Mid-June "Spectometer" Analysis for Pitchers
Sharkie has everyone on alert ... Kolscheen and Hill crash the party ... etc.


The numbers are here.


Something's Up with ISO-Against?

I went back and looked at 2012, because I thought maybe something was wrong with the numbers.  But it's true.  At the end of last year, there were seven starters who kept hitters under a .100 ISO.

[Is there a connection between that and the rankings?  Yes, for sure.  Ewing walked 5.0 BB/9.]

Anyway, so far in 2013, there is exactly one:

I'm not sure what the deal is, but it's interesting.  

I think the issue is probably just an anomaly.  Hultzen injured; Pike skipping a level; Paxton inconsistent; Landazuri at High Desert; Maurer rushed to MLB ... etc.


But Let's Spotlight Mr. Unsworth

A "novelty act" no more ... Sharkie has been just about the best starter in the organization.  And let's just put this one up:

Unsworth minor league career: 1.18 WHIP | 9.5 H/9 | 0.7 HR/9 | 1.1 BB/9 | 7.0 K/9

Erasmo Ramirez minors career: 1.13 WHIP | 8.7 H/9 | 0.6 HR/9 | 1.5 BB/9 | 7.1 K/9

Now E-Ram had a velocity boost that "supercharged" his path to the majors.  I don't know that we're seeing that with Unsworth, but he's certainly figuring out how to avoid damage.  That being said, the Midwest League is considered pitcher-friendly, and maybe he won't keep it up in High Desert.  I'd like to see him get the chance, though.


What's the Vector, Victor?

Next-best in ISO-against after Sharkie (among starters), by the way, is Victor Sanchez (Talk40 #12) at .104.

Sanchez has been placed on the "temporarily inactive" list.  Not sure if he's shut down for the year, or just for now.  He's only thrown 37.2 IP, so I doubt if it's the former.

But he's certainly showing he can handle the Midwest League at the tender age of 18.   With Unsworth and Taijuan Walker (Talk40 #2) both 20, Pike 19, Sanchez 18 and International Man of Mystery Luiz Gohara (Talk40 #21) still not yet 17, the youthful end of the pitching pipeline looks pretty solid right now.


Has Brian Moran Been Awsome or What?



Do I Feel Better About Going Out on a Limb and Ranking Carson Smith and Dominic Leone Higher than Most People Had Them?



Out of Nowhere

Stephen Kohlscheen had some decent numbers the last two years, but was walking a ton.  All of the sudden, his walk rate nosedived (2.0 BB/9) and he's still got the high strikeout rate (10.4 K/9).  He'd rank even higher if not for some gopheritis.  That may smooth itself out, or may be function of reducing his walks.  We'll see.

Nick Hill (The Best Story of the Year So Far) isn't "out of nowhere" if you were around in 2009, but he's been out of the picture for more than two years.  And his "2.0" version needs to bring down the walks (4.1 BB/9), but he's not giving up hardly anything with batted balls (.192/.292/.242 slash line against).


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