Jarrod Dyson vs LH's
talk about yer SUPER late bloomers if this went down ...


:: taps live mic ::  First workout THIS Wednesday.  Amirite?  Opening ST game against the Padres, two weeks exactly.  We made it through another winter!  :: crowd goes wild ::

Bob Dutton's series on the roster groups has been very good.  This one on the outfield features his thematic structure.  I - Opinion/report on the likely winners and losers for playing time.  With surprising incisiveness and commitment.  II - Rotisserie-guide style 50-word summaries on each candidate.  III - Meaty little Keys To The Game.  Nicely done, amigo.


Word is, Jarrod Dyson will get a chance to play full time, batting against lefties also.  Dr. D had been under the impression that it's an open-and-shut case against Dyson LH-on-LH, and so had the Kansas City Royals.

2016:  34 ups against LH ... 304 vs RH.

2015:  41 chances against LH ... 184 vs RH.

That, amigos, is an awfully strict platoon.  It's hard to keep it down near 10% even if you try to, because of RP swaps and "flu-like symptoms" with your platoon mate and the fact that Dyson is often in there for his defense.  But the Royals had noticed Dyson's .590 life OPS against lefties, and .590 is blinkin' hard to do when you can bunt for more than that.


So what are the M's thinking?  They're thinking SOMEthing, because Dipoto knows more than we do.  We do notice that in 2016, last year, he batted .379/.438/.552 against lefties.  (Yes, yes, Egbert, it was in very few at bats.  Very good.  Now sit down.)  It's actually chuckle-inducing because he got 34 plate appearances in 28 games against lefties.

But there's the possibility that Dyson has improved against left hand pitching, has sorted something out.  It's something for a Denizen to watch, because Dipoto will be watching it.


Dr D 




From '12-'15, Dyson had BABIP vL of .265, .250, .333, .286...Last season he was Ruthian at .423.  Which means that an extra 3 bloops fell, or 3 seeing eye grounders scooted through, in his 26 AB's.  He was 11-26, rather than the 8-26 you might expect.

Bet the Under next year.

But vR, he's been pretty consistent.  (OBP/OPS)  '12=.340/.689  '13=.339/.741  '14=.326/.663  '15=.313/.715  '16=.330/.700

I think the .330/.700 he had last season is the Over/Under line.  A fair one, too.  His career #'s are .329 and .697.

Danny Valencia is .246-.288-.394=.682 for comparison.  But he's terrible vR.*

Actually, if you set Dyson's line at .330 and .700, it is a fair question whether his Over/Under is any better than Gamel's.

All in all:  Give me 4 years of Karns.

*  '15-'16 indicate he's found his vR medicine, however.

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You guys keep harping on this...  Controllable years are WORTHLESS if those controllable years are spent being no good or in the minors or pouting!!!

How much were all of those Ackley, Smoak, and Montero controllable years worth????  Nothing, nada, zilich...  actually, Montero was worth less than zero (negative lifetime WAR in Seattle...)

You can start talking about controllable years with guys who are established in the MLB...  Walkers controllable years are meaningful, Seguras controllable years are meaningful...  But NOT Karns...  We all understand that You and Doc thouht a lot of Karns, but that is contrary to most of baseball, my opinion ( ;) ), and most importantly Dipoto's opinion.

Karns was fragile (physically and mentally), didn't have much control and was Putzian (pre power split) with his power (uber straight and hittable) fastball.  He wasn't a starter (couldn't even go 5) and he pouted and was ineffective in the bullpen...

He was most likely going to start the year in Tacoma regardless...  His blip of success in 2015 sticks out as the sore thumb not the harbinger of future success...

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