July 2019


Posted by Grumpy on 07/26/19

I hate to violate Jeff’s privacy, but I will say that he is gravely ill, and it doesn’t look good.  Please pray for his family.   Jeff, I hope you will see this.  We‘re praying for you and your family.   I just want you to know how thankful I am to have have the opportunity to enjoy your wit, insight and humor over the years.  This community has enriched my life immensely. 
Posted by moethedog on 07/25/19

OK, going full Rodin here:  What do we know know that we did or didn't know as the season began? 1.  Vogelbach (.233-.361-.511/25 HR's and on track for 40) looks a lot like Encarnacion has the past four seasons:   .263-.357-.529 in '16; .258-.377-.504 in '17; .246-.336-.474 in '18, .229-.334-.520 in '19.  And there is no reason to assume Vogelbach can't hang around, somewhere close to this rate, for a bunch of years.  Vs. RHP, Vogelbach is hitting .260-.395-.570.  That's .965 if you do the tough math.  Mike Trout, who is on his way to being (possibly) the greatest RH bat in the history of the... Read More