Dr. D in a desperate attempt to save the Shout Box.  ;- )  

Or any vestiges of info-tainment it has left.  Everybody please be surgically cool in the presentation of your ideas and ABSOLUTELY CIVIL in your studious determination to --- > avoid casting aspersions on others' judgment.  If this stuff happens while he is AFK on Feb. 8-15, he's going to walk in and start swingin'.

Or crying, or laughing hysterically, or at least rolling his eyes and starting a comments thread.

Thanks amigos!


GLSIs it the third world poor you're concerned about? What to do about third world development in the era of climate change is a sinkhole of muddy, unclear policy prescriptions. The problems in those countries are often a mixture of social/political and economic and adding increased resource scarcity to the mix is like adding gasoline to a fire. As an example, there's a strong case to be made that the problems in Syria started because of drought.44 min 38 sec ago
SABR MattDoc - it's alright. Terry was just trying to tick me off and I said everything I needed to say in reply. :) If y'all want to have a larger discussion about Catholicism, I'd be happy to chime in, but I don't feel a particular need to start said discussion. :)1 hour 7 min ago
SABR MattI am not a partisan for any particular blog, GLS and not a member of any choir. I ran across it on my facebook wall. :) But I would say that the inescapable conclusion you have to draw in the subtext is that this professor views our evolution in thinking ability as some sort of tragic flaw - that he would say, if you asked him, that it is a bad thing that we are "overthinking" climate change. I would counter by saying it is a tragic flaw in man that we look for authority to which to accede our thought...that we prefer NOT to think, and that it is only when we actually are thinking a problem through fully that we come to the right conclusions and take the best actions. Meaning he has it completely backwards. And no, I'm not looking for things to get offended at...I'm offended because he's wrong in a way that could be seriously damaging to the poor.1 hour 9 min ago
jemanjiLet's move the discussion on Catholicism to its own dedicated post/comments thread, amigos. The Shout Box is generally for lighter, more pleasant (98% baseball) reading. Stuff that appeals to all or most readers, chat to enjoy with a cupp'a. SABRMatt can open such a thread if he likes, or if any others are so inclined, let me know and I'll open it. Thanks for the ideas. Slow news week, wasn't it :- )1 hour 10 min ago
GLSI read the article again and I didn't see where he said humans were inferior to mice. He's making an observation that mice react more quickly than humans to certain stimuli, but he also says that humans are more evolved. While the article isn't especially insightful or enlightening and his comment about poor people having more of an ability to adapt is kind of dumb, I'm not sure why this rises to the level of being offensive unless you're just looking around for things to be offended by. The blog you cited is all about finding these sorts of articles, pointing out their flaws, and putting them in front of the choir. But I don't think the article itself is especially noteworthy. Actually, both the blog and the article it cites are preaching to their respective choirs.1 hour 14 min ago
SABR MattBTW, the accusation that Americans are somehow unique in their tendency to be cafeteria Catholics is wildly inaccurate. Recent immigrants (legal or otherwise) have been polled on their positions on social issues, for example. Although some 75% of recent immigrants to the US in the states that border Mexico profess Catholicism, a solid 70%, when polled, favor unrestricted abortion access. I think the Church would have a thing or two to say on THAT topic. Still another 65% favor government funded contraception - the church still opposes the use of contraception even for married couples (and reams of excellent scholarly work by various recent Popes exists on the subject). The problem of cafeteria Catholicism is GLOBAL, I assure you.2 hours 59 min ago

- See more at:


1.  Dr. D is extremely dubious that this particular comments thread will make it out of the second inning :- ) but ... by the time he locks it, the Shout Box will be on to bigger and better things.  Like Joe Beimel.


2.  I'm not even clear what we're talking about.  Doesn't look like a very scannable subject, and Dr. D usually dedicates like 20 seconds to scanning this.  Like Mojo sez, can't have interruptions in the sthick, and Dr. D's SSI time is carefully budgeted.

I missed the original article.  Actually wouldn't mind a quick-sum of the discussion, in like 5 bullet points, probably from somebody other than the two principals ;- )


3.  I didn't know that the Pope (believes that he) is speaking ex cathedra (is that what you call it?) "when it pertains to the immortal soul."  That's interesting.  Thanks Matt.


4.  This is a re-boot, a chance to discuss the way we discussed The Origin of DNA and the way we discussed UFO's.  Let's assume our SSI indoor voices and our excruciatingly-correct respect for each other.  Matty, your knowledge of Catholicism and climate is invaluable -- for us to exploit your vast bank of information on it, the conversation has to stay nice.  Whoever you feel is the one who strikes the first match, your role is to spray CO2.

And please note point #1.



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