No. 6 Draft Pick Update
Trea for Six?


A draft update article is really just a means to entice Gordon to comment, which will usually be much better than the article itself.

So we'll see if it works.

In the meantime, speedy N.C. State shortstop Trea Turner is projected to be the best player available at No. 6, but the M's are also likely to have a range of high school options.

It's also quite possible that one of the top three college pitchers will drop to the No. 6 spot as well.

In other words, the draft is deep enough that an intriguing player should be there in the six spot.

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As I said on your site (which I'm still incredibly impressed with, btw), I like Michael Gettys best for us, but it would be hard to go wrong with any of the top 3 teen bats. 
Not a big fan of a college bat this year, but the top few college arms have a lot of potential, and the Kolek kid looks tremendous as a HS fireballer too.
We should get a good one - as long as we can avoid a mediocre college hitter. My long-stated preference for a top hitter instead of pitcher (should one be available) still stands though.  The Danny Hultzen situation makes that even clearer to me. If there's a great hitter there, TAKE HIM.
The high school bats are really intriguing to me this time around.

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Few college bats stand out this year, but we'll see how it plays out. I'd guess at this point we go for a college arm, or a highschooler too dumb for college. We won't waste the pick losing a guy to college.


on the link shows no (?) hits, just a bunt single and a dude that runs fast. Is this really how he "shows off" as they title it, not showing him hitting the ball out of the infield? He might turn out to be a fine SS but geez the #6 pick in the draft seems out of line.


Note that the last 10 seconds is Turner on defense, where he ranges from completely out of the picture to  waaaaaaaaay over behind  second base, spins and nails the guy at first.
So the "showing off" is the beating out the bunt single down the first base line and the defensive play.
But you're right in terms of not showing any balls hit with authority.
I'm not a swing analyst (maybe Doc wants to try), but it's an interesting stance/swing/approach.


Those are both nice things to have on your club, just not the type of highlight reel I'm used to seeing for a potential top 5 in the draft pick :) Would you consider him with our pick? Our scouting team seems to pick up 1 or 2 guys like this in the middle rounds every year. I do thank you for posting the information and link, just found it a little odd this type of player is being considered near the top of the draft!

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I posted this on Spec's site but will post it over here too :)
I am late to the party but... Another name to throw out there is local boy Michael Conforto (From Woodinville, WA and currently plays for the OSU Beavers). Lefty OF with a great batting approach and eye, and the power to back it up. Power aplenty, but still a nice high average and a nose for RBI (He set a Pac-12 record as a FRESHMAN). Plenty of speed and a very good corner defender. Laser of an arm (has thrown out may base runners in college career), and from all accounts a great guy and teammate.
I am not sure why he doesn't get more pub, but he is one of the top hitters in college baseball... Maybe #6 is to high to take him, but I would LOVE to see the M's pick him in the first couple rounds!
Minor League Ball has him going #25 to the A's and has this to say, "Conforto has a big bat. He is a good hitter, has big power and that's it. He doesn't profile defensively, so he's likely a 1B but when you have a bat, you'll have a shot."
I don't really understand the comment. He seems to contradict himself saying he has power and that's it, but then calls him a good hitter. Conforto is NOT just a power guy... he is just a plain great hitter. Like I said he hits for average, draws a bizallion walks and strike out less than you would expect for a power hitter (23 BB and only 6 Ks so far this year in 18 games, yes that is more than one walk a game...). And then the part about having to switch to 1B is just not, well pardon the pun, defensible. Conforto has just as many highlights a year for his fabulous catches and laser throws home as he does for his majestic home runs! Take it from a guy who has actual sat in the stands and watched him play. Michael could play at either corner OF spot and be a TOP DEFENDER there, and could probably even pull off CF in a pinch. He actually came to the beavs as a 3B so he may even be able to pull that off, but I have never seen him there. The only reason Pat Casey plays him in LF is becuase the 100 mph hour arm of Dylan Davis plays RF and he doesn't want to overuse Conforto by putting the pressure on him in center.
Some Highlights:
A shoestring catch and thrown out at home defensive play to WIN THE CIVIL WAR:
A better angle:
Another couple highlights against the ducks, about 30 seconds in Conforto hits one of the longest Home runs I have ever seen, a grand salami at that (Tyler Smith also briefly in the vid):
A nice diving catch:
Another couple of nice catches, including one in the CWS:
Another Grand Slam:
The CWS catch again in more detail:
Uh Oh.... I think I am talking myself into Conforto at #6... :) :) :)

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