Patrick Kivlehan, Bucky Jacobsen, and Billy Butler
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Super-poster, Friend-of-POTUS, and All-Round Great Guy OKDan sez,

okdanShannon Drayer has some cool video up of Patrick Kivlehan, Jordy Lara, and D.J. Peterson taking BP down in Peoria. Just BP of course, but my initial reactions are: Kivlehan looks athletic but a little jumpy at the plate. Lara looks like he could be a beast, big kid. DJ looks patient and cool as a cucumber, like a 10 year vet in the box. Check it out here:


Normally we wouldn't mosh too much off of a few hacks in the cage, but hey.  That's what teams mosh off to write $70M checks in Cuba.  So we're entitled.

Kivlehan shows a remarkable lack of "load," of windup, to his motion.  Sometimes his bat does bob just a bit toward the pitcher, but the front shoulder is practically inert.

In music, in golf, in life and in blogging you've got to lift the hammer before you drop it.  Unless you're Frank Thomas.  Dr. D has always had a fondness for the "Bucky Jacobsen" types who are so mammothly powerful that they can afford to excise the "raise" portion of the hammer throw.  Remember Bucky?  He'd just stand there at the plate, like a Still Life painting, the pitch would come in, and Bucky would take a little arm swing .... ZZZZZIIIiiiiiinnnng there went a 100 MPH liner into right center.

It's ironic.  At a certain point, power creates quickness.  Floyd Mayweather doesn't have to reach his hand back, in order to knock ya flat.

We don't say that Kivlehan is a Midas Guarantee.  It's fun to watch the swing, though.


BaseballHQ came out with its Minor League Baseball Analyst, $19 online and you can download the PDF quickly.  Their $0.02 on Patrick Kivlehan:

  • #4 in M's org (three spots above Austin Wilson, 7 above Ketel Marte)

Versatile, athletic player who set highs in HR and BB. Becoming complete player with improving power and ability to hit for BA. Draws walks with advanced approach and can steal occasional bag. Played mostly 3B, but also saw action at 1B and OF. Not the quickest guy, but makes plays. 

  • PWR = 3/4
  • HIT = 3/4 (hm)
  • DEF = 3/4 (double hm)
  • RC/gm = 6.5 every single blinkin' stop he's hit
  • EYE = rising quickly, now 0.56


I thought I'd heard that D.J. Peterson was being considered for corner OF, but Spec66 reminded that first base is his destination.  Is that pretty well settled?, and if so, it could presumably make Kivlehan the first guy out of Tacoma for the OF?


RockiesJeff axed about the M's plans for James Jones.  He knows as much as we would, but the M's are way into legit "everyday" defense in center.  Not that we blame 'em for it, especially in Safeco, especially with dubious* gloves in the corners.  If Austin Jackson were to hit the DL, there wouldn't seem much doubt that the M's would go to the glove.  Ruggiano as center fielder?  We'll believe it when we see it ...

Still a little early for Kivlehan, it would seem on the face of it.  But Dr. D has an inkling for the Bucky / Kivlehan / Country Breakfast type of attacker, and their ability to hit at a new level quickly.  (Bucky got a total of 176 AB's in the big leagues and slugged an even .500 with them.)

If Kivlehan controls the strike zone in AAA, it wouldn't shock us at all to see the M's pull a "suprise" rush move as they have done at times in the past.  If he earns it, he earns it.  Eyes slideways on Kivvy and D.J. this March.


Dr D





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