glad to hear?  No ;- ) 2H was great
Nuno, RELIEF pitcher Impact, if in pen Like 'im less than you do.  He's a'ight


OK, maybe those last three weren't technically "grabs."  But they remain standing after the Roman decimation, so we'll count them.  More to the point, why let an SSI link go to waste?  Yes, all the bumper stickers are links to the Mainframe articles.  But that's only if you like reading baseball more than you like working, or more than you like reading about local football dynasties.

The following nine (!) grabs occurred earlier in the winter.  While Dr. D was all by his lonesome, saber-ly speaking.  No, by "following" we don't mean according to the transaction wire.  We're talking about the far more important World According to Jemanji.  Hey!  Wasn't that the same actor as Garp?   It's the Curse of Mrs. Doubtfire.  A heavy burden to bear, being as info-taining as this, but Dr. D has wide shoulders.

The below had to be cobbled out of thin air, sans HQ cheat sheet, but if you click the links you'll still get the best grok at any price: 


Grab HQ snippet Dr. D's far wiser estimation
Aoki, LF A "reach" for Royal-ness.  Age 34 mediocrity
Cishek, RP CL (rationing our Big Reveals) Looks booked, or injured, to me
Lind, 1B Offseason slid in ahead of the tag
Scribner, RP Like his chances to be Yusmeiro Petit
Miley, SP3 Very, very predictable* Avg-solid Ray Miller LHP who doesn't beat himself
Clevinger, C John Jaso Lite is fun to watch at the plate
Iannetta, C Stable BBs, will give 4.0 runs per 27* Legitimizes ballclub, should bounce halfway back 
Bass, SW P One 'a yer alltime great #13 pitchers.  Does "raise floor"
Benoit, RP SU LEGIT.  Rewind Rodney a coupla years


* We threw yer that one.

** Don't hesitate to throw in your own bumper stickers.  Single or bulk sales.  I know one blogger who will enjoy reading them :- )

Be Afraid,

Dr D



HQ says his performance rises the more he stays away from LHP (104 AB, .221 Avg., 0 HR last year).

Assuming they're building that into their projections, they see 19-75-285 this year.


Either write us a front-page post, or hold yer peace, ye scurvy dog.

:: jk ::

:- ) ... HQ captures it nicely with the phrase "less is more."  Targeted to the right enemy 70% portion of SP's with discretion, he's a ship-mounted rail gun.  Overexposed, he becomes less special, but of course Lind will be in there plugging to play as a "regular".

But that implies their own firm conviction that the dude is a legit weapon.


Didn 't mean to cut in line in front of you.

I think I just like the book as much as you do.


just funnin' ya.

I bet most SSI readers buy Shandler's book.  I'm just not in on the joke when I relay his shtick as though it were manna from heaven.

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