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DaddyODitto re: Giants. I so wanted Pittsburgh to break through to the World Series. I like to see perennially downtrodden franchises rise and make a name for themselves, probably because it give the Seattle Mariners hope of some day doing the same thing. Cardinals? Giants? Red Sox? Yankees? Rangers? Phillies? Fuggettaboutit. All have had multiple moments in the sun over the last decade or so.8 hours 7 sec ago
SABR MattIf the Giants win the WS again...I'm gonna get irritated.8 hours 19 min ago
MtGrizzlyI'm in favor of the pitch clock. If I have to watch Yoeris Medina throw a pitch every 35 seconds through one more nine pitch AB, I'm gonna lose it.8 hours 37 min ago
mojicianReverend, Panda and Co. appear to be on one of their patented out of nowhere tears.8 hours 55 min ago
DaddyO"Heck, if you outlawed batting gloves you could probably shorten the game by 20 minutes." Now THAT is a funny line, and probably true!10 hours 1 min ago
Bat571And the HP ump can allow time after a WP, PB, or foul that the catcher removes his mask, so everybody can get resituated.10 hours 39 min ago
Bat571And the umps can grant time for fouls that hit one of the three of them (batter, catcher, ump) or after 5 pitches, but otherwise, the at-bat proceeds. Mound conferences with the catcher should be limited, probably twice per inning, plus once for a replaced pitcher but only if a runner gets to second, and if more attend than the catcher it should count as a coaching visit. Then just let the umps enforce it.10 hours 42 min ago
Bat571I don't want to change the rules of the game (balls/strikes/fouls/pickoffs) - I just want the batter to get in the box and the pitcher to throw the ball. The step-outs and timeouts are out-of-hand. Starting with Hargrove and Garciaparra, it's degenerated. Once the batter steps in, he can't step out for the first 5 pitches, then every 3 pitches after, max time 5 seconds. If your gloves really are loose, you can tighten them in 5 seconds. But get in and hit. The pitch delivery rules are fine, if enforced. And again, make a rule that the crew chief can request a clock be displayed if a pitcher or hitter is dawdling, so the fans can get on him, but don't make it a regular feature. If Josh Beckett had the whole stadium counting down for him, he'd start doing it right, and it wouldn't be needed. 2 warnings from the HP ump and it goes up on the big screen for folks to sing along.10 hours 53 min ago
SABR Mattthe problem, of course, is that there's no way in hades that MLB can cut down the commercial breaks...all of their revenue deals assume those breaks10 hours 55 min ago
SABR Mattthe time out between half innings was, in the 80s, 90 seconds, and is now 125 seconds.11 hours 6 min ago
moethedogI'm with Bat: Simply don't allow a batter to step out of the box, unless knocked out, etc. And I agree with Daddy about the un-need for a "shot" clock. To shorten a game by 30 minutes you need to shorten every inning by just 3 minutes and change. Shorten every 1/2 inning by 90 seconds and you get there. I don't see pitchers as being the problem. I do see the batter's ridiculous routine, especially with batting gloves as a problem. Heck, if you outlawed batting gloves you could probably shorten the game by 20 minutes. And TV is partially to blame, as it is with the delays in any sport. TV timeouts have ruined the flowing nature of the NBA and college b-ball. How much longer is the between inning gap today, compared to 20 years ago? With nearly every game now being televised it must certainly have driven up the average between-inning time.12 hours 3 min ago
SABR MattDaddyO...I would be all for your suggestion if I didn't know that, at present, the average distance a pitcher misses the catcher's mitt is 11". :)12 hours 7 min ago
DaddyOMatt, my thought was that it would change the way pitchers pitch, forcing them to throw more strikes and fewer waste pitches. I admit it's a radical thought, and I'm not actually proposing it, just noodlin'.13 hours 4 min ago
mojicianIf the sublime aesthetic of the Samurai duel between pitcher and batter doesn't draw or interest a fan, maybe he should try football.13 hours 13 min ago
SABR MattAnd limiting 2 strike fouls might counter-balance the prior comment some, but would totally break the game, IMHO. Fouling off pitcher's pitches is a skill that separates great contact hitters from poor ones.13 hours 17 min ago
SABR Mattdropping the walk ball count to 3 would lengthen games by a lot. It would increase on base percentages by 50 points or more.13 hours 18 min ago
mojicianI dunno about speeding up at bats. Here's Exhbiit A: On April 24, 2014, the Mariners were 8 and 15, had lost 8 games in a row, and were about to be swept by the Houston Lastros. In the ninth inning, Kyle Seager of the sub-Mendoza average, came to bat with two men on base. He worked the count through ten pitches before hitting a three run home run that became the defining turning point in the season.13 hours 19 min ago
DaddyOIt seems to me also that the automated strike zone would be helpful in reducing the time of games. Greg Maddux made famous the art of inducing batters to swing at balls off the plate because umpires would give him strike calls if he demonstrated the ability to continue to hit his spot 3 to 4 inches outside. A cat and mouse game has developed over the years between hitters and pitchers. Taken to it's ultimate conclusion, it is Red Sox and Oakland A's baseball. Work walks, and endlessly spoil pitches just off the plate. Instead of at-bats being resolved, they are prolonged to ridiculous lengths.14 hours 31 min ago
Bat571Just limiting time-outs and step-outs (of the batter's box) would help.15 hours 57 sec ago
Bat571The Wolcott game I'm referring to is the one where he threw 80 pitches and the game lasted just over 2 hours (against Oakland, I believe). But it was like the Walker game - both pitchers got the ball and pitched and everyone kept in the game - I'd love to hear Jay Buhner talk about maintaining the pace of games, since he won that one with a homer in the ninth as I recall.15 hours 2 min ago