Loose and Jangly When Ya Walk
and avoid fried foods, which angry up the blood

Dr. Grumpy sez,

IIRC Taro was pretty negative on Smoak right from the start, after he saw some tape. I think he complained about his bat speed and also foot speed as well as expressing surprise that Smoak did not seem to be an elite defender as had been advertised.

- See more at: http://seattlesportsinsider.com/article/moe-talent-evaluation-after-draft-day#comment-145709


Thanks for getting Taro the shout-out.  A fave poster for all of us, but where did he go?  :- )


Was just looking at this very thing, footspeed.  This is about 5 degrees off to the left, but ... The other day, he hit an HR and lumbered around the bases, no kidding, like he weighed more than Prince Fielder.  Have you seen that Doc?  He SLAMS down into the ground with every step.  You can feel the shock all the way from the heel up through the spine.

It's funny, too ... We remember Bill James selling the minor league Frank Thomas super hard -- and obviously it was a great call for that day and time -- because:

  • He's a huge guy who is light on his feet
  • Won't swing at a ball

Thomas was actually the target of a lot of skepticism, in part because of the one-handed finish.  A few laters Bill asked acidly, "Who was telling us Thomas couldn't play, and what are they telling us now?"


Aiki Sports Motions

The strength-to-size thing is underrated, at least by us net rats.  (Scouts don't underrate it; the typical MLB baseball player is smaller than you think he is.)

Ichiro marvelled that he didn't know how BIG people play the game, because they can't control their bodies like small people can.  I've always been jealous of gymnast types; I'm a fullback body type.  So I know very well what a handicap it is, poor body control (as opposed to hand-eye coordination).  

I think about it a lot.  Boog Powell once said, "I've always liked the strength part of being big."  You're routinely stronger than the guy you sit down next to, but ... so what if you're 20% stronger but weigh 30% more?   :: shrug ::


No, No, LrKrBoi29, we don't say that any one principle is a cure-all.  You want an awareness of the general principle, and you want to keep your sense of proportion.


WHY would Satchel make it a POINT to "stay loose and jangly when" he walked?

I've always loved this about inner-city basketball players ... they have an exaggerated "chill" vibe about them.  Then they EXPLODE on a microsecond's notice.  It's beautiful to watch.


Now that I know that, What do I DO?

It's fun to check down the M's roster, and ask whose stock goes up, if you appreciate this general principle.

James Jones stays "loose and jangly when he walks," as Satchel Paige put it.  Does James not look like a Kansas City Monarch, right down to the uniform that he can't fill up?  He holds the bat loosely in his fingers, he's springy, and that's in every fiber in his body - his FINGERS move themselves easily.  Wow would I like to experience one day in such an explosive, cat-like body.

Iwakuma, of course.  

MtGrizzly was talking about Roenis Elias' body control.  That's got to be in your favor when you're feathering a pitch.






Great call on Jones. Yeah, I can see him as a Monarch. I love when I dial up the game in the second inning, and his uniform is already dirty.

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