Capt Jack interview - Guti, Branyan, rooks, FAs

12:34 [Comment] Did you know Guti was going to be a Hall of Famer, were you laughing all the way to the bank on trade night, or was the whole situation just a byproduct of your overall awesomeness?

12:37 Jack Z.:  We knew he was a great glove and would chip in with the bat.  He was maybe a little better with the bat than we thought. 

It sure was a pleasure watching him play.  At the end of the day, what our team determined was that Guti was real good on defense, and not bad on offense.  Our fans are just a genuine pleasure.  :basks:


... 12:38 [Comment From Justin]  With his bad back, will Branyan have as much power next year as he did in 2009?  Do you need to rest him to keep him healhty?

12:41 Jack Z.:  We're going to keep an eye on the back.  Watching Russell this year, there's a player we did good on.



12:41 [Comment From Steve A]  How big of a role will Bill Hall play next season?

12:44 Jack Z.:  Billy's a great guy, works hard, plays hurt.  He was abused in Seattle, but we're workin' it.  Bill Hall could get a lot of PT next year...

WAIT.  Can you edit this chat window?


12:44 [Comment From Janis L. McSharry]  You rock!  Wok roks!

12:47 Jack Z.:  Thank you for the nice comment.   Wok does rok.  We're going to really really try to make this club good enough to win it all.


12:48 [Comment From Eric D]  You got money for 2010.  Do you think you will be adding more to the payroll through free agency (such as a Nick Johnson or Hideki Matsui) or through trade (such as JJ Hardy or Prince Fielder)?

12:51 Jack Z.:  Depends who wants to be here and who bids against us.  We're going to take what opportunities we can to make this team better.

::audience twittering spikes up into a near-audible crackle::


 12:51 [Comment From Eric D]  Who is the most likely to get the most plate appearances next year between Tuiasosopo, Carp, and Moore?

12:54 Jack Z.:  Young bucks need to keep their head down, mouths shut, and run in the middle of the pack.  The key is for young kids to work extra hard, and then they'll get a look for PT. 

The key is to work like Jeff 'madman' Clement, and if they do, they'll have a future here.  Wait... if they are willing to sacrifice other interests, such as bigtime Pac-10 football, they've got a future here.  Wait... look, they just better work. 

The feeling I have on those three is that if they get better at baseball, they might play.  Of course, I might trade them for an 87 mph fastball.  I can't disclose specifics. 


12:55 [Comment From Steve W]  Is the FA market up or down for 2010?

12:57 Jack Z.:  I think the free agent market may be a little bit down in terms of depth.   There are always certain gems that may be worth exploring.   We will certainly look at that option.  

(That one was unedited.  You saw through it right away, didn't you?)


10:19pm [Dr. Detecto] 

SLOPS:  I can understand the reasons for not wanting to talk to the fans, but then why give an interview?  :- )

You had a line of fans adroitly asking every great question that they'll debate all winter, and the answers couldn't have been more evasive if Bruce Wayne was asked "so where do you see our future?"

PROPS:  Zduriencik goes out of his way to praise the fans every time he's on camera or mike, and it comes off as very sincere.  He's all business, nose to the grindstone, and you gotta give it up for that.

Reading the online chat, I kept getting visuals of Bob Parr in his boss' office, half-lidded eyes gazing blankly, waiting for it to be over :- ) but the guy is focused.

Looking forward to seeing, um, what opportunites he gets to make this team better.


Dr D


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