Far be it from *us* to gloat in victory. … !

After the game, luxuriate in the past, present and future of Mariner domination.  Specifically, the most recent three hours' worth.  Men only, unless (obviously) you're a woman who relishes victory.  Leave us savor, lick and wallow in the blood of Orcs gone perished on the Safeco altar.  

And while we're at it, we shall of course monologue on how feeble the Orcs were compared to us, how inevvvvvitable the Orcs' defeat was, how the world will soon be ours, and how James Paxton's 1-2 curve ball was destined to draw a wave and miss from any mortal man.

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Posted on: 07/21/18
what's not ta like, man
Posted on: 07/21/18
something went wrong somewhere, after the 8-gamer
Posted on: 07/14/18
Marco headed for 20 ?!
Posted on: 07/12/18
When 5 IP, 3 ER never felt worse
Posted on: 07/07/18
starter rope pulled on the CF chainsaw?
Posted on: 07/05/18
Posted on: 07/04/18
are they kidding with these 100s? wouldn't doubt it
Posted on: 07/04/18
well, we call it an 'urban myth' ... I guess Ron would know
Posted on: 07/02/18
you can do it, my child, you can do it
Posted on: 06/30/18
Dr. D issues "BUY" recommendation
Posted on: 06/30/18
Orioles crushed; suspects seen headed West
Posted on: 06/29/18
who knew there were so many left hand Zeuses on the internet
Posted on: 06/10/18
and Dr. D STILL hasn't figured out which is which. There, or here
Posted on: 06/07/18
I say make 'Im wear the danger-bee hat, like in the ASG, until he starts earning his coin
Posted on: 06/07/18
we offered you the 3rd amigo AND his draw hand with a foreign object in it. So?
Posted on: 06/06/18
when you google "Sudden," you get back this
Posted on: 06/06/18
keep throwin' that deadfish, and we'll forgive you anything Wade
Posted on: 05/31/18
Not throwing 94 yet, but ... he's winnin' games
Posted on: 05/28/18
Why can't we have some fastball meat
Posted on: 05/24/18
Posted on: 05/22/18
have change, will travel
Posted on: 05/21/18
about to snag another 5 WAR season
Posted on: 05/12/18
no sweep in Tigger town
Posted on: 05/12/18
don't leave your hair lying around just anyplace, Mike
Posted on: 05/11/18
he's scorin' mooooooooooore
Posted on: 05/11/18
game of inches, huh
Posted on: 05/10/18
And an ESPN junk stat
Posted on: 05/09/18
Posted on: 04/11/18
Felix at long last, figuring out the 2nd half of his career?!
Posted on: 04/11/18