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SABR MattMariners have been running themselves into a ton of outs to kill that OPS differential.1 hour 38 min ago
DaddyOSince the All-Star break, the M's are no looking like a successful small ball team.Too bad. They have the pitching. Despite the prospect of a more seasoned and healthy duo of Paxton/Walker, you can NEVER count on next season's pitching being as good as this one. You've got make hay when you can.1 hour 57 min ago
rick82Prior to today, M's team OPS was .669, opposing teams .639.2 hours 22 min ago
IcebreakerXIf Kemp is a backup, who is gonna be your Plan A?! GIANCARLO STANTON?! Gotta make it happy thoughts at the least, eh?4 hours 20 min ago
DaddyOFunny, rick82, but while I was fast forwarding through most of the game today I mused to myself: "If the M's are .500 with the best pitching staff in the league, then it stands to reason that all other teams in aggregate are making the M's offense look like the M's pitchers make other offenses look.4 hours 46 min ago
rick82Three straight days of out-hitting the O's. Not much to show for it.6 hours 27 min ago
SABR MattRios talks heating up...four teams with interest - Mariners, Reds, Giants, and Yankees.6 hours 30 min ago
rick82Hart, that is, but Morrison too.6 hours 33 min ago
rick82Britton never bothered throwing him a strike. K'd him easily.6 hours 34 min ago
moethedogAnd when did Morrison morph into Smoak?6 hours 42 min ago
moethedogI didn't see Hart's first AB, the single, but the rest of them have been pretty dismal. At least with Romero I feel he might hit one over the fence. With Hart I feel like he might hit one close to the warning track.6 hours 43 min ago
moethedogI thought the same thing, Matt....How can the most expensive guy they can buy be their "backup" plan? That's like saying, "I think I'll buy a Buick...but the Jaguar is my backup plan!"6 hours 46 min ago
rick82It is definitely his weakness. He can't pull the ball.6 hours 48 min ago
MtGrizzlyJones can't get around on the inside stuff. He's toast if he can't adjust.7 hours 6 min ago
rick82Zunino entered the day at .202, and apparently decided he was NOT going to fall below the Mendoza line. Good call.7 hours 22 min ago
SABR MattLOL...nice one rick. Sounds like the Red Sox are kicking the tires on Kemp but not UBER-interested...they want Joc Pederson. The Mariners are saying they are in fact very interested in Kemp but consider him a "backup plan"...who in the heck could KEMP be a backup plan to??8 hours 5 min ago
rick82Mariners lead league in ERA. Imagine how good it would look if we got to play the Mariners.8 hours 11 min ago
rick82Morban back in Tacoma. Interesting.8 hours 14 min ago
Bat571MLBTR: Dodgers and RedSox discussing Kemp for Lester8 hours 15 min ago
tjmWhatever I was going to do trade-wise, I'd get Kelly up here for a week and see what he can do before the deadline. Of course, people have been saying that here for two months.9 hours 21 min ago