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rick82Really liked Bloomie tonight. That was an impressive slide. The ball beat him, and he was safe anyway. Awesome slide.The guy's a ball player.13 min 53 sec ago
rick82Winning these games without Saunders is a feat. Seager is making a statement to the Majors regarding Donaldson. Not the AL best.17 min 27 sec ago
rick82Beane went after Jim Johnson, Z went for Rodney. Z bests Beane there.29 min 25 sec ago
IcebreakerXAnother fantastic game in the stands. Let's make it count, Mariners!59 min 32 sec ago
SABR Mattand then time to make some moves to get better...make the series matter.1 hour 18 min ago
DaddyOYup. Time to DARE! Time to throw down the gauntlet and sweep the evil Orcs.1 hour 31 min ago
SABR Mattwell that was fun.1 hour 39 min ago
DaddyOKuma being Kuma through 5-1/2.2 hours 43 min ago
DaddyOIf ONLY...phxterry...if ONLY... (I know you was kiddin').8 hours 45 min ago
phxterryBesides, DaddyO, all of Rodney's pitches are strikes.10 hours 19 min ago
DaddyOAgreed, Grumpy. Note to Punto, when you dip 4-6 inches in your crouch just as the ball arrives the strike zone doesn't move with you. Pitches that are strikes will, amazingly, look like balls to you if you do that. Jus' sayin', Nick...Bob.10 hours 22 min ago
GrumpyThe crouching giff really shows it was a strike.10 hours 39 min ago
SABR I tried not to watch...I tried...but you know how you know that Taco Bell will do nothing but give you explosive diarrhea and nightmares but about once a month, you can't help but crave a quesorito? The Mariners are my quesorito. Glad they won...and FWIW, that final pitch was a strike. The rules say it does not have to be CENTERED in the zone...just some part of the ball must touch the zone.10 hours 58 min ago
moethedog...WAS unbelievable....11 hours 33 min ago
okdan“Dustin was always the best one,” Seager recalled one recent afternoon before a game in Seattle. “I just remember, before I got to know him, not really liking him at all. It felt like we’d play his team every weekend for a championship, and he’d lead off every game with a home run. After the sixth or seventh game of him doing it, it got pretty old. Dustin was unbelievable back then.”12 hours 38 min ago
okdanReal nice profile on Seager in Sport's Illustrated. Some money quotes on Ackley as well, haha. hours 14 min ago
moethedogAnd another BTW: David Price is scratched from today's start due to "illness." TBR beat writer promises it really is an illness and he should get his start tomorrow. Ah...but it would be conveniently trade related in a conspiracy-based world, wouldn't it? Maybe Smoak-Ackley-Franklin and Pike are all "ill" today. B-R has Junior Lake as a possible trade target (along with all the usual suspects: Viciedo/Willingham/Byrd)for the M's. He may not be the bat that Kelly is and I would prefer Souza, but I'll take Junio Lake and throw him against the wall. He plays CF and was pretty good last year. Heck, I would even take Junior Samples over Ackley right now. And when was the last time somebody used a "Hee Haw!" reference here. Bonus points for me?13 hours 56 min ago
moethedogBTW: If you go to LL, there is a great GIF of Punto trying to "squat" that pitch into being a ball. Worth checking out. It's below the one of the Punto explosion,14 hours 19 min ago
OBFNever mind, just heard McClendon say it was just a cramp.... Now how about we score more than 3 runs for the first time in forever tonight, M's! Lets go Kuma chew up those A's!17 hours 3 sec ago
OBFAnyone nervous about Felix limping off the mound to end the eighth last night?17 hours 3 min ago