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SABR Mattsure does seem like the Mariners only score in big innings these "we can't score...we CAN'T SCORE...WE CANNOT SCORE...OMG!!!!" *someone drives in a run* "WE CAN SCORE, IT'S A MIRACLE!!" (and everyone relaxes)6 min 3 sec ago
SABR MattK-Money! Aaaahhhhhh...feelin' good. :D9 min 48 sec ago
SABR MattZUUUUUMBALL!19 min 58 sec ago
SABR MattThere's clearly only one solution - Houston must be removed from existence.1 hour 23 min ago
SABR MattLOL...cinderella team at +0.5 wins above projection! w00t!3 hours 47 min ago
mojicianVegas projected Oakland to be an 88.5 win team. The Orcs have to win six of their next ten games to get there.5 hours 18 min ago
mojicianYesterday's win was a milestone. The most optimistic projection of the 2014 M's was done by the hive mind at Las Vegas. It set the over/under at 81.5 wins. The Mariners have now met and exceeded all expectations and are officially on the Cinderella side of the ledger.5 hours 20 min ago
mojicianActually, scrap all that. Peacock has a reverse platoon split, and what about "Deep Count" Austin Jackson? That's why I don't hold the pencil.6 hours 45 min ago
mojicianThe Mariners should get back to their lefty roots today, my lineup: 1. Chavez CF, 2. Ackley LF, 3. Cano, 2B, 4. Seager 3b. 5. LoMo 1B, 6. Morales DH, 7. Condor, RF, 8. Sucre (the token righty) 9. Miller.6 hours 48 min ago
mojicianSome stuff about Brad Peacock: His season average is 4.74 IP per outing (This is skewed by four relief appearances) but the point is that he rarely pitches 6 innings. He has 8 six inning starts on the year, and most of these were in May. His last six inning game was on September 2, against the Angels. Peacock is a certified fivendiver. So the game plan is, we chase out Peacock with OBP in the fourth, and crack into that sweet Houston bullpen. It looks good on paper.7 hours 3 min ago
SABR MattThe only reason we're in a position to win at all right the total collapse of the As.8 hours 30 min ago
merksSodo Lomo11 hours 22 min ago
IcebreakerXDaddyO: I'm scared of Young in the Juice Box. That's the matchup to fear. I'm okay going in with Walker though.11 hours 36 min ago
SammySosoDaddyO, you summed up my evening, and I didn't even turn the game on until Felix had a towel over his head.11 hours 41 min ago
DaddyOrick82, "I don't want to face the Astros" -- ditto. If the M's are to sink into a hopeless position, it would be more fitting that it be at the hands of the Astros than those of the Angels. I can well imagine this offense scoring just 3 to 5 runs in the 3-game series. Let's hope not. "One game back...Could we actually do this?" -- Despite my predilection towards pessimism WHEN IT COMES TO THE M'S, a reasonable predilection based on a LONG history of failure, I guess the answer is, "Yes." I mean, all year long they have slid to the edge of the abyss, and every time just when it looks like they are doomed they hold on instead.11 hours 42 min ago
SammySosoI just read the tiebreak scenarios ( Particularly interesting - 3-way ties result in choosing an 'A' 'B' or 'C' designation, which basically boils down to win 2 games at home or 1 game away to get in. As an outsider, you look at the Mariners Paradox and say they stand a much better chance of winning away, but could you pass up making Kansas City/Detroit/Oakland fly to Seattle and then deal with Felix and Paxton (not to mention ticket revenue)? I think there's no question you take the one-game playoff away vs. the winner of A vs B and save Iwakuma/Paxton for the impending game 1.11 hours 43 min ago
DaddyOThis team has more lives than all the cats of a cat hoarder put together. LoMo's shot was a bolt of lightning in a doldrum sea. (Well that metaphor is really not apt, because James Jones took a Kendrys Morales (!) base hit and turned it into an opportunity with his baserunning.) Anyway, we were all giving up on this team AGAIN until Jones was inserted as a pinch runner at first with two out in the 9th down 1-0. Morrison somehow magically transformed Jones' spark into the bolt that revivified the Seattle Mariners. Of course, Rodney AGAIN had to make a 3-run lead into a white knuckle affair before inducing the final out.11 hours 51 min ago
rick82One game back! Wow! Could we actually do this? Dang, I don't want to face the Astros. We get their good pitchers, too.20 hours 33 min ago
rick82Just glad we found a way to beat the Bees.20 hours 34 min ago
rick82That ump was terrible, and forced the M's to swing at junk.20 hours 35 min ago