Editor's Choice, 6.28.14
Are we not men?, Dept.


Mojician sez,

[Finishing a string of anti-Cleveland shouts], we lost two Cactus League games to the Indians, and we lost the Cactus League pennant to them by two games. Have the Mariners ever won Spring Training? So much for that. They're thieves! They stole it from us. Filthy, nasty tricksie.

Help! I'm devolving. 


That's priceless.  As are half of the shouts this dude throws into the 'Box.

SSI has an older audience than some blogs.  Maybe some of you guys remember the Devo swag?  They literally sold yellow raincoats "to help you stay cool during nuclear meltdowns."  The Seattle Mariners are creating daily meltdowns, on both sides of the ball, this year.  Such volatility is much preferable to 513-run stability.

Mojo sez that given a (do not duplicate, cheap) key to the taco stand, he'll post.  What's your hourly rate, counselor.  We pay in slow, extended claps and have a sizeable account for yer.

On second thought, if it takes away from the Shout Box routine, don't even think about it...


IcebreakerX sez, in the Maurer Aces Bullpen Test comments thread,

Kuma hasn't been right after his brilliant game with the bad neck.  A bad neck pretty much flushed Darvish late last season, so I'd be careful with Kuma too.

I'd DL him for the ASG break and bring him back fresh right afterwards.


Dr. D does not specifically remember IceX ever saying anything about the NPB that did not come to pass, do you?   It's like Mo' Dawg on golf, like Bat571 on honor, courage and aircraft carriers, like G-Money on the minors ... on the National Pastime generally ... on sports medicine ... on sci-fi novelizing ... y' see where we're going with this.  IceX's ideas on Japanese players are quite a treat.

Ah.  The neck.  Looked like the shoulder, but the neck would easily misdirect Dr. D into that.  And a stiff neck is a more favorable prognosis, than a shredded rotator, we'd like to think.  :: WHEW ::

(But why are Taijuan and K-Pax made out of lace china, and a Dice-K comp can't skip a turn?)

The Mariners have people who specifically make a living around the general subject of aches and pains, and these same people have "access" to Iwakuma.  So, it ain't like The Best Blog in Baseball is going to advise Rick Griffin's team from behind our plasma screens.  

Whereupon, just watch the Mariners promptly DL him for the All-Star break and bring him back fresh, right afterwards.


The Artist Formerly Known as a Yankee$ Analyst sez,

SABR Matt:  Do you realize that the Mariners right now are on pace to allow the entirety of baseball to score about as many runs as the 2010 Mariners scored? *googly eyes*

Now THERE's a visual.  Yeah.  The 2014 American League is the 513-run Mariners, when they venture into our handses.  We HATES them!


Dr D





Delicious payback for what the league did to us in 2010. We owe it to the AL teams to feel like weak sisters when we come to play. Really looking forward to solid returns by Walker (accompanied by those Chuck Norris inspired jokes that drive the point home that it's a different game with him in it), and K-Pax. Let's get a bat behind Cano that likes to punish a starter early, and remove all hope.
Walker feels great, K-Pax feels great, Felix is on the throne. Kuma's dealing with a neck, not a shoulder and Ice reports he's working the bullpen session. Mauer is being added to the league's best bullpen. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Let's get ready to rock this second half!

IcebreakerX's picture

Darvish actually had back trouble that knocked him out late last season, but he also had a bad neck right before the ASG (and earlier this season). The Rangers DL'd him for the ASG game in 2013 and he came back strong until the back took him out.
In either case, I'd just DL Iwakuma now to give him a rest, but I also assume the M's are looking at the ASG as a break too. However, I would also assume that the M's might be looking at a 75% Kuma being better than any of the other options on the farm.
Paxton to the rescue, hopefully?

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