Baseball's Best Team 3 ....
no disrespect intended, Jose



Excited!  I was jazzed during the game.  He looked to me only one notch short of Classic King Felix:


  • Nice life on the fastball, 91 and 92 without strain, good-to-quite-good precision with the pitch
  • Was capable of throwing the sharp changeup/dry spitter -- 88 MPH with two strikes, start at top of knees dive to shins
  • Always has had an excellent overhand curve
  • Slider consistently hit the black
  • Four quality pitches, way cool (compare Felix Saturday to Andrew Moore Friday.  Felix is better)
  • Body language, presence 



  • Used to be able to toss a 94 MPH fastball low-away, any time he pleased (0-1 count there hoss)
  • Changeup was very good but not legendary
  • Ball drifted over the plate considerably more often than he wanted


Here's a (reasonably) typical King Felix (TM) pitch sequence on the night, where there are only 0 or 1 balls on the batter at the resolution of the battle, but also there hand never been nothin' anywhere in the red zone.  In the 4th to righty Yuli Gurriel:



(1) Fastball on the black for a certain 0-1 (no way I can impress the ladies swinging at a pitcher's count fastball on the edge, so let's see if we get something better).  (2) Then, that changeup that starts in the zone and drops out of it.  (3) Then, on 0-2, a sucker dry spitter buried on the plate that drew a garbage swing on a cheating, defensive first baseman.  Don't care who you are, you're not doing much with any of that shtick.

The pitcher we saw Saturday could start Opening Day for some teams.  Notably, Balmer, who has given up 5+ runs in 20 starts, that being four complete spin cycles of the rotation.  If he throws pitches like that I'm bettin' a 2015 Felix result:  8-9 strikeouts a game, 2.5 walks, 3.50 ERA.

Hey, if we traded for a pitcher like that, whattaya say.



Came in to 'save' the game with a clean 3.0 IP and no runs allowed.  Never occurred for a moment, the idea of Gallardo in relief.  (To me OR him, I bet!)  He started throwing and I went, hmmmmm.  He's got a good overhand curve.  Maybe a bit of extra life on the fastball, he's got the slider as a 3rd pitch which is confusing from a reliever ... maybe he can contribute that way.  Wanted to like him.

Then he got into his second inning, the 8th overall, and missed with a couple of fatballs.  And I remembered the 5-0 games that we lost because --- > Gallardo had problems until he 'got loose.'  What then trying to pitch 1-2 innings at a time.

Not that we begrudge the Mariners a #13 pitcher slot, if Yo-Ga is part of the family and all that good stuff.  Just reporting what we saw.  If Yo-Ga is helping the kids and is moving the attitude forward and he's a stopgap in the rotation, fine, vote him a ring.



Dr D




(With apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge)


I am the ascendant Mariner,

And I striketh soon of thee.

by my whipsaw arm and crafty spin,

Now wherefore stopp'st thou me?


He looketh me with wav’ring eye—

My victim-guest stood still,

And listened like a three years' child

As the umpire spoke his ill.


I flung without my iron hand,

“Where was the pitch?” quoth he.

“Hold off! unhand me, swift-thrown doom!”

Eftsoons he striketh three.


My victim-guest sat on the bench:

He cannot choose but hear;

And thus spake on that umpire man,

Of the ascendant Mariner.


The inning came now to the home,

From out dugout came I

One Maniger bright, and with my might

Shot through the infield fly.


The victim-Guest he beat his breast,

Yet he cannot choose but hear;

And thus spake on that umpire man,

Of the ascendant Mariner.


Valencia came and I

Was tyrannous and strong:

I swung with my o'ertaking wings,

And wallop’d the ball er-long.


My wroth was cheered, the bases cleared,

As Zunino did merrily pop

above the kirk, above the hill,

above the lighthouse top.


Higher and higher with every swing,

Till over the mast at noon—'

The victim-guest here beat his breast,

For he heard the trump of doom.


My Gamelian strike into the ball,

Strong as an oxen free;

Nodding my head I swung their dread

A merry velocity

A good south wind sprung up behind;

Seagerian blast to follow,

And in every play, in daunting way,

The victim-guest did wallow


With sloping soul and dipping heart,

As those pursued by dread

The foe sank fast, whimp’ring his last,

As downward aye he fled.


Thirteen to three, a mighty tree

As to a gangling sprout

I am the west divisions’ best,

victorious in the rout


The truth is here, the truth is there,

The truth is all around:

It cracks and growls, and roars and howls,

A reverberating sound


Rings out “Ascendant Mariner!”

From the crowd a joyous cry

Now all will know by bat and throw

Ascendant Mariner am I!


Gonna need a new nickname if he can cobble together reliable work out of mid-to-late innings.

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