Ben Sheets

=== You'd to be Three Sheets Dept. ===

MLB Trade Rumors dot com gingerly identifies the Sheets frontrunner as... the Mariners.   Given Zduriencik's creeping aversion to National League Central ballplayers, I can't see this one happening, can youse?

January is our HQ month, and although it's not going to be year-round, during the dead time we're amusing ourselves by moshing off his takes.  On Sheets, Roto Yippie sez:

  • Skills as elite as ever
  • Health as much a grade "F" as ever
  • We'll split the difference and bid $10 for 2010 (based on 100 innings)

That'll do for us too.   You're going to lay down $10 (that's what, $8MM in real money) and you're either going to lose it or double it.   Sheets is a simple decision.  Are you interested in blackjack?


=== Chasing the End of the Rainbow ===

Zduriencik was in Milwaukee in 2006, when Sheets pitched a lot better than King Felix has ever thought of pitching.  I don’t ever remember a pitcher with 1 walk a game who hit double-figures strikeouts.  That’s unpossible.

Sheets, when healthy, has an arsenal a lot like Pedro’s in the 90’s:  hot fastball thrown into a teacup, great arm action on a change, power overhand curve ball – all with command.   Neither Harden nor Bedard have the Pedro-esque majesty that Sheets does, when 100%.

That’s what’s so tantalizing about Sheets.  When right, he’s the closest thing you’ll ever see to Pedro Martinez.  And we know how long GM’s have been chasing the rainbow on Pedro himself.


=== Prognosis ===

How is a sage roto champ to project Mr. Sheets?  Pretty much the same way the GM's do:  you watch how he's throwing in March.

It's no more brainy, or sabermetric, than that.  Is his FB hopping?  Is he throwing free and easy?  Does he look like he feels better?


Sheets himself is all smiles about the way he feels, which is good.  That counts for something, both with SSI and with the GM's, we're sure.

Chronically-injured pitchers do not suddenly become workhorses, and Sheets is never going to throw back-to-back 200 IP seasons again.  But I believe in the rest-refresh-rock-now-call-the-meat-wagon-again sine wave.  Whereas Harden is coming off two heavy-use seasons (for him), Sheets is coming off zero innings in 2009.  I like that.


As fliers go, I liked them in this order:

  1. Bedard, if the med reports are real good
  2. Sheets
  3. Harden
  4. Bedard, if the med reports are not real good

If you like blackjack, and the dealer shows 6, why not split your 10's.  Can we get Sheets and Bedard both on incentive deals?


Deal for Harang, the Reds picking up half his $$, and then loosen the purse strings for both Bedard and Sheets.  If you have to actually pay Bedard and Sheets, then you get to take it out of your World Series $25MM anyway.

Wouldn't that be hilarious :- )


M-Pops's picture

Have always thought that Sheets, for a power SP, has one of the most alarming deliveries in the game.  What is everyone else's take on Sheets' mechanics?  His delivery reminds me of Jai Alai, only Sheets doesn't have the benefit of that big scoop.   Hard to imagine Sheets, with replacement parts, being any healthier than he has been up to this point in his career.
I would dig a 1-year deal @ 9 mill. with a vesting option at 180 IP or something.  However, there are several other interested teams who do not have Felix/Lee topping their rotation.  This offseason's MLB collusion does not seem to hold as well for elite talents like Sheets.
Jack does not seem to willing to pay extra for players with sketchy charts (Branyan, Harden, Nick Johnson). I don't see Jack Z outbidding 5-6 more desperate teams for a 50/50 draw on a heathy Sheets.  Wednesday or Thursday would be a perfect time to make a deal for Harang, though :)    

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