Torres: Taking a Slow Recovery
Plus key MLS dates announced

Although the team is happy with his progress, Roman Torres is being shy about exactly when he will return to playing with the Seattle Sounders. He has been working with a personal sports physician in Panama, his native country, since he suffered from an ACL injury last September. On Monday, he began training with the Panama team, prompting local media to find out exactly when we can see him join Rave Green again, but Torres was very vague with his reply, simply stating that, “In Seattle they are happy with my progress.”

Fans should know that he is at least returning to Seattle later in the month to finish his treatment back in the city. Most are especially eager to really see what Torres can do on the field. Prior to his injury, we were only able to see him play a total of four games. He was out the rest of the year for recovery. Hopefully this season goes much better for the player and he can finish the entire year with the Sounders. Sounders GM and President of Soccer Garth Lagerwey said earlier in the month that “everything looks pretty good structurally” regarding his injury. Given that an ACL injury usually takes around six months to heal, Torres should be good to go soon.

Counting down the days until preseason begins? You and thousands of other fans! Luckily the biggest dates of the year were just announced so you can add them to your calendar. The home opener on March 6 is definitely something to make note about, grab your tickets for or even plan a celebration around. The complete MLS schedule will be released on January 7 next week, so be on the lookout for that to plan your games, parties and events. The MLS Superdraft will be held on January 14 in Baltimore, Maryland—and that will be a not to miss event, too. Tune in to see if we experience more changes in the Rave Green roster and find out who the top draft picks of the year are. It’s always an exciting day.

Preseason, of course, begins on January 22, so be sure to add that date to your calendar to keep up with all of the fun and follow the team as they prepare for 2016. The Desert Friendlies will be held from February 3 through 9 and it should be a lot of fun to see those.

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As I understand, healing in six months requires liberal applications of HGH, and probably lots of other questionable medications! 

(Or, alternatively, healing prayer.) 

Orthopedists usually prescribe 9-12 months of recuperation after a bona fide ACL tear before atheletes are "good to go".

Personally, I'll be thrilled if Torres is back patrolloing the area in front of Stephen Frei by Independence Day.  

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