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Finished with a shellshocking 181 PX last year based on 22 HR per 326 AB, a .564 SLG, and a whole bunch of vaporized baseballs. You might recall last year we did a photo montage of the swing and opined it was the hardest, torquiest swing ever swung, easily harder than Griffey's or anybody's.

To me it is clear that Ohtani is the same thing as Stephen Strasburg -- if Strasburg could hit exactly like Aaron Judge.

Which is a weird, weird sight.  In modern baseball, say baseball since 1947, there has never been anything remotely like Ohtani.  It's like the Cambrian Explosion or a huge gap in the fossil record going straight from clams to cows.  Rather than two or three Keischnicks and Owings shuffling about the tundra and then Ohtani, there should be a smoother line of hitters and pitchers, graduating up the ladder.

Watching him is much more bizarre than watching LeBron.  It's more like watching Aaron Donald play quarterback like Aaron Rodgers.  Or vice versa.

And Strasburg/Judge playing for rookie money!  The Angels are obligated to win two or three World Series in the next five-six years.




Griffey's end in Seattle was ugly, but it was sudden, over quickly, and we got mostly over it without much problem.  As it is, Griffey scarred his legacy in Seattle rather significantly, at least so far as some fans are concerned.  

This one, Felix’, ain't gonna be quick.  Can you use an "Opener" in Felix' game to save his season?  Of course not.  Can you pull him when there are four runs in and a 5th on base?  Of course not.  Can you tell the emperor he's got no clothes?  No, you've got to prevaricate allllll yearrrrrr longgggg in his presence.

The faster they cut him, the happier I'll be.  Go ahead and keep Sheffield down for two-three weeks.  But that's it.  Then with Kikuchi-Sheffield-Marco you've got a whale of a Big Three.


My guess is, 2018 was Marco's career year.  Have to give the important negative shtick.

I give a 25% chance that Marco's changeup will drop velo, making him a better pitcher, but that doesn't mean he's ever going to have a better ERA.  There is a STREAK of Dave Fleming'ism in this pitcher that you gotta watch.

Don't get me wrong.  A lefty with his command and a 30-30-30-10 game WILL be effective.




.... are supposed to have better command than Sheffield.  So why wouldn't they logically be more ML-ready?  I mean, of course Sheffield's stuff gives him better margin for error.

But we're talking about Earl's Law here.  You have a complete vacuuuuuuum in the bullpen, and you have two youngsters who need to be learning the ML game.  The best place to learn the AL is in the AL.  They should be here by May 1, providing energy in the 6th inning and maybe even moving to setup if they settle in.

Or ... gasp! ... serving as "Openers."  especially for LeBlanc and Leake.




Will look bizarre to me.  I never minded matchup-heavy ballgames.  And I don't know why being at the park is a negative.

Something interesting, though:  I do believe, tentatively, that this rules change started as a random conversation on BJOL.




I couldn't believe the way the air changed around him after Seager's injury.  He seems happy, enjoying the game, and then boom there are two perfect launch-angle, back-leg, homers.  (Do I have that timeline right on the homers?)

Very, very possible that Healy is going to take Seager's job away.  At least on paper.




;- ) Hey, you know what?  I enjoyed typin' that out and it took about one-quarter the time that does "analysis."  You go back and it kinda reads spicier, too.  Whatta yer think?  LOL.




It may be the most Bizarro World rule I could ever image.  With the WS on the line, bottom of the 9th, Game 7, I may HAVE to leave my righty RP in the game even though I have a Nuke Armed lefty in the pen, with a righty-ripper at the plate?   Absurd.  The only way I could ever support it is if the corresponding rule is that you can not PH for a positional player, and that his sub must play an inning in the field before batting.

You want to speed up the game?  Don’t let batters leave the box, let pitchers quick pitch if they want and cut 45 seconds out of mid-inning commercial time.  That last part, multiplied by 17 half inNing breaks, saves 11-12 minutes right there. 

i have considered boycotting televised baseball next season because of this rule.

i absolutely hate it.  It is anti-baseball.  


I got the JMHO part right away...but couldn’t get the rest for some reason. Probably because you are the only writer I know secure in your knowledge thus humble enough to state the rest...and it’s been a while ;-)

I’d split the difference and go with a two batter minimum. Make LOOGies earn their keep a bit. Moe makes some good points though, and some worthwhile alternatives.

Marco, if you had to place a bet, is Dave Fleming redux. But what are the odds he’s a working man’s Jamie Moyer?

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How about Andy Pettitte as Marco's upside? Good but not spectacular velo, quality cutter, very good command, good athleticism and a fighter's mentality.

(That may have been the most positive thing I've ever said or written about a Yankee.)


Give managers just 3 or 4 timeouts per game.  All mid-inning pitching changes and mound visits by catcher, pitching coach or manager  counts as a timeOut. 

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