Minor League Pitching Leaderboards, Part 1
Lists with everyone eligible

We covered the hitters, so now let's take a look at the pitchers.

We'll start with the lists of all eligible prospects.

I require at least 100 batters faced (plate appearances against -- same thing), but those with fewer than 150 I put in green type since there's not much data.

I also separate out those who are on "MLB Track" (essentially, on track to reach AAA by age-23).  I use this to separate out the prospects whose stats come from facing the very best of their age-peers or older players.

It is not determinative, it's just another useful way of looking at things.  It probably means less with respect to pitchers, but I break it down anyway.  Those who are on MLB Track, I put in red type, unless they are green, in which case they are bolded green.

Those traded or otherwise no longer with the club are in the right place, but unranked and in blue type.

Those more than three years older than MLB Track age-level are in gray type.

While I drop hitters after age-26, I keep pitchers since there are many more instances of pitchers "finding something" after age-26 and achieving success.  I have yet to find a true example of that with a hitter.

Those in foreign leagues are left off because the data is just not reliable enough.



Those with 0 HR allowed ranked by batters faced

1.Kody Kerski 173 BF

2.Ronald Dominguez 153 BF

3.Logan Seifrit 140 BF

4T.Brett Ash 138 BF

4T.Trey Cochran-Gill 138 BF

6.Kevin McCoy 126 BF

7.Daniel Thieben 124 BF

8.Jose Torres 108 BF

9.Jose Santiago 0.33%

10.Paul Fry 0.36%

11.Ulises Perez 0.40%

12.Osmel Morales 0.51%

13.Carson Smith 0.55%

14.Ugueth Urbina 0.55%

15.Jeffeson Medina 0.62%


1. Ronald Dominguez .000

2. Carson Smith .042

3.Ryan Yarbrough .052

4.Jose Torres .052

5.Trey Cochran-Gill .055

6.Brett Ash .059

7.Daniel Thieben .063

8.Peter Miller .066

9.Paul Fry .073

10.Jose Santiago .073

11.Osmel Morales .080

12.Zack Littell .084

13.Kevin McCoy .086

14.Daniel Missaki .087

15.Tyler Herb .092


1.Ryan Yarbrough 3.13%

2.Dylan Unsworth 3.57%

3.Mayckol Guaipe 3.98%

4.Zack Littell 4.04%

5.Aaron Brooks 4.21%

[Stephen Kohlscheen 4.33%]

6.Trey Cochran-Gill 5.07%

7.Tyler Herb 5.11%

8.David Colvin 5.17%

9.David Holman 5.17%

10.Nick Kiel 5.41%

11.Rafael Pineda 5.50%

12.Tyler Olson 5.57%

13.Jake Zokan 5.67%

14.Troy Scott 5.71%

15.Peter Miller 5.88%

XBH + BB % (prevention of "bad things")

1.Ryan Yarbrough 6.88%

2. Ronald Dominguez 7.19%

3.Zack Littell 8.75%

4.Trey Cochran-Gill 9.42%

5.Carson Smith 9.84%

6.Mayckol Guaipe 10.18%

7.Peter Miller 10.29%

8.Tyler Herb 10.80%

9.David Colvin 11.21%

10.Aaron Brooks 11.33%

11.Daniel Missaki 11.39%

[Stephen Kohlscheen 11.69%]

12.Tyler Olson 11.94%

13.Rafael Pineda 12.04%

14.Osmel Morales 12..24%

15.David Holman 12.50%

K% (K/BF)

1.Ryan Yarbrough 36.25%

2.Osmel Morales 33.16%

3.Trey Cochran-Gill 31.88%

4.Hawtin Buchanan 31.85%

5.Rohn Pierce 31.82%

6.Andrew Kittredge 29.03%

7.Oliver Garcia 28.96%

8.Peter Miller 28.68%

[Matt Brazis 28.43%]

9.Paul Fry 27.60%

10.Emilio Pagan 27.56%

11.Lukas Schiraldi 26385%

12.Pat Peterson 26.34%

13.Daniel Missaki 26.16%

14.Kody Kerski 25.84%

15.Stephen Shackleford 25.74%

Out-Getting Index (indicator of OBP-against) -- 100 set at approximate minimum for prospects who go on to MLB success

1.Ryan Yarbrough 195

2.Trey Cochran-Gill 170

3.Osmel Morales 153

4.Peter Miller 151

5.Mayckol Guaipe 144

6.Tyler Herb 143

7.Zack Littell 141

8.Ronald Dominguez 140

9.Rohn Pierce 137

10.Carson Smith 135

11.Daniel Missaki 134

[Matt Brazis 134]

12.Emilio Pagan 132

[Stephen Kohlscheen 132]

13.David Colvin 129

14.Nick Kiel 125

15.Dylan Unsworth 124

Production Prevention Index (indicator of ISO-against) -- 100 set at approximate minimum for prospects who go on to MLB success

1.Ryan Yarbrough 153

2.Trey Cochran-Gill 141

3.Ronald Dominguez 139

4.Osmel Morales 138

5.Peter Miller 134

6.Carson Smith 128

7.Paul Fry 126

8.Rohn Pierce 124

9.Jose Santiago 120

10.Daniel Missaki 120

11.Tyler Herb 118

12.Stephen Shackleford 116

13.Zack Littell 116

14.Kevin McCoy 115

[Matt Brazis 114]

15.Mayckol Guaipe 113

Composite (combines out-getting and production-prevention)

1.Ryan Yarbrough 248

2.Trey Cochran-Gill 211

3.Osmel Morales 191

4.Peter Miller 185

5. Ronald Dominguez 179

6.Carson Smith 163

7.Rohn Pierce 161

8.Tyler Herb 160

9.Mayckol Guaipe 157

10.Zack Littell 157

11.Daniel Missaki 154

[Matt Brazis 148]

12.Emilio Pagan 142

13.David Colvin 139

[Stephen Kohlscheen 135]

14.Paul Fry 135

15.Kody Kerski 129


NOTES: Yarbrough is getting some deserved buzz after his amazing season, but it's a pretty small amount of data and I've developed skepticism about college pitchers dominating in the low minors.  The seasons that jump out at me are the  18-year-olds Zach Littell and Daniel Missaki at Pulaski.  Also Osmel Morales, whom I've had on the radar for awhile though he's a bit older.  Farther up the ladder, Mayckol Guaipe was added to the 40-man roster over the winter.  There's a reason for that.



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