The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
And a modest proposal or two

OK, a dang fine win last night!

Vintage Felix, Haniger was Maniger, there was a "Boomstick Baby" Blast, and Edwin Diaz was flat out bad!  That's "bad" as in "The dude was baaaaad!"

So we know Haniger is good and Diaz is baaaaaad.

And we're learning that Valencia is ugly.  Well right now, anyway.  I'm almost pining for Justin Smoak, certainly for Bucky Jacobsen.

If you guys don't mind, I'm going to make a modest proposal:  I'm calling on Doc to use his SSI leverage (potent as it is) to reach out to whoever is in charge of Safeco music and such; The good Doctor should  get them to play the theme from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly whenever Diaz strides out of the bullpen.  He's Good, and Baaaaad and his stuff is wicked Ugly.

Here you go!

It would be awesome

Since we're on western themes, we should play The Magnificient Seven Theme when Haniger comes to bat.

It would be awesome!

I thought about proposing the Benny Hill theme for Valencia, but I'm trusting he will eventully hit a ball hard off a lefty, so that would be a bit snide.  But just a bit!

Here's your Saturday morning entertainment assignment: What are your suggestions for movie themes to go with current M's?  Pick carefully for Sandy Zeus Paxton.  His theme has to be thunderous AND joyful.  I'm suggesting this one:  

But I will defer to Doc, as the "Zeus" thing belongs to him!  Hey Doc, a little Wagner might go a long way!!  What do you think?

Felix's should be sneaky, clever and classic.  I've no good ideas here. 

Maybe this one for Dyson?


Have fun!


Jed's picture

I'd really like to see. It's the command he has combined with a few really wild pitches a game. I had the pleasure of living in Boston in the late 90's, early 00's in Pedro's reign. He would throw a few pitches way inside or outside that would throw off the idea he would always be around the plate. It happened every game and it added an element of danger to the at-bat that seems to be missing from Felix's game. Of course Pedro tortured everyone from the other team to his team to the press, which is a very different personality type than Felix.

Also, great first law of Mariners physics. 


But if SSI had any pull with the Big Brass they would definitely disavow.  Like Mission Impossible, since we're on the subject of classic literature.


Funny you should mention the Good the Bad and the Ugly.  Was watching it the other day, they had the musical figure playing, and my Millenial son freaked out.  "Is that the movie that song is FROM?"  He thinks the Stoic Sufferer attitude originated with Batman, or at earliest with Michael Samuelle from Section One, rather than with Clint.

Like Biff told Marty.  THIS IS BETWEEN ME AND :: points finger viciously :: EASTWOOOOD.


If they give SSI one night to pick the music, I'm folding your article into a paper airplane and sailing it into JeDi's box.

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