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... So, for example, MLBA writes an article about a certain group that is their "9E" players -- the dozen minor leaguers who have a slim, but exciting, 10% chance to become MVP candidates in the majors.  The M's have two of these of the 12 minor leaguers in this category:  Greg Halman and Mystery Prospect above.


Matt Tuiasosopo was outside HQ's top 15, listed as a 6B (!) -- a probable 4th infielder -- and reading their detailed explanation why, it suddenly hit me why the mass hallucination. ... okay, that's another article.  :- )   In the meantime, the Tui naysayers have my blessing to feel vindicated.


Michael Saunders is listed as a 7B -- average MLB as the ceiling, but with a high 70% chance of achieving this.  That's precisely the way I feel about Saunders:  probably will become a quality major league regular or platoon player, but no more than that IMHO.

Am always impressed when a national pundit, with 1,000 or 1,500 players to look at, goes against the grain to arrive at exactly my own, ahem, "correct" evaluation of a local player.  BaseballHQ's minors book did this time and again.


Their description of Bryan Lahair, now in the Cubs org, as a 6B ... conceded Lahair's power (unlike other, even local, sources) but captured the real problem:  "Tall and strong hitter with ability to manhandle RHP with good PWR and AVG.  Extreme splits lend credence to platoon role at best.  Long arms give him plate coverage, but long swing and inconsistent approach lead to high K totals.  Doesn't run well and arm and range make him below average in LF."

I agree with this basic assessment that Lahair does have torque and plus power -- a hotly-disputed point a few years ago -- but a swing (like Saunders' now) that is loopy and not conducive to covering 9 sections of the plate in one bat launch.  Batspeed here is also probably best suited to platoon hitting.


Alex Liddi is an 8C -- a 50-50 shot at being an impact, but not All-Star, major league third baseman.  Perhaps with a 6.0 RC/27 type offense.

Their comment:  "Tall and athletic IF who took advantage of his home park to lead the minors in AVG and 6th in SLG.  Possesses swing mechanics and batspeed for AVG and PWR, but strikes out in bunches and draws few BB's due to lack of plate discipline.  Soft, quick hands, strong arm, and feet make him a capable defender."

This paints a picture of a kid with the great-looking swing and body that has all the scouts ga-ga -- albeit with a hack-o-matic Vlad Guerrero strike zone that leads to funky EYE ratios. 

If this is the template that Liddi is in, I'd actually be more ready to buy into the enthusiasm.  It's one thing to have a pitch-recognition problem, which is Tui's basic issue, and another thing to just be super aggressive.

Interestingly, HQ has Liddi's major league debut as 2011.


Dr D


KingCorran's picture

Hey boss... any insight into the ID of this Mystery Prospect?  Did I miss the reveal?

Anonymous's picture

I'll bite, Doc. I figure James Jones is the guy. Toolsy low minors guy, who so far has backed up his supposed tools w/ performance. Maybe even exceeded expectations... What do i win?

JFro''s picture

Mystery prospect wouldn't be Poythress, would it?
Now I'm kind of curious...


We've got JFro baited :- )
Poythress wasn't it, though that would make sense.
Give yer a clue Jay.  MLBA rated him a 9E on their system.  Longshot, but clear chance at becoming an ML All-Star.
Well, let's hold the other clues... can cobble a post out of it ...

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