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Is Mitch Haniger gone too?  Here's an article from Sodo Mojo that discusses the state of affairs.  The idea isn't that they're so accurate it's as if they have an "In The Know" connection; the idea is that Haniger is available at all.

Haniger in 2018 hit .285/.366/.493 and had 4.6 WAR, making him upper-crust in OBP and in SLG both.  This is what we're hoping for from Jerred Kelenick, our prized top-100 prospect, in three years.  Nobody can argue his 50th-percentile is higher than .366 and .493.

Maniger's earliest free agency is in 2023.  Let's tick that off:  2019 ... 2020 ... 2021 ... 2022.  That's 4 years just until it's time to negotiate -- what an NCAA football coach gets from a freshman who just ran for 1,600 yards, except Haniger has one more year left.

Dipoto just swore that there exist a handful of Mariners who weren't going anywhere because "they're the kind of player we're trying to acquire, not get rid of."  Haniger was of course on this list, as was Marc-O; then again so was Eddie Diaz.



Sodo Mojo sez that the Dodgers offer the great matchup for a trade  --

Since we're trying so hard to shed Mitch Haniger.  :- /

Ryan Divish sez that the M's want 2 elite prospects to headline the package, preferably ML-ready with high floors -- if anything Jerry Dipoto's signature style preference, "high floor."  These two Dodger prospects could be OF Alex Verdugo and SP Dustin May, a guy with 4 decent pitches and "a chance to be a #3 starter."



I think we would all agree that Dipoto is giving a ton of lip service to "be ready in three years," and is secretly hoping for an Oakland A's type sucker punch on the league next year.  Hence the enjoyable Harper and Machado articles we see.

On the other hand if we see a Haniger for spects move, that argues against...



Have you ever considered the persuasion job it took Jerry Dipoto to talk the ownership board into giving him a re-start after 2015?  I mean, if you want to re-imagine, pal, why didn't you bring this imagination with you three years ago?

Seriously.  Just a 3-year mulligan?  Think about it a moment.



The big question for me is one.


We're going to push to the side, for a moment, the theory that the locker room was SO crazy that every last one of those Tasmanian Devil troublemakers must be eradicated.  Many clubhouses -- in the NFL, NBA (!?) and MLB have been dysfunctioned; few have been torn limb-from-limb by their GM.  And how many suspect that James Paxton was back there putting chili powder in Kyle Seager's jock?


So, more reasonably:  why does Dipoto think this entire Operation Powerflush will work?  If *Dr. Detecto* were running this plan in a roto league the answer would be simple:  hubris.  I would simply assume that I could judge other teams' prospects better than they could.

Jarred Kelenic is valued by his old team at $0.85.  Whoop!  There's a guy I value at $0.95.  Let's churn, baby, churn.  And if I can pull off 20 positive churns, then --- > total domination.

You know me by now :- ) I'm not above mentioning that this actually happened the last several years we played fantasy.  Trade after trade, other teams giving up half-decent players who came through in the 2nd half.

.... of course, if Dr. D were running the Mariners, he wouldn't be competing with random internet schlubs.  Those other 29 MLB teams aren't patsies; they are state-of-the-art infomation companies, bristling with loaded saber weapons.  You are lucky enough to trade yourself into a Mitch Haniger, I'm not sure I'd be real quick to flip him away.



Dr D

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