Impact, Eh
Dr. D rejoices at the end of "expectation management"


This link from the Mariners' official site is a read worth reading, if you are a Mariners fan and you read.  If not you are unlikely to be offended by SSI's presumption upon your prefences.  Dipoto again Diploys visuals that are highly to Dr. D's liking:


"I don't think you'll see us add on the position players side, but we are going to go through the course of the next few weeks and see if there is a way that we can add to our pitching staff," Dipoto said. "Whether that is in the bullpen or rotation is TBD, but we know somewhere on that 12- or 13-man staff, we have to find a way somewhere between now and Opening Day 2018 to create more depth and impact with the group."


PRACTICALLY IRRELEVANT BIRDWALK, Dept.  We don't say that Dipoto's prep team thumbed through a Webster's to select the perfect word to convey his intentions.  But if you like body language, Master Persuasion and subliminals, it's actually better if he didn't.  The words used then "accidentally" telegraph the information you seek.  

Yet another life lesson of SSI.  Very often once the two parties are conscious of the things taking place on a subconscious level, the cover is blown.  For example, you now know that an inkblot test looks like nothing; it serves only to tell the shrink what's on your mind.  So what would you do?  "Boy, that inkblot looks to me like a solution to the North Korean missile crisis.  That, or starving children in Rwanda getting a hot meal."  Um, okay, Jim.  Guess you're healthy as a horse, id-and-superego wise.

Once the madding crowd -realizes- you're tweeting hyperbole as a shiny object to fix the news cycle for three days, it doesn't work any more.  There, that example for SURE made my point.



Oh well whatever nevermind.  Let us proceed to the dictionary definition of "impact."  It means either "come into forcible contact with something," like this post blowing your mind for instance.  Or.  It means "Have a strong effect on someone or something."  This second meaning is what we'll assume JeDi had in mind.

Emilio Pagan doesn't have a strong effect on anyone or anything, except perhaps his close relatives.  Dr. D infers we're not trading for him or anyone like him.  We could go down the list of pitchers who could have a strong effect on Mariner things, such as

 √ Sonny Gray (who would cost a "lofty" price they say)

√ Sean Manaea 

√ Yu Darvish (this is a tongue-in-cheek piece for the 30% of you who are humor-blind, according to Scott Adams)

√ Cole Hamels (who is available, signed for 2018 and an option, but whose K's are down - haven't looked)

√ David Robertson

√ That sidearm reliever, oh yeah, Neshek

√ Gerrit Cole

√ Zach Britton is a question mark for the market, but a fancy Tigers-style Old English question mark

√ LHP Brad Hand has been linked to the M's this week

√ You tell us

In the same article, Dipoto rules out a rental.  This is apparently the main thing he means when he says "help for now and the future."  It makes Yu Darvish that much more fanciful, though perhaps not with Cole Hamels.

P.S. This SSI article in the Woody Woodward years might well have been wishful thinking.  In the years with a crazed GM who trades 43 times a year, now it's less so.  Let the trade spex continue.  I favor the scenario in which we pay a pretty penny to get a Drew Smyly replacement.  Anybody know what Andrew Moore would cost us?


Dr D



The Other Billy Zoom's picture

Don't see one arm on your list they will go for unless they win 10 of their next 12 games ... and I don't thnk they have that long to pick up some hitchhiker.

With Pineda gone from Yankees, they will grab Hammels or, more likely, Sonny Gray.

Price will be too high on Britton.

I will point out that DePoet refers to a time frame of "by opening day, 2018".

Smyly and Kuma will be off the books, so their primary mission over the winter will be to bring in the "next Babe Ruth", Shonei Otani, who will cost ... PLENTY.

But, please note, it is just a couple days ago that he pitched his first start of the season ... and he didn't last two full innings ... so there is hope ... that is all the eggs in my basket for an off season starter.

For the time being, my bet is still on a deal with the Cards for one of their prospects ... who can step right in to start for the M's.

Flaherty, Weaver, or, perhaps, Pearce for one of our 4 CF's.  They need OF help now, and might even throw in an AA reliever.

Look, the Brewers have not been losing, and the Cubs just got Quintana. 

The Cardinals will not use their usual tactic of waiting until a day before the deadline to make a deal, they need to make a deal in the next week for a game ready CF, and we can oblige.

They offered up SP Wacha last year, and there were no takers, and he makes no sense for the M's.

Get a young guy ready to step in, as specified in the recipe above.

Another team that can give up an MLB ready starter is the Dodgers.  They have a full farm, and an infielder with the same last name as another infielder with the same last name as one who currently plays for the M's ... and is vexing his onfield and upstairs staff.

That's my longshot special, but it's strictly a hunch bet and not worth ... well, we have no idea what it is not worth.  So, you heard it here first.  And they will have to add a top 20 reliever to go along with a young starter.

Look, they will not let more than 21 horses into the gates for the Kentucky Derby anymore, and their are more MLB teams than that in search of a chance to get a wild card ... and into the playoff race.

DePoet could swap out lesser lights Cishek and Valencia, and I doubt Dyson, though all 3 were named as possibilities by Greg LongJohns.

He's not sending a mixed message to cover his backside ... it's still an "all depends" (the leading brand)  ... but I also admire his style.



If I trade with St. Louis, I'd want Marco Gonzales (formerly of Gonzaga) who is still recovering from TJ, but is starting to round into form, currently in Memphis. He's still just 25, and has some real upside. If they want Dyson, I want one of their other MiLB arms with some relief potential (Jordan Hicks?) as well.

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