RHP Nick Rumbelow - Crib Notes edition
or churn, baby, churn - take yer pick


1.  We'd just now shed two important 2018 bullpen arms.  Gave a lot, but: we upped our ante on Shoehei Ohtani and filled in 1B for peanuts, advertising marquee moves to come.  So the idea with Nick Rumbelow is to replenish our '18 depth.  Speaking loosely, Dr. D sees our current position as more dynamic than a couple weeks ago.  Not to say that our position is better, but - Dr. D is a big fan of dynamism.

Kate Preusser sees Rumbelow as an impact add for 2018.  Dr. D is not co-signing this necessarily -- insufficient data, Mr. Spock -- but that seems to be the goal here.  The 3rd comment down in Preusser's article, "Andrew McQ" sees Rumbelow as "much better than Vieira," LOL, which is hard to say until you wade up into the Edwin Diaz strat-o-sphere.


2.  TJ surgery often works so well that it becomes elective, something you do despite a normal* ligament.  Rumbelow had it prior to the 2016 season, I think.  In 2017 he fanned 45 guys in 40 innings, high minors, and put himself into the category of "successful TJ's."


3.  Curveball guys in the pen:  NOT a template that Dr. D likes.  At all.  When they run 0+ ERA's in AAA ball, it brings up the question of the asterisk as an exception to the rule.  You get your Tom Gordons here and there.  That's what we're left hoping for, a special individual who refutes the (SSI) general rule.

In 2015 he was a pitcher who deployed a Melancon-vicious change, but LL's claim is that Rumbelow now maypoles a big yakker as the pivot point of his pitch sequences.  Don't know whether that's the case.

If he DID add a threatening yakker to the out-pitch change he used to have, and kept both, then that's the most classic SP 3-pitch set you could possess.  Assuming you could EXECUTE these pitches then go stand in line with the older Pedro an a bunch of guys like that.  Or in the other line with Tom Wilhelmsen and a bunch of guys like that.

:: shrug ::  just saying.  Somehow we doubt the Yankee$ see him that way.  At minimum they rule out his ever starting, but let's suppose.  Then it's worth a paragraph's worth of dreaming on an obscure baseball blog.


4.  Another Dipoto deal in which he gets a post-hype age 26 player, one who has crushed AAA as opposed to one the scouts recommended in the war room.  All your Age 26 With Experience Names Belong To Us.


5.  The LL commentors think we gave up two minor leaguers who belong in MLB's top 100.  We kid.  But it is bemusing, the way prospects get so good the day after we trade them away :- )


6.  Rumbelow got some NYY innings in 2015.  F/X had him, then, with a 93-94 fastball, an 80 MPH change curve and a straight change he threw 30% of the time.  If he suddenly morphed in 2017 towards a tight-spin overhand curve guy in 2018, his elbow must be feeling superfragilistic.


7.  I think the move adds a name to the 40-man ML roster which is what, 36 to 37 now?


8.  With Ryon Healy, the offload was obviously due to the fact that other guys beat him out in Billy Beane's estimation.  This case, much different.  The Yankees' 'pen has given some people the impression of being well-stocked for the present; their giving up an Emilo Pagan-type pitcher that they value, in order to slide some property down the road a few years?  The scenario is feasible.

Also this says the Yankee$ were in a situation where the Rule 5 draft forced them to offload some older prospects.

If you think you average $1.05 return on your $1.00 trade dollar, then the more churn the merrier.  Have YOU decided whether Jerry Dipoto's self-confidence is warranted?  I haven't, but it will worth a wry smile to see the subplot unfold :- )


9.  Youtube has 2015 vid on him, which is kinda beside the point considering the TJ and the (supposed) template change, but this is the kind of changeup that floats Dr. D's boat.

Ah, here is a side shot of his delivery from two months ago.  Max-effort dude which, if he sells an 80 change curve using that motion, could get you some garbage swings.  Troy Percival, with a better fastball, used to throw that 12-6 and guys would just tip their caps as the ball left his hand.


Leaving us where?  ... with a draw at the deck for a right-hand RHP who can smoke enemy batters LH or RH - kind of like oh, I dunno, Emilio Pagan or Thyago Vieira.

He'll have to do a lot in Arizona, or in Tacoma in April-May, to Pagan himself onto the scene "suddenly."  But he should be a fun guy to keep an eye on.  This Dipoto guy keeps it fresh.


Dr D




That's makes him good, not quite ML ready and volatile. Dipoto hates waiting for players to mature, which is fair: why leave the cupboard stocked for the next GM? 

It'd be nice if he could find a healthy arm to trade for, though.


"a healthy arm"

That quite the zinger, G.

DiPoto needs the player equivalent of the Statue of Liberty: "Give us your tired, your poor, your injury-"recovered," the wretched refuse of your teeming rosters."


no one gets better once they join the big team.  That's on Stottlemyre Jr.--and maybe the reason Hampton quit?


The Orcs DFA’ed Jacob Brugman, LHB-OF.  He can hit some (RHP’s especially), played mostly in CF, uses the whole park with the bat, and in all scouting reports is listed as a smart player who does everything fairly well.  We have just 3 OF on the 40-Man, although Romine and Motter can go there.  Clearly we made no 40-man roster moves with the intention of adding a player or two (we’re at 36); this is a guy I wouldn’t mind grabbing.

our only Tacoma OFers are Ian Miller and Andrew Aplin, both glovey guys but without much bat.  Miller is a superb base stealer, you will remember.  I was surprised he didn’t Get 40-manned, and I think he may get picked up.  I could live with Brugman on the roster for a while.  


You'd think Dipoto would be active enough to pounce on those things

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