Greg Halman Relaxes


IN AIKIDO the number two Law of the entire sport, #2 out of 1-4, is to "relax completely."  To trust your ability to avoid the attack so that you can counter ... ironically ... more quickly.

Sadaharu Oh went to the founder of aikido for hitting advice. (Be advised that aiki-baseball crossover is not Dr. D's invention.)  O'Sensei said, "don't try to anticipate the speed of the ball.  Let it arrive at its own pace, and be there to greet it."


Greg Halman's relaxation on Sunday, when he got three solid hits, was phenomenal.  He waited peacefully at home plate for the pitch to move into his hitting area, and he calmly but crisply volleyed the ball out to CF and RF.  This vanquished the enemy, the enemy being Wade Davis.

He didn't jump out at the pitch; he let it come to him.  

Very seldom you see any All-Star major leaguer, Albert Pujols or anybody, show that level of serenity in a major league at-bat.  Without the slightest exaggeration, those were the four most relaxed at-bats I've seen from any Mariner during the 2011 season.


It's a hilarious thing, the way that attitude, especially tension vs. relaxation, can warp our performances.  Ask any public speaker... 

Greg Halman's K rate has suddenly dropped this year, from about 240 per full season to about 150 per full season (granted, in only 40 at-bats).  240 equated to "far too many for any slugger, including Rob Deer" and 150 equates to "totally middle of the pack for a RH home run hitter."  Who knows if those 40 AB's mean anything.  But it's fun to connect a few dots, even in our own flights of fancy.

Aiki sensei talk incessantly about making black belt only after you achieve Enlightenment.  A lot of it is mumbo-jumbo, but there's a certain amount of the basics that have value.  

Odd that this should occur Sunday, since in the booth, not two nights earlier, Jay Buhner had been on this point.  "Just take it easy, Carlos.  Let the game come to you."  Ichiro has revealed that sometimes while in the box, he will focus on an object in the stands, to make sure he has an "everyday life" calmness about him during his battle.

If Greg Halman somehow found inner baseball peace :- ) and that was The Big Plateau Leap, that would be especially sweet to see for us Seagal groupies.  


I don't know what Greg Halman *will* be, but for one day Sunday, he was enlightened.  And this in his debut game?  It was neat.


Keep one point,



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I realy hope he doesn't get stuck behind Peguero...or Gutierrez for that matter...I want to see him get a bunch of at bats here to see if this is for real...because yesterday he looked like the best hitter in the entire Mariner line-up.


And give the ABs to Halman and Carp.  Halman also serves as the backup CF and late inning defensive LF on nights that Carp starts.  Stars and scrubs Captain Jack, make it so!


It's beside the point that the liners fell in and won the game.  Just from a technical standpoint, that was an awesome performance by Greg Halman.  By GREG HALMAN?!It's kind of like Luke French coming up here and hitting 100 mph in an inning of relief.  It sort of changes the conversation..........We'll see if it was a fluke.  But if it wasn't.............Hey Matty.  Re your problem report... the programmers' reply was, "This is almost certainly either malware on the users system or some sort of rogue toolbar at work. It sounds a lot like a piece of malware I recently got rid of on my personal computer that randomly redirected me to a "url search" page about every 20th time I typed in a URL."

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I appreciate you pasing on that info to the developer and then passing on his probably is just me...I will run a malware scan when I get home...since it's a Yahoo! might be related to the Yahoo! toolbar I keep trying to delete and keeps coming back. :\
As for Halman...that was the most impressive debut day at the plate I've ever seen (not exactly a debut...but you know what I mean). More impressive than Jr. Griffey...more impressive than A-Rod...I want to see him right back in the line-up today.


Greg Halman, of
Michael Saunders, of
Phillipe Aumont, rhp
Carlos Triunfel, ss/2b
Juan Ramirez, rhp
Adam Moore, c
Mario Martinez, 3b
Jharmidy DeJesus, 3b
Dennis Raben, of
Michael Pineda, rhp
Much-derided in the intervening years, of course.  But, then again, Aumont and Ramirez eventually landed Smoak (more or less), Triunfel and Martinez are having comeback seasons and I think that Pineda guy is OK.

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Figgins beware.  If these young guys keep coming up and out hitting you, you may find yourself playing in Tacoma to finish out your contract.  Cost of living is less down there though so your 9 mil will go a long ways.  

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is a beautiful sight. With his speed he shouldn't hit much below .230. Even with 180 K's he'd still help this team a whole bunch. Always loved watching Eric Davis play, Halman gives us a shot at someone super-exciting. So far so good with a little more patience this year. I wonder if he is trying to be more patient or if the game is slowing down a little as he matures?

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I think we need to see less of Franklin Gutierrez in CF and more of Halman there...and I think we need to start giving Ichiro some days off to get out of this slump. I really want today's line-up to go:
CF) Greg Halman
SS) Brendan Ryan
1B) Justin Smoak
DH) Jack Cust
LF) Mike Carp
2B) Adam Kennedy
C) Miguel Olivo
3B) Luis Rodriguez
RF) Carlos Peguero
Halman runs faster than Ichiro now...significantly faster....and is currently hot...lead him off...why not? The team needs a major shake up.

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