How to Help at SSI and D-O-V
easy as pie, thanks to Dan



Feeling much better!  And per Dan’s direction, we’ve settled on a business model to assure continued Dr. D shtick.   Just about ready to launch!  And I think you’ll like it very much.

We will have 6 articles per week on SSI that are totally free, as they have been – thanks to Klat.  (Sorry for those int’l users having problems.  We’ll copy-and-paste now and then on request.)

Then here on D-O-V we will have additional content as a “thank you!” for sponsors.  No gate; anyone can read.  I never did like the idea of a “gate” to keep people out.  This will be like a “gentleman’s agreement” as Dan put it.  Keeps things as friendly as we like them on D-O-V.

What it will mean is a bit of promotion.   At the bottom of each post we’ll ask for a redirect over to Patreon.  For those who have already set up recurring donations, you can simply ignore; no problem.  Dan pointed out that the recurring model actually means less work for the users; sign up once and you’re done.

If we hit $150(-ish!) per month support, I’ll put a guaranteed 1 post per week on D-O-V.  If we hit $300/month, I’ll put up 2 posts per week.  At $450 per month we’ll make it 3, and so on.  (Not a bad deal compared to what the MSM writers do, y’think? :- )  )

And, of course, besides the bonus material, you are sponsoring our work on SSI.  Many thanks for doing so.



Let’s give it a try!  :- )  Ready to help?  Here is the donation page.   How about considering a $1 or $5 or $10 monthly donation to the Think Tank?  If there’s much of a surge at all we’ll put two lengthy posts in here immediately.  And Here is my top-page Patreon link.

Your sponsorship helps assure continued Dr. D shtick and Think Tank discussion.   Thanks so much!



Thanks to David Sipe who is donating $20 per month.  WOW.  Way to go bonkers David :- )

Thanks to Ryan Duke, Leif Thompson, “sayward,” and Rick Michels, donating $9-10 per month.  Big time guys.  Appreciate it.

Thanks to Isaac Taylor, Jordan Husband, and David LaDow at $5-6 per month.  Really pushing us up there amigos.  Gracias.

And thanks to Dan too!, who added $5 per month to his unbelievable, step-by-step-by-painstaking-step help in setting us all up now.



PS I think it had Leif and sayward as recurring donors, but am still figuring it out.  Perhaps their donations were single shots, which is also awesome.  My apologies for any errors.




So does the donation page set up an automatic draft? I can't do much, but I don't want to pledge and forget.

Forget? Forget what? I can't remember. :)


Yes, it sets up a draft that withdraws from your account on the 1st of each month, I believe.  That's why many supporters go for the $2, 3 amount.  Thanks DaddyO!  :- )

It's pretty easy to cancel or change your support level any time, I'm pretty sure.


Also VERY glad to hear you’re feeling better.

I’ve got a week or so in Mexico in early August; I’ll give access to SSI a test run for you then. I’ll be back permanently in October.

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