Erasmo Goes On April 1
When 2 is the new 5


So on Wednesday, Erasmo goes out and detonates a Ranger lineup that:

  • Is familiar with him from past encounters (3 games, 2.38 ERA)
  • Features the LH Shin-Soo Choo leading off, and the LH Prince Fielder hitting 3rd
  • Has Kevin Kouzmanoff, Keith Moreland, but not (as far as Dr. D could tell) Jurickson Profar, Nelson Cruz, Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, or Mike Napoli
  • Immediately mulched Charlie Furbush upon his entrance into the game

Erasmo pitched 5, walked 0, fanned 6, and gave up 3 hits.  Furbush allowed the 1 run to score.

Erasmo leads the ballclub in innings pitched, with 23.2, and he has --- > 20 strikeouts against 2 walks.  No homers.  I'm not much for sabermetrics, but a 20/2/0 Three True Outcomes looks okay to me.

Particularly from your 5 starter.


Stylistically, Erasmo is effective when he (1) Deploys his fastball as 3 pitches:  Jam, Ladder, Knees/Black -- and then (2) comes back with the fancy changeup and occasional slider.  Exactly the Doug Fister attack.

The major difference between Ramirez and Fister:  Ramirez cannot miss out-and-over, much.  His fastball is deceptively short and he has to be careful.

On the other hand, Ramirez throws quite a bit harder than Doogie.  But in both cases you are talking about 7K, 2BB pitchers who are cut out of the same template.


Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster says "2013 injury derailed possible breakout season ... he still owns those 2011-12 skills (a sky-high 102 Base Performance Value, comparable to that of Shields, Iwakuma, and Fister).  UP:  3.50 ERA"

GameDay shows the first hitter today, Shin Soo-Choo, facing a baffling array of weapons through the course of 8 pitches.  Finally on pitch 7, Erasmo set him up with a changeup juussst off the plate, and then on pitch 8, used a take-him-up-the-ladder fastball that blew him down.

Erasmo is obviously as sharp as a tack right now.  Would his 20/2/0 spring mean anything to a rotisserie geek living in New Jersey?  Sure it would.  Ron Shandler his ownself, if he's playing this year, will be looking to grab Ramirez with both hands.  At a discount, of course.

Meanwhile, the rotations of the Rangers and A's may get off to a slow start.  Maybe in the first few weeks the M's will come out of the gate with a bang?





Erasmo pitched 72.1 innings last year and gave up 79 hits. But in his 1st 3 and last 3 games he pitched 27.2 innings and gave up 38 hits. In the 8 appearances (7 starts) in between he gave up 41 hits in 44.2 innings. He was broke early and broke late........but not bad in between.

RockiesJeff's picture

Good points Jeff. I saw some of the game on the web but nothing live. I never saw much by Erasmo over 90mph. Maybe there was much more than I thought but was impressed at obvious deception getting some swing and misses. Location with movement can trump pure velocity. From a distance, Ramirez seems like a battler.
Each time I have seen Furbush, he has been tagged pretty hard. Your bullpen? Again, youth looks solid.


Do I remember correctly that he hurt himself last year lifting weights?
If so, that would seem to reduce the 'injury prone' concerns, no?

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