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SABR MattGotta have this game today...facing a guy whose name has more unnecessary letters in it than the USPS delivers daily and who is, to be friendly, a minor league journeyman. Please, Mr. Iwakuma...give us your A game?58 min 32 sec ago
SABR MattFun fact of the day: Cruz is on pace for 108 HRs, 202 RBI and (somehow) only 8 WAR. *snerk*2 hours 21 min ago
SABR MattJackson has drawn 4.8 pitches/PA thus far in 2015. That'll do nicely.2 hours 42 min ago
moethedogAgreed Matt. Totally unexpected by me. I'm still a worried....but less so. Maybe he's a guy who needs hitting around him to hit himself. He surely had that in Detroit.2 hours 52 min ago
SABR MattIf Jackson can just have ABs like those...rawhide tough and many pitches...I don't have a need for great stats...he doesn't have to be fantastic offensively...just a tough out4 hours 1 min ago
moethedogEven Jackson is hitting. Wow!13 hours 2 min ago
Gordon GrossYeah, all their bad-pitch mojo has fallen on Zunino. He's the Danny Devito From Twins part of the lineup right now. Dude has got to calm down up there. But Miller and Ackley are both aggressive and hitting the ball hard. I do expect them to go back to pounding those guys outside again, since they're now pulling liners into RF. We'll see how they adjust, but for now at least their approach is good (if a tough over-swingy).15 hours 46 min ago
DaddyOOne thing I will say--- I've noticed all season that with the exception of Zunino the young veterans like Miller and Ackley have reached a new level in their plate abilities/disciplines. By that I mean, they have really begun to recognize and take breaking balls that dip out of the strike zone. Pitches that In years passed would have dispatched them with wild swings they are now taking to prolong at-bats and get better pitches. Even if they don't get the desired end result in the at bat, they are usually putting together more professional at-bats. That's new, and it's a BIG development.15 hours 58 min ago
SABR MattI am so pumped up right now I'm actually angry that the next game doesn't start til tomorrow.16 hours 38 min ago
SABR Mattall except the opener, yes, G. I think Cruz is sitting at like +0.6 WAR right now from all the dingers. But his WPA is like +2...LOL16 hours 39 min ago
SABR MattYou missed all the fun DaddyO...four walks in the 8th and a K-Money special...then a tremendous...TREMENDOUS sequence of professional quality ABs against Feliz...what a game for these guys...seriously...that is the best I've seen them look offensively since 2007 at least.16 hours 41 min ago
Gordon GrossAlso, what's Cruz's WAR up to now? Pretty much every game we've won is due to him.16 hours 41 min ago
Gordon GrossAlso, I'm having trouble not cussing with joy. Just saying.16 hours 42 min ago
Gordon GrossLook, my girlfriend wooped at the end of that game. THAT'S how this Mariners season is supposed to make me feel. Glad a non-Felix game went that way. String em together, fellas. Time to climb that mountain.16 hours 43 min ago
Gordon GrossNow we just need to stop coughing up a billion runs. We can chase down any lead with the MOTO clicking, so the staff needs to get it together. But we hunted them down today like lions stalking a wildebeest. Incredibly impressive, and confidence-building. Let's see Kuma kill em tomorrow.16 hours 44 min ago
IcebreakerXHeck of a game! But with our luck, Cruz will get an ear infection from the Gatorade. Let the winning begin...!16 hours 45 min ago
SABR!!! I feel fortunate that I stuck with this one.16 hours 45 min ago
DaddyOI tuned out when the M's went down 10-5. Checked back in to see it tied 10-10 with Weeks at the plate in the 9th. VERY nice win!16 hours 47 min ago
Gordon GrossSeason. Changing. Momentum. The MOTO proves worth every cent.16 hours 47 min ago
IcebreakerXThey call these momentum wins... As long as there's still momentum tomorrow.16 hours 48 min ago