Everett Aqua Sox Season Preview
D.J. and the redemption crew


As with last year's top pick, Mike Zunino (Talk40 #1), D.J. Peterson will start his pro career with Everett.

Peterson claims to have worked hard to be able to stick at third base, and I don't doubt the organization will give him a chance there.  It'll be easy enough to move him across the diamond later.  He'll be on collision course with our man Ji-Man Choi (Talk40 #19) at first, but he's got pretty clear sailing at third until Kyle Seager.

So we'll see, but the scouting consensus was pretty strong ... no third for the Deej.

If he crushes the Northwest League in Zuninonian fashion (and even if he doesn't), he ought to get a chance at a higher level before the season's over.  He doesn't have the defensive fall-back like Zunino, so he won't move as fast, but he's an advanced college bat, so he shouldn't be in the low minors for long.

Also, we would expect that Austin Wilson -- when he signs -- will join D.J. in aqua.  Wilson has more "work to do" so it's probably a good "soft landing" for him.

"Bigger Little Bro'" Justin Seager (UNC-Charlotte) and fellow Carolinian Jack Reinheimer (East Carolina) will join from the college ranks as well.

And Jamodrick McGruder (26intheMix) is back for a return tour.  He played major-conference ball at Texas Tech, so I'm not sure why he's not being moved faster.


The rest of the offense is an amazing list of one-time teen phenoms who lost their phenom-hood and are now trying to get back on track.

  • Phillips Castillo (Talk40 #38) heads the list.  He was #10 in the 2012 Talk40 before a weak and whiff-tastic tour of Pulaksi (.634 OPS, 27% K%) dropped him a bunch.  He limited to a corner, so he's gotta hit.
  • Martin Peguero (Watch List) was the guy with the huge signing bonus that was then adjusted downward, if you recall.  He was once in some top-10 lists among Mariners prospects, but he's fallen as well.  He was #33 on our list last year.  He's actually listed at 2b on the roster (there was always some skepticism that he would remain at short), but he played shortstop Friday night in the opener.
  • Alfredo Morales: we already touched on him in the recap.  I got over-enthused and called him "Baby Rauuuul" at one point.  But he flunked a shot at Clinton and was unimpressive at Everett in 2012.  He's getting another chance, and got off to a good start on opening night, but he's limited to a corner spot as well, so he's gotta hit, too.  We didn't even keep him on the Watch List, but we'd be happy if he can prove us wrong.
  • James Zamarripa (Watch List) didn't have the lofty expectations of the others, but we did add him to the 26intheMix last year.  Unlike Castillo and Morales, he will play center, so he doesn't need to show as much with the bat, but he needs to show more than he did in Pulaski last year.

It's not so much significant that these guys are in Everett at this stage of their careers.  What's significant is that they've been clearly passed by Gabriel Guerrero (Talk40 #16), Timmy Lopes (Talk40 #20), Ketel Marte (26intheMix) and Janelfry Zorrilla, who are all getting a shot at Clinton.  Pecking order matters, and this crew is the "left behind" bunch.


On the mound, I have to say it's a group that doesn't grab me at first.  No one from the Spec66, and only Jose Valdivia from the Watch List.

LHP Tyler Olson of Gonzaga is the only 2013 draft add at this point (I think), but there may be more to come.


Missing in Action:

  •  Joe DeCarlo (Talk40 #22)?  Apparently ticketed for Pulaski.  An indication that the doubters have the upper hand?  We'll see.
  • Luiz Gohara (Talk40 #21) the International Man of Mystery?  Only 17, and apparently not as advanced as Victor Sanchez (Talk40 #12) (who started his age-17 season at Everett), but that's not a knock because Sanchez is really good.
  • Gabrial Franca (Talk40 #30)?  I admit I may have gotten carried away in ranking Franca.  Clearly, the club likes Marte better.
  • Edwin Diaz (Talk40 #36)?  We knew Diaz was more raw than Tyler Pike (Talk40 #14), but he did get picked higher in the draft.  Guess he'll end up in Pulaski.
  • Isaiah Yates (Talk40 #39)?  I'm sticking by this one.  But he was only 17 last year, so I understand why he may need to prove himself a bit more.



Looks like the AZL Mariners roster is getting filled in now - that's where Diaz, DeCarlo, and Yates show up. Still looking for Gohara and Missaki myself.


I don't think that's a current roster.
I think they take guys off when they are assigned elsewhere, but otherwise leave them.  I think a lot of those guys will be at Pulaski.
DeCarlo and Yates ought to be in Pulaski at least, for sure.
Guess we'll see.
Love the input, as usual, Bat!

Kyle's picture

Yates and Franca both confirmed that they are heading to Pulaski snd I assume decarlo too. If you are on twitter and a mariners minor league fan you need to be following @milbmariners. Lots of good info from that account

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